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Published in: Education, Career, Business
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  • 1. iWork Summer Edition: Finding Summer InternshipsSarah Crockett, sarahec@vt.eduVirginia Tech, Career February 28, 2011
  • 2. Experience is ImportantOver 90% of VT grads who responded to the lastPost-Grad Survey had one or more career-related experiences before graduation.
  • 3. WHAT DID THEY DO?• 57% summer job • 18% undergrad research• 51% paid internship • 6% co-op• 45% part-time job • 11% field study• 40% volunteer work • 5% other• 18% unpaid internship
  • 4. REGRETS?! Even with all that experience, forthe last six years, a quarter to a thirdof the grads said they wished theyd gotten more!
  • 5. Decide whatyou’re looking for!Know the career fields you’re considering …
  • 6. CAREER FIELDS – THE 411 Majors  Career FieldsTo learn more about career fields: • Post-Graduation Report • Books in our Career Resource Center • Department Career Advisors • Networking – talk to people in the fields you are considering • Professional Associations/ Organizations
  • 7. SO WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?• Cooperative • Part-time job Education/Internship Program (CEIP) • Volunteer work• Internship • Clubs or Organizations• Externship • Study Abroad• Summer Job • Undergraduate Research
  • 8. Develop yourResume
  • 9. MAKE YOUR RESUME POP!• Use a readable font• Be concise• Experience counts• Highlight successes• Include activities
  • 10. NEED RESUME HELP?• Use the Career Planning Guide• Visit Career Services website:• Visit the Career Resource Center at Career Services• Attend a seminar – Career Services or your College may sponsor one on resumes• Have your resume critiqued through Career Services – Walk-in Advising: 12:00-3:00pm M-F – Make an Appointment
  • 11. Search for JobsLook for advertised and unadvertised openings
  • 12. Some advertised job listings are easy to find …
  • 13. CHECK OUT THESE RESOURCESFOR LISTINGS1. Hard Copy Listings (Career Resource Center)2. Internet Sources • Current Employers of VT Co-op/Interns • Career Services Website - - VT-exclusive Resources - Career-field Focused Sites • Government or Federal Internship3. Hokies4Hire
  • 14. CHECK OUT THESE RESOURCESFOR LISTINGS1. Hard Copy Listings (Career Resource Center)2. Internet Sources • Current Employers of VT Co-op/Interns • Career Services Website - - VT-exclusive Resources - Career-field Focused Sites • Government or Federal Internship3. Hokies4Hire
  • 15. Choose some places to inquireabout unadvertised opportunities. Why? 80% of jobopenings are never advertised!
  • 16. And how do you findunadvertised jobs?
  • 17. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!• Personal Contacts • Hokies – Friends & Family – HokieNation Network – Former Employers – Alumni Chapters – Students ahead of you in your major, classes, or • Career Services Contacts organizations – Hokies4Hire Employer Directory• Professionals/ Employers – On Campus Interviewing – LinkedIn Employers – CareerShift – Job/Career Fairs
  • 18. NETWORKING WITH ANELEVATOR PITCH “Hi, my name is Jane Doe. I’m an English major at Virginia Tech and I’m pursuing publishing internships. I’m really active with several organizations on campus, helping them design their websites. I’m also a big advocate of social media and have helped some nonprofit organizations create their Facebook fan pages.”
  • 19. Start applying and inquiring about opportunities AND make sure you follow up!
  • 20. APPLYING FOR JOBSFor ADVERTISED positions: – Carefully follow instructions given in the adFor UNADVERTISED positions: – Send resume and cover letter – Tell why you are interested in working for the company and what type of position you are seeking – State in your letter that you will follow up in a specific amount of time (two weeks) **See the Career Planning Guide for examples**
  • 21. FOLLOW UP AFTER APPLYING Follow up is essential to the job search process!• Call to confirm your application materials were received – Offer to supply additional information – Inquire about the status of your application• Follow up again at the appropriate time in the future based on what you learn• Send brief thank you letters to any information and assistant you were given **See the Career Planning Guide for examples**
  • 22. Don’t forget thefinal step in the job search process …The Interview!
  • 23. PREPARING FOR THEINTERVIEWMake sure that you know three key items 1. Know yourself - Skills, Strengths, Weaknesses, Resume, etc. 2. Know the company - Research the company, department, interviewer, etc. 3. Know the interview process - Be a S.T.A.R. Responder
  • 24. Can you guess what the #1 Interview/JobSearch Mistake is?
  • 25. #1 INTERVIEW/JOB SEARCHMISTAKE FAILING TO FOLLOW UP! DO IT!• After initially applying• After interviewing; write a thank you note• After your thank you• Again if needed
  • 26. Questions?Need More Help?– Walk-in Advising 12-3pm, M-F– Appointments: 540-231-6241– Interview Practice: • Interview Stream • Mock Interview Program– Sarah Crockett,