How To Control Mind Power To Control Your Life
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  • 1. How to Control Mind Power to Control Your Life The means of how to control mind power is not unknown to many people. It is whether these people know how to use these means to effectively channel the most desirable outcomes into their lives that is uncertain. Skeptics will always doubt the magnitude of influence that mind power can have on physical life. This is where the problems of skeptics lie: they refuse to harness the power of their own minds. You, on the other hand, should be more open to newer and more positive ways of thinking, where you let your mind receive new ideas and accept them as your own beliefs. To harness mind power and unleash it in its most magnificent state, there are simple and quiet tasks you have to accomplish everyday. These tasks are unobtrusive and in no way will they interfere with the other errands that you have to run everyday. It is, in fact, ironic that the most helpful things you can do to for you to take control of your life require little to no effort at all. Meditate. Meditation is a practice not limited to the monks of ancient Buddhism who isolate themselves from the rest of the modern world to live in harmony with nature, although you can that they have already mastered the art of it. How to control mind power starts with perfecting the art of meditation, which happens only if you commit yourself to doing it everyday. Like the Buddhist monks, you have to isolate yourself, but to a place not so far away you have to abandon all your modern-day responsibilities behind. You just have to establish some “me” time for yourself, when you are the center of your world and your worries are the least of your thoughts at the moment. Visualize. Meditation will allow you to reach a relaxed state of mind where all your mental clutter is cleared away. This is the alpha state and this is where you are given mental space to
  • 2. visualize your goals and ambitions, may they be short-term (such as driving through the highway with no troubles at all) or long-term (such as publishing a best-selling novel). Create specific mental pictures of your goals and play them in your mind. Positive images such as these will not only reinforce your healthy ambitions, it will also empower the subconscious mind to act on them. Affirm yourself. Create a positive mental attitude and affirm your goals. Come up with a clear and concise statement of what you would like to happen, and rephrase it to make it sound like you are more than a hundred percent certain it will happen. Repeat this statement to yourself everyday as you visualize it happening in your mind. You can also write your affirmations down on paper and post it in places where you would like to see them the most, such as your bathroom mirror, your office workstation, or on your bedside table. Positive affirmation is a way of training your mind to believe in things you want to happen and eventually allowing these beliefs to turn into solid faith. Mind power, undoubtedly, is your most powerful weapon against depression. Mind power brings you happiness, if you know how to use it to your advantage. How to control mind power is a simple discipline that will get you the best out of everything, the greatest out of the life you want to live. Ewen Chia is the owner of which provides free mind power information for everyone. Click here to learn more at