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How to adapt your meetingrooms to the needs of tomorrow?

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Ifma av toolevent 12-06-14_creston

  1. 1. 2014 Specifications subject to change without notice. ©2014 Crestron Electronics, Inc. IFMA audio-video Toolevent Koen Aerts CRESTRON BELUX
  2. 2. Index + Who is Crestron ? + Integrated by Design + Small/basic solutions + Medium Solutions + Large advanced solutions + Crestron RL + Fusion Roomview (RV) + Fusion Energymanagment (EM)
  3. 3. Crestron Worldwide Company Crestron is a worldwide company founded in 1969 with more then 90 offices around the world. Crestron is the leading provider of control and automation systems for: - Homes - Offices - Schools - Hospitals - Hotels - Yachts - …
  4. 4. Crestron International For the EMEA region Crestron international is founded in Rijmenam (Belgium) since 1989. Pre- and After sales services are located here for fast and correct support. A local warehouse in Mechelen allows fast shipping of products around the EMEA region.
  5. 5. Crestron International Offices Several local offices are founded since 1998 for better and faster support in the demanded languages and local market needs Germany, France, UK, Benelux, Spain, Russia, Middle East, Italy,… In total 4500 people are working for Crestron. 250 are contributing for the EMEA market
  6. 6. Integrated By Design + All technology on the same platform + A truly seamless and managed solution + Intelligent Building - all subsystems can fully exchange and share information + Provides the best user experience Everything works better together when it’s Integrated By Design!
  7. 7. Harness the Power of Crestron + Crestron unifies all technology in the building to increase efficiency, productivity and energy savings + Crestron makes it easy to globally monitor, manage and control all building technology from one interface, so they all work together seamlessly + Crestron enables organizations to anticipate problems before they happen and respond to issues immediately, reducing tech support cases and downtime That’s the Power of a Network that’s Integrated by Design
  8. 8. CRESTRON Small/basic Solutions
  9. 9. CRESTRON Small/Basic Solutions + This section explains the Crestron solutions for small or basic integrations. Going from cables, connection plates, scalers/distribution amp, amplifiers and small roomcontrol/user interface units + All Crestron products can be used in any configuration as needed for your project. Small, medium or large installation. That’s the Power of a Network that’s Integrated by Design
  10. 10. Crestron Interface Cables CBL-DVI CBL-HD CBL-HD-DVI CBL-AUD CBL-RCA CBL-RCA2 CBL-RCA3 CBL-VGA CBL-VGA-AUD CBL-HD-LOCK Crestron cables are available from 1m up to 10m
  11. 11. European Connection Plates MPI-WP-100 MPI-WP-120 MPI-WP-130 MPI-WP-150 MPI-WP-160 MPI-WP-181 MPI-WP-187 MPI-WP-190 + European Connection Plates for HDMI, VGA, Audio, Displayport, DM8G+, Fiber, Cresnet + Fits into 1-gang european backbox + Available in different colors and compatible with NIKO intense or pure faceplates
  12. 12. Simple HDMI®, VGA, and audio connectivity Directly connect HDMI to display Connect via USB to DigitalMedia Connect via LAN to Crestron control Easy to install
  14. 14. FT-600, FT-TS600 FT-TS600 + Includes 2 AC power outlets + Can accommodate up to 4 FTA-CP connector plates + Can accommodate up to 6 CBLR cable retractors (HDMI, VGA, Audio, USB, CAT5E + Available with built in 5 inch POE powered core3 touchscreen offering control, streaming video and SIP audio FT-600 CBLR NEW
  15. 15. Media Presentation Controller MPC + MPC-M10 + CBL-VGA-AUD + Fusion RV + ...
  16. 16. CRESTRON Medium Solutions
  17. 17. CRESTRON Medium Solutions + This section explains the Crestron solutions for medium type of integrations. Meetingrooms, Videoconf. Rooms, Trainingrooms, Boardrooms, Educational Rooms, … are the type of installations where these solutions can be used. + Again Crestron products can be used in any configuration as needed for your project. Small, medium or large installation. That’s the Power of a Network that’s Integrated by Design
  18. 18. Integrated Boardroom
  19. 19. Crestron DMPS Total Integration + DMPS-300-C + DM-TX-201-C + DM-RMC + DGE-2 + V15 + DM-CBL-8G + PW-4818DU + ...
  20. 20. Crestron Digital Media Presentation Systems + You can directly connect sources (PC, LAPTOP, IPAD, Micro, VC,…) and endpoints (Screen, projector, CAPTURE-HD, VC,…) to a DMPS systems. Since a controller is build-in direct control of equipment can be achieved. Integration of environmental functions (lights, hvac, motors,…) is possible via the Cresnet or Ethernet expansion bus. DMPS-100-C DMPS-200-C DMPS-300-C DMPS-300-C-AEC
  21. 21. Crestron Control System Integration + PRO3 + TSW-1050 + TSW-1050-TTK + TSW-730 + CNX-B8 + Fusion RV + CBL-VGA-AADIO + CBL-HDMI-LOCK + MPI-WP-150 + ...
  22. 22. A/V BMS Voice & Data HVAC Security Lighting Energy Management
  23. 23. 2 Series or 3 Series ? + A 2 Series controller is made for integration of Audiovisual and basic electrical equipment like lights, motors, … the Ethernet part was more an opion then a need at that time. + Today a good control system need to do much more then just control equipmenet via serial, relay’s, IO and Cresnet ports. We have to go on the ICT infrastructure for: - Ethernet controlled products - Database integrations - Building management system integration -Software management tools (Fusion RV / Energy, …) - Electro-technical integrations (lights, entrance systems, …)
  24. 24. The new 3 series + All New processor architecture + Features: - Multiple Program Support - Expandable Memory - Web-based Installation Setup - IIS V6.0 Web Server - IPV6 Ready - Higher network throughput and capacity - Native BACNET/IP support
  25. 25. BACnet in the Field + 1763 systems in the field, already activated
  26. 26. 3 Series Expansion Cards + C3RY-8 8 Relays + C3RY-16 16 Relays + C3IO-16 16 Versiports + C3IR-8 8 IR ports + C3COM-3 3 serial ports (RS-232, RS-485, RS-422)
  27. 27. Expansion Modules + C2N-IO Cresnet control expander 1 x IR port 1 x RS-232 port 2 x Relay + INET-IOEX-IRCOM Infinet EX wireless expander 1 x RS-232 port 2 x IR port + INET-IOEX-RYIO Infinet EX wireless expander 2 x Relay 2 x Digital inputs C2N-IO INET-IOEX-IRCOM INET-IOEX-RYIO
  28. 28. Crestron Control System Overview + If a total integration is needed of any kind of technology/products, stand alone controllers can be used. Control system allows you to automate and control modern technology by the press of a single button. Crestron controllers can communicate with Crestron products via Lan and/or Cresnet. Control Generation Mounting Ethernet Cresnet Serial** IR I/O*** Relay memory E-control FUSION NOTES system method port ports expansion Integration possible RMC3 3 series Surface 1 POE 1 2 1 2 2 NO YES YES Powersupply included DIN-AP3 3 series DIN(9U) 1 2 2 4 8 4 YES YES YES Powersupply not included DIN-AP3MEX 3 series DIN(9U) 1 2 0 0 0 0 YES YES YES Powersupply not included MC3 3 series Surface 1 1 2 5 4 2 NO YES YES Powersupply included CP3 3 series 19"(1U) 1 1 3 8 8 8 YES YES YES Powersupply included CP3N 3 series 19"(1U) 2 1 3 8 8 8 YES YES YES Powersupply included AV3 3 series 19"(2U) 2 1 6 8 8 8 YES YES YES PS included/cards can be added PRO3 3 series 19"(2U) 2 1 6 8 8 8 YES YES YES PS included/cards can be added RMC-3 NEW DIN-AP3MEX NEW
  29. 29. Crestron User Interfaces + As a user of a Crestron system I am not really interested in what is behind the scenes, I just want to push on a button or walk into a room to make actions happen. The interface is therefore very important for the enduser. + The next slides will show some most used commercial button and touchpanel interfaces.
  30. 30. Crestron Button Interfaces C2Ni-CB-B HTT-B10X NEW C2Ni-CB-W NIKO-K6 NIKO-K2 NIKO-K1 HTT-B2EX-BATT C2N-UNI8IO
  31. 31. TSW-Series Touch Screens + Multi-Touch touch panel + PoE+ for power and network + Core 3 UI™ Screen + Gestures, sliders, smart objects + Capacitive buttons + Low profile on-wall mounting + Standard electrical box mounting + Full duplex Rava™ SIP Intercom + H.264 steaming video + Available in 5, 7 and 10 inch (TSW-550, TSW-750 and TSW-1050)
  32. 32. New TSW Touch Screens + Same look & feel TSW-series + Added web browsing + Voice recognition + TSW-552, TSW-752, TSW-1052
  33. 33. TST-600 Next Generation Wireless Touch Screen + Direct TPS-6X Replacement + Improved battery life and reliability + New Core 3 UI™ Screen + Gestures, sliders, smart objects + Capacitive Touch Screen + Ships with low profile dock + IMCW supports PoE charging + Full duplex Rava™ SIP Intercom + H.264 steaming video + InfinetEx and WiFi communications + Compatible with existing TPS-6X accessories (dockings and RF gateway) CEN-ERFGW-POE NEW
  34. 34. Crestron App for iOS Full iOS® line support + iPad ®, iPad Mini, iPhone® + Consolidated mobile offering • Crestron app for iPhone • Crestron app for iPad + Rava™ SIP intercom New Crestron App for iOS 3,200+ Downloads Last Month
  35. 35. Crestron Environmental Products + More and more integration of environmental functions is requested or needed. For example: Lights, shades, Heating, Cooling, entrance systems, humidifier,… + Not only the push on a button should control these functions, also based on movement, presence, level of light, sound, temperature,… a certain action should take place to improve environmental functions to accommodate human beings. The fact that this saves money and lowers the energy bill is a surplus!
  36. 36. Occupancy Sensors GLS-ODT-C-500 GLS-ODT-C-1000 GLS-ODT-C-2000 Dual-Technology Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor GLS-OIR-C-450 GLS-OIR-C-1500 Passive Infrared Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor Works with IO ports Control System or GLS-SIM module GLS-ODT-C-CN Dual-Technology Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet GLS-OIR-C-CN Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor with Cresnet CLS-OIR-CSM-EX-BATT Battery-Powered infiNET EX Occupancy Sensor
  37. 37. Motion, Light, Temperature Sensors GLS-SIM Sensor Integration Module GLS-LOL Photocell Open-Loop indoor GLS-LEXT Photocell Outdoor Temperature Humidity Sensor C2N-RTHS Motion/Light Sensor with Cresnet CH-LMD1
  38. 38. Crestron DIN-RAIL Lighting DIN-1DIM4U: 4-channel universal dimmer DIN-1DIM4: 4-channel dimmer DIN-4DIMFLV4: 4-channels of 4-wire 0-10 volt fluorescent dimming CH-LEDPMW3: 3 channel LED controller DIN-8SW8: Eight channels of switching DIN-8SW8-I Eight channels of switching and inputs DIN-2MC2: Two channels of 3-wire bi-directional motor control DIN-A08: Eight channels of analog output C2N-UNI8IO: Keypad interface 8 Digital input & 8 low voltage relays DIN-IO8: Eight Versiports DIN-PWS50: 50 watt Cresnet power supply DIN-BLOCK: 12 port, 2 segment Cresnet distribution DIN-HUB: Three segment, 32 device Cresnet hub
  39. 39. Crestron DIN-RAIL Lighting
  40. 40. Crestron Data-bus integration (KNX, DALI, DMX, LON) CI-KNX + CGEIB-IP: Bi-dir. LAN/RS-232 interface for large KNX installations CI-KNX : Bi dir. LAN interface, max 250 objects (ETS program) + DIN-DALI-2: 2 x 64 independent DALI circuits, Cresnet / LAN interface DALI Ballast: Line of DALI ballast for optimal integration + CGELON-240: Bi-dir. LAN interface for up to 240 LAN var. (SNVT) + CGDMX-512BI: Bi-dir. Rs-232 interface for 512 DMX channels + MODBUS RS-485: MODBUS can be directlu controlled via RS-485 port DIN-DALI-2 CGLON-240 CGEIB-IP CGDMX-512BI
  41. 41. CRESTRON Large/advanced Solutions
  42. 42. CRESTRON Large / advanced Solutions + This section explains the Crestron solutions for Large/advanced integrations. When on a large or complex scale solutions are demanded, custom made solutions and if desired future expandable solutions are the answer. Being flexible/up to date and provide easy to use solutions for the end-user is the ultimate goal. + Again Crestron products can be used in any configuration as needed for your project. Small, medium or large/advanced installation. That’s the Power of a Network that’s Integrated by Design
  43. 43. 16x16 matrix total integration diagram
  44. 44. • 66,000+ DigitalMedia™ Systems Installed • 1,150,417+ Sources and Displays connected • Taking Information Technology to a New Level DM- The Digital Standard More Experience, More Installations
  45. 45. Crestron Digital Media Solutions + Imagine a system that can distribute via one cable (Copper, single & multi Fiber) Up to HD Video, Multi-channel Audio, control of devices, Ethernet, USB, EDID, HDCP and CEC. Imaging that the same system can e updated in the future for new type of technology’s so that cable infrastructure can stay in place ? + Crestron introduced and installed this system in 2008, and now we are already at the 3 generation of this platform called DigitalMedia DM8G+ 2008 2010 2012
  46. 46. Switcher Frames + Besides the DMPS and HD-MD range we also have a range of Digital Medie distribution centers and modular/expandable matrix frames. In order to integrate these products a control system need to be added (DMPS is build in) DM-MD6X4: 6 HDMI in, 1 HDMI & 3 DM8G+ out (DM-Receivers needed) DM-MD6X6: 6 HDMI in, 1 HDMI & 5 DM8G+ out (DM-Receivers needed) DM-MD8X8: 8 cardslots in, 8 cardslots out (in&output cards needed) DM-MD16x16: 16 cardslots in, 16 cardslots out (in&output cards needed) DM-MD32x32: 32 cardslots in, 32 cardslots out (in&output cards needed) DM-MD64x64: 8 boardslots in, 8 boardslots out (in&output boards needed) DM-MD128x128: 16 boardslots in, 16 boardslot out (in&output boards needed) RPS (reduntant powersupply) models available DM-MD8X8-RPS, DM-MD16x16-RPS and DM-MD32x32-RPS RPS is build in for the DM-MD64x64 and 128x128 models
  47. 47. Input & Output cards Input Cards Local Sources Input Cards Remote Sources Output Cards DMCO DMC-HD (HDMI) DMC-HD-DSP DMC-C DMC-C-DSP Type 3 2x HDMI+analog audio DMC-VID-RCA-D DMC-VID-RCA-A DMC-VID-BNC DMC-VID4 DMC-S DMC-S-DSP Multimode fiber Type 4 2x Multimode fiber For use with –S devices DMC-DVI Excepts DVI-D, DVI-I, VGA DMC-S2 DMC-S2-DSP Single Mode fiber Type 5 2x DM8G+ Copper wire For use with –C devices DMC-SDI Type 6 2x Single Mode fiber For use with –S2 devices DMC-VGA Type 7 RSTP h.264 Streaming Card
  48. 48. Transmitters & Receivers Transmitters Receivers DM-TX-200-C-2G DM-RMC-100-C DM-RMC-150-S DM-TX-201-C DM-TX-201-S DM-TX-201-S2 DM-RMC-Scaler-C DM-RMC-Scaler-S* DM-RMC-Scaler-S2 DM-TX-401-C* DM-RMC-200-C DM-RMC-200-S DM-RMC-200-S2* DM-TX-201-C DM-TX-201-S DM-TX-200-C-2G
  49. 49. Understanding DM DM-(pick your favorite part number)-C Copper wire connection DM-CBL-8G cable: 100m max distance Cat5e UTP or STP: 100m max distance DM-(pick your favorite part number)-S Multimode Fiber Cresfiber 8G: 300m max distance Generic OMC3/OMC4: 150m max distance DM-(pick your favorite part number)-S2 Single mode Fiber CresFiber 8G Single Mode: 12km max distance
  50. 50. Entirely New Platform + The original DM Design began almost 8 years ago + The DM-MD64x64 represents more than just a bigger chassis • Multi-Core Processors • New Backplane • Enhanced Ethernet Pipelines • Built-in Web Server • Front panel touch screen
  51. 51. DM-MD-128x128 + DigitalMedia switcher + 129 x 129 Total switch • Built in Test pattern generator (129th input) • Front panel touch panel preview (129th output) + Blade based design + Compatible with 64x46 input and output blades + Fully redundant
  52. 52. New input blades + Each input blade provides 8 DM or HDMI input channels tot the DM- MD64x64 or DM-MD128x128 backplane switch + DMB-I-S : 8 x 8G multimode fiber inputs with 4K support + DMB-I-S2: 8 x 8G Single-Mode Fiber inputs with 4K support + DMB-I-4K-HD: 8 x HDMI inputs with 4K support (future) Available today Available today
  53. 53. New output blades blades + Each input blade provides 8 DM or HDMI input channels tot the DM- MD64x64 or DM-MD128x128 backplane switch + DMB-O-S : 8 x 8G multimode fiber outputs with 4K support + DMB-O-S2: 8 x 8G Single-Mode Fiber outputs with 4K support + DMB-O-4K-HD: 8 x HDMI inputs with 4K support Available today Available today Future
  54. 54. 4k Video Coming sooner than you think! Leading the way Why??
  55. 55. Where is 4K being used? + Visualization + Medical + Movies + Sporting events + YouTube + Netflix® + PlayStation® 4 + MacBook Pro® with Retina® display Ultra HD and 4K
  56. 56. Ultra HD and 4K What is 4K resolution? + 3840 × 2160 and up + 8 megapixels + 4K UHD has twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of the 1080p + Four times as many pixels overall
  57. 57. DM and 4k Built for the future + DM was built from the beginning to handle 4k • All DM card cage chassis support upgrades to 4k • New cards and endpoints to handle the 4k on the way + New scalers will handle 4k to HD down-conversion + Updates rolling out across the line starting in August + All future DM products that ship will support 4k natively
  58. 58. 4K Distribution + Core infrastructure – 4K-compatible today + Edge infrastructure – roll out through Q1 and Q2 2014 Switch Cable Cable ReceiverInput cards Output cardsTransmitter 2014 Source to Display 4K Distribution
  59. 59. Don’t just hope it works, know it works
  60. 60. 4k Isn’t the only Challenge How about moving media around a corporate campus or around the world?
  61. 61. DM H.264 Streaming + DM was built for streaming media from the start + A gigabit switch with an Ethernet backbone is at the core of all DM switches + Creates a seamless transition between high definition lossless video and the convenience of efficient streaming video
  62. 62. DM H.264 Streaming DMCO-7x streaming output cards + Use DM to stream any format source SDI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, composite + RTSP H.264 HD encoding • .5MB to 50MB adjustable data-rate + Stream through DM backplane or via separate content LAN • Each DMCO-7x card has a separate LAN output if you want to segment the video traffic to a dedicated media network
  63. 63. DM H.264 Streaming DMCO-7x streaming output cards + Dual image compositing PIP, side by side • Gennum scaler takes two inputs from the DM backplane. • Fully controllable size and position of the pip and side-by- side windows + Fast switching - two streams feed the scaler, then assert “swap”
  64. 64. DMCO-77 + DM Streaming Output Card + H. 264 streaming card • Combines 2 DM outputs into one video stream • Picture in Picture • Side by Side • Mix two stereo audio channels + Stream to media servers or reflectors • Adobe Media Server 5 • Wowza media server 3.5 • Helix Universal Media server, by real networks • Many others
  65. 65. DMCO-STR + DM Streaming Input Card + H. 264 streaming
  66. 66. CRESTRON RL
  67. 67. What is UC?
  68. 68. Microsoft’s Solution to UC
  69. 69. Microsoft’s Solution to UC = Corporate Version of
  70. 70. Lync Provides absolutely the best desktop experience, but… Move it to the conference room and it falls apart 71
  71. 71. Crestron RL™ for Lync RL Brings Microsoft Lync to the Conference Room
  73. 73. No more expensive gateways and bridges 74
  74. 74. Communicate ideas and concepts on Whiteboards 75
  75. 75. Meetings start on time. Productivity goes up! 76
  76. 76. Content Sharing and Collaboration are priorities. 77
  77. 77. The Key to True UC and Presentation Solutions 78
  78. 78. Integrator Friendly AV Switching, Audio, Lighting, Environmental Control LAN • Simply Add a Control System to LAN • Load VTPRO file to Crestron RL
  79. 79. The AV and technology management component of Crestron Fusion
  80. 80. FUSION ROOMVIEW (RV) + This section explains the Crestron FUSION ROOMVIEW SERVER software. Roomview is used when monitoring, controlling and scheduling of the rooms and (if needed)installed technology is desired. Implementing capturing and energy management provides more functionality into one platform. + Roomview can directly interact with any Crestron control system and TPMC-3SM, 4SM and TSW-730 panels for Roomscheduling That’s the Power of a Network that’s Integrated by Design
  81. 81. FUSION ROOMVIEW Monitoring + Display the status and control of virtually any function in any room in a building or around the world. • Lights On/Off • Room occupancy • Online status of devices • Audio visual control • Temperature • ... + Take control of systems to resolve a problem
  82. 82. FUSION ROOMVIEW Reporting + Built in reporting engine • No 3rd party software required • Email them on a schedule • Save as PDF’s, Excel® • Make better purchesing, resource allocation and space planning decisions
  83. 83. FUSION ROOMVIEW Sheduling + Meeting presets + Web based control + Email and text notifications + RoomView allows meetings to be shedules directly from a Crestron touch panel
  84. 84. FUSION ROOMVIEW Sheduling Panels TPMC-3SM TPMC-4SM TSW-730
  85. 85. New scheduling TSS-752 + 7 inch capacitive touch screen + Red and Greed LED feedback + Smart Graphics + PoE powerde + Surface mount + Occupancy Sensing input
  86. 86. FUSION ROOMVIEW Installation Topology
  87. 87. • Complete, enterprise-wide energy management software solution for any size organization • Enables you to monitor, measure, manage, and control lighting, HVAC systems, and energy usage in every room and area • Enables you to easily analyze energy consumption and manage your facility
  88. 88. FUSION EM Energy Management Software + View status of areas or rooms + View summary of energy usage + Interactive floor plan + Control room lights, shadess, sensors
  89. 89. 2013 -2014 Specifications subject to change without notice. ©2014 Crestron Electronics, Inc. THANK YOU Koen Aerts CRESTRON BELUX