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SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance anti spam web filter intrusion prevention

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SecPoint Protector Brochure

  1. 1. The Protector Unified Threat Management, State of the Art Firewall Wifi Defender : Protect from wifi hackers and Man in the Middle Attacks. Mail Archiver to protect your e-mails incoming and outgoing. Award Winning Anti Spam with Grey Listing Anti Virus - BitDefender , Kaspersky, ClamAVPREVENT SPAM, VIRUS, MALWARE AND HACKERS FROMENTERING YOUR NETWORK!Security is key to any networkThe cost of security breaches, downtime and data loss is unacceptable in this day andage. You need to be sure that your network is fully protected against all forms ofundesirable Internet traffic, whatever it might encounter.
  2. 2. Unified Threat Management The Protector is an Unified Threat Management network security appliance, which comes pre-loaded with comprehensive security modules: Best Anti-Spam Best Anti -Virus Wifi Defender Multiple AV Engines Protect from Wifi Hackers Best Mail Archiver State of the Art Firewall Best Anti-Phishing Content Filter Best IPS Filter Web FilteringIntrusion Prevention Cacheing Web Proxy Anti-Malware Anti-Spyware Anti-Games & Anti-P2P Security Intrusion Prevention uses SecPoint’s own extensive database of signatures - the largest in the world - is key to any network to stop hackers who may have succeeded in getting through the firewall or router and can block hacker The Protector can be placed in front of or behind an attacks.. existing firewall, protecting against all external There is also built-in protection from fragmentation attacks from the Internet. errors, malformed packets, port scans and spoofed It can also be placed locally, for example in front of packets. the switch on the internal network, to block and Multiple Anti-Virus engines are used to scan all record local attackers. protocols going through the Protector - and in both directions, unlike most competitive products which High-level Protection typically scan only one or two protocols. The databases for new Spam, Spyware, Virus, Intrusion Prevention and others are updated for new Only once the traffic is clean, it is forwarded to the signatures, via encrypted download, many times per recipient. day. The Protector receives and scans data using its different protection modules.
  3. 3. TheThreat Management Unified Protector Undesirable Traffic The Protector is easy to install. Works with any Blocking configuration, network setup and installation The Spam filter is a customized version of Spam wizards provide for fast set up. Assassin and uses both black list and a point system, with user configurable quarantine options. Upgradeable System The entry-level system, for 5-25 users, is based on Spyware is blocked from entering the network by a SFF Small Form Factor device, the midsize to large the Anti-Spyware module, which can also detect, systems for 50-1000 users are based on 1U Appli- identify and block outgoing infections. ances which are rack mountable and comes com- plete with Unified Threat Management modules If you have been compromised locally by a virus or pre-loaded and 12 or 26 months of updates. a worm from a DVD or an infected local laptop, the For larger networks various hardware specifications Protector will also block outgoing attacks so that with higher bandwidths and redundancy are you cannot infect others. available. Works with any config- The Protector is also upgradeable with a license key uration and network setup for user expansion The Protector is compatible with any operating system or hardware device such as firewalls, Support and Warranty routers, hubs, mail servers and IP telephones. 2-year hardware warranty is standard and 2year full support and daily updates included.Features and Benefits• Bi-directional scanning of all • The Intrusion Prevention consists of • No LAN reconfiguration protocols by all the modules more than 12 years of research necessary• Multiple automated software updated • Spyware is blocked from entering • Advanced Anti-Spam with Grey List, per day and Firmware updates via the the network and it will also identify multiple configuration options SecPoint Update Service and block outgoing infections and blocks image Spam• Multiple Anti-Virus Vendors supported • Option for centralized update point • Module deactivation capability• Full POP2 & SMTP Integration including • Full mail archiving for companies and • Option for active syslog remote logging user management organizations with 5 to 2,000 mailboxes. of IPS/IDS module• Active Directory Support • Self healing module capability • Wizard configuration set up• Web filter with group policy (Active directory) • Web proxy to speed up web traffic • 2 year hardware warranty
  4. 4. The Protector Unified Threat Management Protector Protector Models >> Are you ready for the next step? P100/P200/P700 P1200 P1600 P2100 1U Rack mount 1U Rack mount 1U Rack mount Height Small Form Factor Heavy-duty steel Heavy-duty steel Heavy-duty steel 180W ATX Power 250W ATX Power supply. 460W Redundant Power 460W 1+1 ATX Power Supply supply. AC / DC 90~264V AC / DC supply. AC / DC Redundant full range 90~264V full range 90~264VAC full range Power supply Network 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interfaces Ethernet interfaces Ethernet interfaces Ethernet interfaces Fully loaded UTM √ √ √ √ Upgradeable License √ √ √ √ Automatic database Yes Yes Yes Yes and software updates The Protector Databases updated several times daily! IPS blocks Advanced Commercial & Blocks Blocks Blocks and Blocks Blocks more than 10.000 techniques to block Open Source Phishing P2P records Instant Pornography Bad content unique attacks Spam & Spyware Protocol Worms VoIP Messaging Free email Racist sites Anti-Virus Games Gambling IPS Anti-Virus Web Filter Anti-P2P , Anti-VoIP Anti-Freemail Anti-Spyware Anti-Worms Anti-Instant Messaging Anti-Spam Anti-Phishing Anti-Pornography Instant Message Recording Anti-Gambling Mail Archiving Anti-Games and 40 other categories FIREWALL Web Servers VALID TRAFFIC Clean Traffic Mail Intranet - PHISHING - VIRUS - SPAM - SPYWARE THE PROTECTOR CAN BE Internet/Extranet - WORMS PLACED IN FRONT OF OR BEHIND AN EXITING - HACKERS FIREWALL - BAD CONTENT DNS DatabaseInternet: Partner InformationE-mail: www.secpoint.comFor more information on Protector, please