Stress management


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Stress Management Skills are extremely important for adults and teenagers to have. Stress effects everyone. Stress effects your quality of life, relationships, and can cause serious health problems.

Learn quick stress management techniques for you and your teen. Learning to manage our stress is a life skill that everyone needs.

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Stress management

  1. 1. Stress Management Skills
  2. 2. Stressors A source of stress is called a stressor. You will encounter many stressors throughout your life. Some stressors can be controlled or prevented. When you cannot control or prevent a stressor, you can control your reaction.
  3. 3. Stressors That Can Be Prevented • Not meeting deadlines • Over scheduling • Money problems • Pressure to do well • Rush hour traffic • Other people at school/work • Hot topics (politics, religion, etc.)
  4. 4. Preventing Stressors Learn to manage your time. Know your limits and don’t accept more responsibility then you can handle. Set reasonable standards for yourself, no one is perfect. Write out a budget and stick to it. Money problems is one of the most common causes of stress. Stop procrastinating. Avoid people, places, and topics that stress you out as often as you can. Find a balance between work/school and home.
  5. 5. Some Stressors Cannot Be Prevented or Avoided
  6. 6. Stressful Life Events • Death of a family member or close friend • Divorce • Breakups/Separation • Work • Health problems • Loosing your job • Arguing with friends, family or significant other • Foreclosure • School • Gaining a new family member • Tests • Moving • Jail term • Job change • Retirement • Job Interview • Switching career paths
  7. 7. Everyone Experiences Stressful Life Events From at Times
  8. 8. Learn to Manage Stress Stress can make a person very ill. Stress related health problems include: •Frequent tension headaches or migraines •Indigestion •Trouble sleeping •Heart disease •Depression and/or anxiety •Stroke or heart attack It’s important to develop Stress Management Skills.
  9. 9. Stress Management Stress management techniques can help you to manage your stress and cope better with life’s challenges.
  10. 10. Relaxation It’s hard for many us to relax in today’s fast paced world. Learning relaxation techniques is a very essential part of stress management. Deep breathing, meditation, yoga, and tai chi are a few of the most common techniques used today.
  11. 11. Change Your Perspective Albert Einstein said "You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” Ask yourself if what you are stressed about will matter in a year. Will it matter in 5? Most of what we stress about is actually trivial and not worth the risk to our health.
  12. 12. Keep a List Writing out a list of all the things in life we are thankful for is a good stress relief technique. Add something new to your list each day. When you feel stressed, read your list.
  13. 13. Stress Relief Quick Tips
  14. 14. Daily Stress Relief • Take a walk/workout. • Listen to your favorite music. • Spend 15 minutes alone in silence. • Watch a funny movie. • Turn your cell phone and computer off. • Take a nap. • Repeat a helpful word or quote. • Get a massage. • Light a scented candle. • Take a bath and relax.
  15. 15. Stress Management will improve your health and quality of life.