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Cloud penetrator brochure

  1. 1. The Cloud Penetrator Online Vulnerability Scanning Scan any operating system SaaS Software as a Service Scan any firewall devicePrevent Hackers from entering your network and your Cloud!Vulnerability management is key to any security strategyThe latest automated hacking tools can inflict damage across your online activities and your network and across theworld in a matter of minutes.Understanding the potential vulnerabilities within your system is vital to any security strategy.
  2. 2. Vulnerability management is key to any security strategy Vulnerability Comprehensive and Management Unlimited Vulnerability The Cloud Penetrator is a online vulnerability Scanning management and penetration testing tool to With its comprehensive vulnerability database and scan your online network or your Cloud. the application of sophisticated auditing Login from anywhere and it is ready to go. It is a techniques, , the Cloud Penetrator enables you to powerful and intelligent online security always be one step ahead of even the most skilled assessment solution. and advanced attackers. It has no limit on the amount of auditing nor limit on the number of IP addresses and is most certainly one of the strongest and most comprehensive online vulnerability assessment solutions on the market.
  3. 3. The Cloud Penetrator Web Vulnerabilities Scanning Easy-to-understand Scalable and Upgradeable Reporting Flexible licensing with full scalability to adapt Reports can be customized and can be downloaded scope to current demands We have multiple bun- as XML, PDF or HTML files. dles available starting from 1 IP address , constantly evolving to meet demands. System vulnerabilities are categorised as either high risk, medium risk or low risk, together Launch Real Exploits and with name and details of each vulnerability and its Denial of Service Attacks remediation. Security of all information is protected to ensure The report also gives a conclusion as to the overall its confidentiality, integrity, and availability Mar- security level of the audited online system. ket leading vulnerability coverage Highly accurate detection of Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection An executive summary is compiled specifically for vulnerabilities in web applications. management level review with both text and graphical details from the audit results Ready to go You can login from any place on the world to setup and monitor your vulnerabilities audits .Key Features Key Benefits :• Accurate • Improve accuracy Security of all information is protected to ensure its confidentiality, integrity, and availability Market leading vulnerability coverage by the Extensive vulnerability database updated CVE and Bugtraq Databases. Highly accurate detection of Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection vulnerabilities in web applications. on a daily basis and few false positives• Scalable • Ease of deployment and use Flexible licensing with full scalability to adapt scope to current demands Including support for scanning of all types of network Immediately deployed with an easy to technologies, constantly evolving to meet demands. use and intuitive web interface• Automated • Reduced cost With Scheduling ,fully automated scanning is provided with email alerts Automatic and immediate updating of vulnerability checks and The cloud service deployment ensures features through our update service. only operating expenses required• Highest Security Confidence Proactively • Support The Cloud Penetrator safeguards your online activities with the most accurate, comprehensive vulnerability scanning available in the industry. Unlimited phone and email support provided by security experts 24/7/365• Centralized Administration Login from any place in the world. Remediation ticket system and verification scanning to track mitigation Flexible system for grouping • Licensing network components. Unlimited number of users and flexible licensing models• Analysis Highly accurate identification of vulnerabilities and elimination of false positives Customized reporting in XML, PDF and HTML formats.
  4. 4. The Cloud Penetrator web Vulnerabilities ScanningCloud Penetrator Cloud Penetrator Benefits >> Are you ready for the next step? You get the following benefits: √ Identify Vulnerabilities on your online system √ A solution to fix the found vulnerabilities √ Secure Design √ All data is encrypted √ No remote interaction √ Automated Vulnerability Scanning √ Vulnerability Scanning Pen Testing √ Application Security Vulnerability Assessment √ PDF Reports with google maps √ Clear Solutions to fix the found vulnerabilities √ User Friendly web-interface √ Denial of Service - DoS Tests √ Application Security √ SaaS Software as a Service √ WAS,Web Application Scanning √ Blackhat SEO Scannining √ Google Hack Database √ Fast Live Chat √ XSS Cross Site Scripting √ Command Execution Centralised Reporting Vulnerability 50.000+ Intelligent Finds SQL Injection Multi User Distributed XML PDF Multiple Daily Audit Signatures Audit Cross Site Scripting Support Audit HTML Updates Automatic Crawl Launch real exploits Scans any OS Web Server Errors Reports script u Work Stations Wireless Access Points Servers u u Internet Router Bastion Firewall Internet Router Printers Internet IP Telephones DNS WWW SMTP Work Stations BRANCH OFFICES DMZ - “demilitarized zone” HEAD OFFICEInternet: Partner InformationE-mail: www.secpoint.comFor more information on Cloud Penetrator, please