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Protector UTM VPN Firewall 24.0 released
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Protector UTM VPN Firewall 24.0 released


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Protector UTM VPN Firewall 24.0 released

Published in Technology
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  • 1.                                           SecPoint®  Protector  24.0  Firmware  Release   October  2013    
  • 2.   Copyright  ©  1999-­‐2013  SecPoint®        Page  2  of  6   Protector  24.0  Firmware  release       Protector  24.0  –  October  2013         -­‐ New  Interface     The   web   interface   has   been   renewed   and   made   more   user   friendly.   The   menu   has   been   moved   to   the   left   and   has   been   unified  with  the  Advanced  Menu.  New  icons  have  been  added   to  the  top  level  menu  items.  All  menus  have  been  reorganized   to  allow  an  easier  search  of  the  desired  items.  All  menus  have   been  limited  to  the  2nd  submenu  level.   The  main  setup  functions  have  been  grouped  together,  to  make   setup  easier  and  faster.  All  OK  buttons  have  been  removed,  and   all  changes  will  be  immediately  effective.        
  • 3.   Copyright  ©  1999-­‐2013  SecPoint®        Page  3  of  6   Protector  24.0  Firmware  release       -­‐ Modules     All   Protector’s   modules   are   controlled   from  the  Control  Panel  on  the  home  page.   Here   they   can   be   started/stopped/restarted.   All   these   functions  have  been  improved,  to  display  the  current  state  in  real  time  while  the  state  itself     is  being  changed.     Moreover,   there   is   a   better   control   over   dependencies:   If   a   module   requires   another   one   to   work,   both   modules   will  be  started.  For  example,  a  startup  of  the  Web  Filter  will  cause  a  startup  of  the  Web   Proxy.  A  shutdown  of  the  Web  Proxy  will  cause  a  shutdown  of  the  Web  Filter.         -­‐ New  Quarantine  features     Three   more     functions   have   been   added   to   the   new   Anti   Spam   Setup   page.   In   this   page,   the   Quarantine   section  groups  together  all  available   settings   of   the   Quarantine   pages.   These  new  parameters  are  available:   -­‐   Automatic   whitelisting   of   sender:   when   a   quarantined   email   is   released,  by  default  the  sender  is  automatically  added  to  the  white  list.  If  this  feature  is  not   required,  uncheck  the  checkbox.  
  • 4.   Copyright  ©  1999-­‐2013  SecPoint®        Page  4  of  6   Protector  24.0  Firmware  release     -­‐  Disable  mail  deletion:  users  who  log  in  to  the  Anti  Spam  pages  are  by  default  allowed  to   delete  their  own  messages.  Unchecking  this  checkbox,  users  cannot  delete  such  messages   any  more.   -­‐  Case  Sensitive  Search:  by  default  searches  in  the  Quarantine  pages  are  case  sensitive.  To   make  searches  not  case  sensitive,  uncheck  the  checkbox.         -­‐ Alternate  Relay  Server     The   Protector   allows   to   add   Alternate   Relay   Servers   to   the   default   one.   Each   of   these   servers  will  be  associated  to  a  domain,  meaning  that  all  mails  delivered  from  the  Protector   to  that  domain  will  use  the  Alternate  Relay  Server,  through  the  specified  port.  An  Alternate   Server  can  be  defined  only  if  a  default  Relay  Server  has  been  already  defined.     To   create   a   default   Relay   Server,   just   leave   the   first   field   blank.   The   Protector   will   automatically  add  the  text  (every  other  domain)  in  the  list.  If  you  leave  the  port  blank,  the   default  port  (25)  will  be  used.  
  • 5.   Copyright  ©  1999-­‐2013  SecPoint®        Page  5  of  6   Protector  24.0  Firmware  release         -­‐ Web  Filter  Interface     The   customization   of   Web   Filters   is   now   available   through   the   graphical   interface.   This   makes  easier  to  understand  the  concept  of  web  filters  and  groups.     The   Protector   has   one   built-­‐in   web   filter   group,   and   all   settings   refer   to   that   group.   Consequently,   all   computers   in   the   network   under   the   Protector   are   affected   by   these   changes.   By   creating   a   new   group,   you   can   alter   this   behavior   and   have   different   filtering   for   different  subnets  or  even  for  single  computers.  It  is  enough  to  create  a  new  group,  assign  it   one  or  more  members  and  alter  the  other  parameters,  such  as  tolerance,  range  of  hours,   black/white  lists  etc.   Everything  can  be  done  through  this  interface.        
  • 6.   Copyright  ©  1999-­‐2013  SecPoint®        Page  6  of  6   Protector  24.0  Firmware  release     -­‐ And…     In  White/Black  listing,  moved  the  entry  field  on  top,  to  avoid  scrolling   Mail  Server  by  name:  added  the  possibility  to  specify  a  mail  server  by  name,  not  just  by  IP,   in   the   Mail   Server(s)   field   of   SMTP   configuration   (menu   E-­‐Mail   –   SMTP   –   SMTP   configuration)   Improved   mail   release:   when   there   is   more   than   1   recipient   the   mail   is   released   to   all   recipients   Multiple   mail   release:   the  release  of  multiple  emails  is  processed  in  the  background,  to   avoid  to  lock  up  the  unit  during  the  release  process.   Smart  Host  and  System  Status:  When  a  port  different  than  the  default  port  25  is  used,  the   system  status  processor  will  look  for  a  SMTP  server  on  that  port.  The  system  status  will  be   Not  Good  only  if  the  server  is  not  available  at  the  specified  domain/port.   Interface  renovation:  Renovation  of  various  lists  (entry  fields  moved  to  top),  of  the  Web   Filter  interface,  added  a  shading  to  the  right  column       Web  Proxy  and  Mail  Proxy  have  been  removed  from  the  standalone  menu  and  have  been   placed  in  the  Web  Filter  menu  and  E-­‐Mail  settings  menu.   LDAP/   web   filter   /   web   proxy   improvement:   Avoided   possible   inconsistent   states,   that   allowed  to  turn  on  LDAP  without  web  filter  /  web  proxy.  Now  LDAP  can  be  turned  on  only  if   the  web  filter  is  active.   Removed  a  “Permission  denied"  error  in  the  web  server  log