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Contest and other online promotions create audience and revenue growth. Newspapers around the country used contests and interactive promotions to generate millions of dollars this year. You’ll learn how papers of all sizes can easily tap into this revenue stream.

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  • Huge growth in online promotionsAdvertisers looking for promotions that ignite interaction with customers.Promotions are more effective at driving consumer interaction with brands than advertising because give consumers incentive to take action.Internet is a lean-forward medium that’s perfect for promotions.Social media has been like putting gas on the promotions fire.YOUR PAPERS NEED TO BUILD OUT A SPECIFIC COMPETENCY AND FOCUS AROUND PROMOTIONS
  • Why planning is good for marketing, events, promotions, deals, etc. With planning, you can set goals, have weekly checkins to make sure that all the t’s are crossed and i’s dotted.Potential to have a contest to support every holiday, community event and/or special section that you sponsor or produceOpportunity to approach key advertisers BEFORE they set their marketing budgetAbility to set goals and have time/energy devoted to reaching themOption to promote your contests using all marketing channelsKeeps you sane (and ahead of the game)
  • Our most successful affiliates do these three things!!
  • Create chain-wide contests that can be run at every property with ease and simple implementation. Gatehouse Media, with the help of Second Street, provided six contests to local websites, as well as collateral, sales sheets and technical support. In addition to the contests that were planned for the year, the local team had the flexibility to use the UPICKEM contest tool to create local contests that fit their audience and advertisers.
  • Put static banners on their sites to promote.
  • At a minimum, it’s imperative that the sales team goes through the program.
  • Julie
  • We’ve seen these widely adopted, far more often than not seen huge success. These are some of your best bets to take a look at for next year.
  • 19 turnkey and templated sports,entertainment and UGC contests in 2013. May with national prizes! All with sales toolkits and “how to sell” webinars, articles and best practices!
  • Please open up your Planning Worksheet Start taking the contests that you have ranked as 1's in your Contest Bank and scheduling them in the Planning Worksheet by month.  Only worry about giving the contest a temporary name and adding it to a month at this point.  You might refer back to the Contest Bank for recommendations on what months to schedule the start of the contests.
  • Add the sales impact after this
  • New England Press Association 2013

    1. 1. Contest and Promotional Strategies thatCreate Audience & Revenue Growth New England Press Association February 2013D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    2. 2. Our Partners 2,800 local media companiesNEPA February 2013
    3. 3. Presenters• Matt Coen – President & Co-Founder – Second Street – – 314.880.4902 – @mcoen• Rebecca Capparelli – Director of Sales Training & Development – GateHouse MediaNEPA February 2013
    4. 4. Blizzard of „78NEPA February 2013
    5. 5. Blizzard of „78NEPA February 2013
    6. 6. Who We AreNEPA February 2013
    7. 7. Promotions Lab secondstreetlab.comNEPA February 2013
    8. 8. Bonus Materials February 2013
    9. 9. NEPA February 2013
    10. 10. NEPA February 2013
    11. 11. NEPA February 2013
    12. 12. NEPA February 2013
    13. 13. NEPA February 2013
    14. 14. Why Online Promotions?In Billions Source: Borrell Associates NEPA February 2013
    15. 15. Why Online Promotions?NEPA February 2013
    17. 17. Contest CalendarContest Date RevenueCutest Pets January $10,000Cutest Couples February $3,500Cutest Kids March-April $10,000Mommy Makeover May $2,500Hot Rides June $1,500Bikini (Alt Weekly) August $3,000College Football September-November $12,000Cutest Trick or Treater October $2,500Best Of October $50,000Total Revenue $117,500 NEPA February 2013
    18. 18. Statesboro Herald• Pigskin Pickem: 13 week contest – 14 Sponsors – 400 Players – Social Networking – $12,000 in RevenueNEPA February 2013
    19. 19. Statesboro Herald• Cutest Couple: 4 Week Contest – 7 sponsors – 890 new registered users – 10,990 votes – 25,000 page views – Social Networking – $3,500 in RevenueNEPA February 2013
    20. 20. Statesboro HeraldNEPA February 2013
    21. 21. Statesboro Herald• Cutest Kids – 10 sponsors – 491 Submissions – 2,424 registered users – 35,138 visitors – 134,000 pageviews – Acquired over 2,000 email addresses – Community involvement – Combination of Print, Web & Video promotions make this contest a yearly success! – $10,000 in RevenueNEPA February 2013
    22. 22. Statesboro HeraldNEPA February 2013
    23. 23. Statesboro HeraldNEPA February 2013
    24. 24. Contests = News!NEPA February 2013
    25. 25. End of Contest Print PromoNEPA February 2013
    26. 26. Lessons Learned: Planning Contests • Contests are a catalyst for significant revenue from multimedia sponsorship packages • Opportunity to approach key advertisers before they set their marketing budget • Ability to set goals and have time and energy devoted to reaching them • Option to promote your contests using all marketing channels • Keeps you ahead of the competition NEPA February 2013
    27. 27. GATEHOUSE STORYD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    28. 28. Why Plan?NEPA February 2013
    29. 29. Case Study: GateHouse MediaCompany Overview• 79 dailies, total paid circulation: 657,000• 257 weeklies, total paid circulation: 493,000• 95 "shoppers“, total circulation: 1.5 million• Over 405 locally focused websites• Six yellow page directories, total distribution: 490,000• Propel Marketing• Overall strategy to increase online revenue, email database and audience in 2012 NEPA February 2013
    30. 30. Case Study: GateHouse MediaContest Strategy• Create chain-wide contests• Run with ease and simple implementation• Everything from contest templates to sales kits provided by corporate• In addition, each property can run local contests that fit their audience and advertisersNEPA February 2013
    31. 31. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Why planning? – Needed to leverage the sales team • Category approaches: – Sales blitzes for restaurants and targeting the woman consumer. – Wanted to go to advertisers with ideas for the ENTIRE year not just a special section• How did you choose the contests? • Asked stakeholders at each property what contest ideas appealed to them • Picked popular contest themes with proven results in other mediums and marketsNEPA February 2013
    32. 32. NEPA February 2013
    33. 33. Case Study: GateHouse Media2012 Contest Calendar Marketing Revenue Initiative Market Initiative Date Revenue Cutest Babies January $315,000 Big Game Challenge January-February $115,505 Red Carpet Challenge February $58,674 College Basketball March $300,100 Salute to Nurses April-May $214,000 Mother’s Day April-May $65,000 The Pet Show June $71,547 Football August-October $964,000 Reader’s Choice September-November $635,000 NEPA February 2013
    34. 34. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Sales Rollout – Kick off call – Toolkit – promo materials, FAQs, template for contest – Personalize the contest in larger markets where there is more competition – Sales goals by market size – Leveraged the sales team by focusing contests that tied in with special sections they were already selling!• Contest rollout – Created an Admin checklist for UPICKEM tool – Conducted Admin training when each contest rolled out – Created a “Pickenator” (way to set up/configure contest for groups/publications that were sharing a contest) – Schedule and create all online promotion for the sitesNEPA February 2013
    35. 35. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Kick off call agenda: – The popularity of each contest initiative – Objectives – Your Program and FAQS – Market Revenue Successes – Recommended Account Targets – Advertiser Sponsorship Packages – Timelines and Print Schedule – Sales Collateral & Promo Ads – Market to-dos – Administration for UPICKEM – Ad SubmissionNEPA February 2013
    36. 36. Case Study: GateHouse MediaCutest Babies• Results – 2012: $300k – 2,400 submissions – 3.2 MM votes – 25k deal opt-ins – 83K registered users – 5.7 MM page views – 20% increase in monthly traffic! NEPA February 2013
    37. 37. Case Study: GateHouse MediaPro Football• Results – 2011: $350K • Pro Football Pickem – 2012: $950K • Pro, College, High School and Super Bowl Games • 170% revenue increase! • Larger properties generate $50k- $100k each • Smaller properties generate $12- 15k each• Packaged with “Pro Football Weekly” publication NEPA February 2013
    38. 38. Case Study: GateHouse MediaDatabase Drivers• Results • 6,500 opt-ins from Holiday Sweeps • 4,000 opt-ins from Pot of Gold SweepsNEPA February 2013
    39. 39. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Best practices – Survey with market leaders and editorial on what they want more of, less of and what drives audience for them. Listen to market leaders and editorial team. – Sell MULTIMEDIA and MULTIMONTH opportunities that include print, online, mobile and social elements. – Sell multiple contests together – not separately • Pro Football + Super Bowl • Babies + Salute to Nurses + Paint it all Pink – Create a contest that can be run at anytime - PetsNEPA February 2013
    40. 40. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Keys to success – Make each contest relevant to your audience. • Football and babies were clear winners – adding High School to the football mix in 2012 made a bigger splash in local markets – Make it super easy for your sales reps to sell each contest - make it fit into EVERYTHING ELSE they sell. – Promote promote promote! • Cutest Babies is a testament that promotion is keyNEPA February 2013
    41. 41. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Chain/Group Best Practices – Be mindful of different sized markets that may not have on site resources. – Include a full sales kit that includes everything they need so that is the only thing they need to do is sell, not setup, the contest. • Story • Sales Collateral • Revenue Benchmarks – Pick contests that are universally relevant for each market (HS Football, Babies)NEPA February 2013
    42. 42. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Email Database – Besides revenue, building email database was a priority in 2012 • Deals, breaking news, weather/school alerts, promotions – Sweepstakes contests helped build list • Holiday sweepstakes added 6,500 new opt-ins • Pot of Gold sweepstakes added 4, 000 new opt-insNEPA February 2013
    43. 43. Case Study: GateHouse Media• Plan for 2013 – Contests tie in with marketing initiatives/audience categories – Include more optional contests that work in different regions (Auto Racing, Fishing/Hunting) – Will continue to build entire package to roll out to the team complete with sales collateral – Packaging multiple contests and niche products • Salute to Nurses, Breast Cancer awareness (Paint it all Pink) and Cutest Babies will be sold together – Create monthly email list builder sweepstakes based on top performers from 2012NEPA February 2013
    44. 44. Case Study: GateHouse MediaResults• $3 MM revenue growth• Database grew by 46% since January 2012• Audience growth – 20% just for cutest babies!NEPA February 2013
    45. 45. PLAN-IT 365 PROGRAM OVERVIEWD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    46. 46. Program Overview 2012 ForecastNEPA February 2013
    47. 47. Program Steps Prepare for Prioritize Choosing Contests How to Monetize Advanced Planning Consultation Objectives •Contests Selection •How to Price •Resource Requirements •Webinar •Warm Up •Contests Prioritization •How to Build a •Creating Detailed Calendar Exercise •Alignment with Goals Sponsorship Package •Finalized Revenue Goals •Creating a Calendar •Sales Sheet Templates •Build PowerPoint •Revenue Goals presentation PLAN-IT 365 STEPS TO SUCCESS! NEPA February 2013
    48. 48. Types of Contests • Sweepstakes • Submissions: - Photo - Video - Essay - MP3 - Code Word • Brackets • Trivia • “Best Of” • Custom Sports NEPA February 2013
    49. 49. Top 10 Contest Ideas Contest Idea Time of Year Kids/Babies* Year Round Sweepstakes Year Round Local Sports Year Round Pets* Year Round Couples* Holiday Specific Talent Year Round Halloween* October Advertiser Year Round Beauty Year Round Holidays* November/December*Contest template available NEPA February 2013
    50. 50. Contest Calendar Month Suggested Contests Contest TypeJanuary Pets Photo ContestFebruary Cutest Couples Photo ContestMarch College Basketball BracketApril Kids/Babies Photo ContestMay Mother’s Day Photo ContestJune Father’s Day Photo ContestJuly Beauty/Talent Photo ContestAugust Local Sports Multiple ChoiceSeptember Pro Football Multiple ChoiceOctober Halloween Photo ContestNovember Recipe EssayDecember Holiday Photo ContestNEPA February 2013
    51. 51. Contest TemplateNEPA February 2013
    52. 52. How to Monetize D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    53. 53. Play AnywhereNEPA February 2013
    54. 54. Play AnywhereFacebook Features:• Unlimited Contests• Any UPICKEM contest• Ability to run contest on multiple Facebook pages• Multiple contests one a single Facebook Page• Shared data with website version of contest• Like Gate• Social Boost• Platform Boost• Full HTML Branding Control NEPA February 2013
    55. 55. How to Price Guide• Consider your prospect list• What types of sponsorships are you offering? - Exclusive? Semi-exclusive? - Is this a multimedia campaign? - What is the total value of the promotion?• How much do you intend to promote the contest?• Will this have a Facebook component?• Will you add an email opt-in for the advertiser?• Who is offering prizes: you or the advertiser?• Are there naming rights involved for the contest? NEPA February 2013
    56. 56. ADVANCED PLANNINGD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    57. 57. Advanced Planning Worksheet• A robust planning configuration tool• Utilize tool to take high-level estimated revenues from the Contest Bank and determine detailed sponsorship packages, types, tiers, and campaign collateral.• Calculate revenue by: month, quarter and yearNEPA February 2013
    58. 58. Revenue Plan PresentationHave a kickoff meeting withyour sales team and presentyour plan for the year! NEPA February 2013
    59. 59. Next Steps• Organize your internal contest team – Individual property or chain level• Set up planning time with your contest team• Plan your contest calendarNEPA February 2013
    60. 60. Contest BenefitsNEPA February 2013
    61. 61. WHY NEWSPAPERS?D R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    62. 62. Why Newspapers? Trusted Info Source Ongoing Ad Key Client Options Relationships Multiple We’re Local Newspapers Media PromotionsNEPA February 2013
    63. 63. 8 STEPS TO SUCCESSD R I V I N G R E V E N U E | B U I L D I N G D A T A B A S E | G R O W I N G A U D I E N C E NEPA February 2013
    64. 64. 8 Steps to Success1. Define your team.2. Understand your goals.3. Target the right advertisers.4. Build an agency model.5. Integrated promotion.6. Track promotions revenue in your budget.7. Build & engage an email &social database.8. Develop a promotions calendar.NEPA February 2013
    65. 65. 1. Define Your Team• No one-size fits all team• Create team to ensure internal accountability• Cannot be a “side project”NEPA February 2013
    66. 66. 1. Define Your Team• Standing Members – Sales Manager – Promotions Sales Expert – Product Manager/Lead• Other Potential Members – Customer Service Manager – Marketing/Community Relations – Key Traditional RepNEPA February 2013
    67. 67. 2. Understand Your Goals• What are your revenue goals?• Do you want to grow specific advertising categories?• Do you want to grow your email database?NEPA February 2013
    68. 68. 3. Target the Right Advertisers• What Advertisers Are You Looking To Work With? • Create a list of advertisers you want to do business with • Develop promotion ideas that would appeal to themNEPA February 2013
    69. 69. 3. Target the Right Advertisers• KISS-FM (Detroit, MI)• Budweiser Opening Act• Sponsored by BudweiserNEPA February 2013
    70. 70. 3. Target the Right Advertisers• Star-Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)• Reel „Em In• Sponsored by Gutter Helmet, RapalaNEPA February 2013
    71. 71. 3. Target the Right Advertisers• KFMB-TV (San Diego, CA)• Sponsored by Lawrence FurnitureNEPA February 2013
    72. 72. 3. Target the Right AdvertisersHow to Develop Sponsorship Packages• Exclusive Sponsor – Good fit for large traditional spenders. – Contests built with advertiser in mind.• Category exclusive sponsors – Multiple sponsors. – Example: Pet store, Groomer, Veterinarian.• Multiple Sponsors – No exclusivity. – Often geared to smaller advertisers. – Multiple advertisers can ad up to big revenue. – Can represent a lot of new new revenue.NEPA February 2013
    73. 73. 3. Target the Right AdvertisersHow to Price Sponsorship Packages• Consider your prospect list and estimate what dollar amount your advertiser will invest in your contest.• Be mindful of what types of sponsorships you are offering. - Is the package exclusive? Semi-exclusive? - Is this a multimedia campaign? - What is the total value of the promotion?• What is the contest category?• How much do you intend to promote the contest?• Will you add an email opt-in for the advertiser?• Who is offering prizes: you or the advertiser?• Are there naming rights involved for the contest?NEPA February 2013
    74. 74. 4. Build an Agency Model• Prospects – Restaurants – Retail – Hotel & Travel – Local Advertisers with good reputations and current social presenceNEPA February 2013
    75. 75. 4. Build an Agency Model• What should you include in the sales package? – Facebook contest – Like gate for advertiser – Online promotion on your site – Print/On-air promotion – Social media mentions from your Facebook & Twitter accounts – Eblast to your promotional database – Email opt-in for advertiserNEPA February 2013
    76. 76. 4. Build an Agency Model• How should you promote? – Use featured “pinned” posts on your page • When posting, make sure they are engaging – Move contests tab to top 3 – Customize tab image – Send an eblast to your promotional database – Include promotional ads in your print/on-air/online products – Promote a redirectNEPA February 2013
    77. 77. 4. Build an Agency Model• What should you charge? – Consider the value of your promotion package – Consider the value of your email list – Not a performance buy – base cost on promotional buy – Large market: up to $20K – Mid market: $5K-$15K – Small Market: $300-$5KNEPA February 2013
    78. 78. 5. Integrated Promotions• Online & In PrintNEPA February 2013
    79. 79. 5. Integrated Promotions• Social Media & E-BlastsNEPA February 2013
    80. 80. 6. Track Promotions Revenue in Your Budget• Account for total revenue generated from each promotion (online and offline)• Gauge success accurately• Shows which promotions work best• Promotions are a catalyst to integrated sponsorship packagesNEPA February 2013
    81. 81. 7. Build & Engage an Email & Social Database• Case Study: Contests & Deals• UT San Diego• Facebook-based contest• 6,300 submissions• Dates: 11/9 - 12/13• Six rounds of giveaways - $500 gift cardNEPA February 2013
    82. 82. 8. Develop a Promotions Calendar• Your Contest Bank will be filled with great ideas you‟ve picked WHILE CONSIDERING: • your advertiser‟s goals, • special events and sections you sponsor/run through-out the year.• Once its complete, you have a great contest calendar set out for 2012. NEPA February 2013
    83. 83. 8. Develop a Promotions Calendar Month Theme/Season/Holiday January New Years Resolutions February Valentine’s Day March Spring Break (Family Oriented) April Golf (Masters start 4/5) May Mother’s Day June Father’s Day July Summer Fun August Back to School September Fall/Labor Day October Halloween November Cyber Monday Week December Holidays/NYENEPA February 2013
    84. 84. 8 Steps to Success1. Define your team.2. Understand your goals.3. Target the right advertisers.4. Build an agency model.5. Integrated promotion.6. Track promotions revenue in your budget.7. Build & engage an email and social database.8. Develop a promotions calendar.NEPA February 2013
    85. 85. Contact Information• Matt Coen – President & Co-Founder – – 314.880.4902 – @mcoen – – @secondstreetlabNEPA February 2013
    86. 86. 30 Fitness Time of the Year: • Year RoundContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:New Year, New You • Gyms• Arkansas Democrat-Gazette • Diet programsBiggest Loser • Salons • Plastic surgeons• KVOA-TV • Personal trainersNarrow it Down for Lighten Up Lenoir • Wellness centers• New Bern Sun Journal • Doctors officesSmart-Healthy Challenge Giveaway!• York Daily RecordThe Subway® Biggest Weight Loss Challenge• WPXI-TV NEPA February 2013
    87. 87. 29 Recipes Time of the Year: • May- Cinco de Mayo • June/July- Picnic Recipes • November/December-Holiday RecipesContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:NAIA Cookie Challenge 2012 • Grocery Stores• Sioux City Journal • Specialty Food StoresHoliday Guide Recipe Contest • Bakeries • Food Companies• WEVV-TV • Farmer‟s MarketsKing Scoopers 4th Annual Recipe Contest • Restaurants• The Colorado Springs GazetteReason for the Season Recipe Contest• The Advocate12 Days of Cookies Contest• Omaha World-HeraldKids Can Cook Too Contest• Tribune Chronicle NEPA February 2013
    88. 88. 28 Essay Time of the Year: • The Holidays • Graduation • Disease Awareness • National Holidays MonthsContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Toro Winter Essay Contest • Grocery Stores• WFRV-TV • Travel AgenciesFlorida Dental Something To Smile About • Healthcare Centers• WFTV-TV • Clothing Stores • Super MarketMy Favorite Loretta Lynn Song • Banks• Aiken Standard • Local UniversitiesThe Closer to My Dreams Sweet Sixteen Send Off• WKYS-FMWhat Christmas Means to Me• Leader-TelegramShow Me Your Heart Poetry Contest• Nextstar Broadcasting NEPA February 2013
    89. 89. 27 Memorable Moments Time of the Year: • Year Round- Holidays or Summer VacationsContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Totally 80‟s Photo Contest • Amusement Park• WPHL-TV • Sports TeamI Love the 80‟s • Stage Shows• Savannah Morning News • Sports Stores • HotelsMeal & Memories: Best of 2011 • Travel AgencyPhoto Contest • Airline• Newberry Observer • Photography StudioMiss Marcia… Your Favorite Memories • Fair• WTVC-TV • Bakery100 Years if Chevrolet • Museum• St. Louis Post-Dispatch • MallRestaurants of Yesteryear• Daily Inter Lake NEPA February 2013
    90. 90. 26 PromTime of the Year:• SpringContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Prom Queen • Tuxedo Rentals• WPRO-FM • Dress ShopsProm Photo Contest • Florists • Event Venues• Kinston Free Press • LimousinesPittsburgh‟s Best Prom Dress Contest • Restaurants• WPXI-TV • DJ‟sProm King & Queen • Photographers• Times-News • Salons/SpasProm Contest 2011• The Gazette-Washington PostHot Prom Takeover!• WHAT-FM NEPA February 2013
    91. 91. 25 Weather/TemperatureTime of the Year:• Fall- Foliage Contest • Spring- Wildflowers Contest• Winter- Winter Wonderland • Summer- Blue Sky Contest Contest Examples: Sponsor Ideas: Beat The Heat Photo Contest • Camera Stores • KDAF-TV • Photo Printing Centers A Taste of Summer Contest • Photography Studios • Credit Unions • WBBO-FM • Banks Spring Snapshots Photo Contest • Outdoor Supply Stores • Fort Worth Star-Telegram • Theme Parks Beauty of a Carolinas Spring 2012 • Travel Agencies • Charlotte Observer Best Snowman Photo Contest • The News Tribune/The Olympian Weather Photos • WXYZ-TV NEPA February 2013
    92. 92. 24 Fishing/HuntingTime of the Year:• Hunting Season- varies by state• Summer- great for fishing contests Contest Examples: Sponsor Ideas: Hunting Photo Contest • Gun Shops • West Central Tribune • Boat Stores Eagle Post Fishing Photo Contest • Fishing Supplies • Taxidermy/Deer Processors • The Eagle Post • Sporting Goods Stores Fresh Catch Contest • Outdoor Supply Stores • Union Leader Corporation 2011 Gary the Turkey • Norfolk Daily News Best Buck or Doe • The Advocate 2011 Virtual Buck Pole • WILX-TV NEPA February 2013
    93. 93. 23 BracketsTime of the Year:• Year Round – March Madness Popular Contest Examples: Sponsor Ideas: Battle of the Bands Bracket Contest • Restaurants • St. Louis Post-Dispatch • Event Venues Moe‟s Bracket Challenge • Sporting Goods Stores • WRAL Sports • Athletic Teams • Apparel Shops More Burger Wars • KVVU-TV Best Pizza Playoff Contest • The Hour The Onion Beer Bracket • The Advocate NEPA February 2013
    94. 94. 22 Drawing/ArtTime of the Year:• Year Round• Specific HolidaysContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Lego Building Contest • Family Restaurants• Lakeland Ledger • Hospitals2012 Insight Amateur Photo Contest • Grocery Stores • Art Supply Stores• Norfolk Daily News • Performing Arts SchoolsSeptember 2011 SnapShots Contest • Theatre Troops• New Mexico MarketplaceWhite Box Challenge• WAVY/WVBT-TVDesign Challenge• KATU-TV NEPA February 2013
    95. 95. 21 Wedding Time of the Year: • Year Round • Typical Wedding Season is SpringContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Ultimate Wedding • Wedding Venues• Lincoln Journal Star • FloristThe Royal Wedding of Her Dreams • Grocery Stores• WMMJ – FM • Tuxedo RentalsWedding Photo Contest • Dress Shops • Limousines• Savannah Morning News • DJsWedding Exhibit Hot Fiancé Contest • Restaurants• WAPE-FM • Salons/Spa‟sWedding Outtakes Contest• Marin MagazineLet INC Marry You!• WISE-TV NEPA February 2013
    96. 96. 20 Makeover Time of the Year: • Year Round • Landscaping: Warmer MonthsContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Green & Gold Man Cave • Remodelers• WKLH-FM • LandscapingHitson Cabinet‟s Kitchen Makeover • Flooring Stores• WTVC-TV • Appliance StoresGrants Ugliest & Oldest Kitchen Photo Contest • Carpet Stores• Chicago Sun-Times • Lawn and GardenI Need A New Roof! • Department Stores• WFTV-TV • Cosmetic Surgeons • Make Up StoresGrimiest Grill Contest • Salons• WSAW-TV • Tanning SalonsMakeover Contest 2011 • Home Storage• Gaston Gazette • Credit Unions • Painters NEPA February 2013
    97. 97. 19 Travel/VacationTime of the Year:• Summer• Spring BreakContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Vacation Photo Contest • Travel Agents• Marin Magazine • Hotels & resortsBreckenridge Ski Resort Poster Contest • Bed & Breakfast• Summit Daily • Camera StoresSell of Vacations – WIN A TRIP • Restaurants• Suburban Newspaper • Tourism Centers • WaterparksShrek Sandcastle Contest • Travel Magazines• The Orange County Register • Car RentalHave a Great Summer Contest • Sports Teams• WBBO-FM • Breweries • Cruise Lines • Airlines • Tourism Board NEPA February 2013
    98. 98. 18 Nature Time of the Year: • Fall – Foliage Contest • Spring – Wildflowers Contest • Winter – Winter Wonderland • Summer – Blue Sky ContestContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Wildflower Photo Contest - 2012 • Camera Stores• The Orange County Register • Photo Printing CentersYour Turn • Photography Studios• Appeal Democrat • Credit UnionsGorgeous Gardens • Banks• KBJR-TV • Travel Agencies • Theme ParksOregon Outdoors Wild Bird Photo Contest • Outdoor Supply Stores• Southern Oregon Media GroupWisconsin Trails 2012 Photo Contest• Milwaukee Journal Sentinel NEPA February 2013
    99. 99. 17 Creative Time of the Year: • Year Round – Summer seems most successful seasonContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Short Film Contest – BT Winnipeg • Electronic Stores• Breakfast Television • Cosmetic Surgeons2012 Cruisin‟ Downriver Calendar Contest • Concert Venues• Michigan Central • Carpet Stores2012 Bacon Queen Contest • Lawn and Garden • Department Stores• Des Moines Register • RestaurantsBig Ken & Colleen‟s Corny Photos Contest • Make Up Stores• Des Moines Radio Group • SalonsWhy do you love News 1130 • Tanning Salons• CKWX-AM • Home Storage • Credit Unions • Painters NEPA February 2013
    100. 100. 16 Big Giveaway Time of the Year: • Year RoundContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Chevy Cruze • Airlines• KTLA – TV • RestaurantsMarling HomeWorks Ugliest Kitchen • HotelsMakeover Contest • Jewelry Stores• WISC-TV • Car DealershipsDream Wedding 2012 • Motorcycle Shops• WNDU – TV • Bed & Breakfasts • Sports VenuesAloha Fridays – Win a Ka‟anapali • Concert VenuesVacation! • Furniture Stores• KOMO – TV • Wedding VenuesThe Master of All Garage Giveaway!• CITI-FM NEPA February 2013
    101. 101. 15 School Spirit/Biggest Fan Time of the Year: • May/June – Prom and Graduation • August – Back to School • Any Sports Season • October - Homecoming • Most Popular – Football and baseballContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:LMFAO Suite • Sporting Good Stores• Edmonton Sun • Sports VenuesFirst National Bank “School Spirit” • Local Sports Teams • Local BreweriesVideo Contest • Restaurants• North Platte Telegraph • Outdoor OutfittersNKOTBSB Contest • Sports Bars• WPMT-TV • GymsSchool of the Year • Memorabilia Stores• • CollegesTime Warner Cable Fan Frenzy Contest • Health Food Stores• WRAL Sports • Recreational Clubs • Clothing Stores • Restaurants • Shopping centers • Florists • Tuxedo Rental NEPA February 2013
    102. 102. 14 Mother‟s Day/Father‟s Day Time of the Year: • May/June – Prom and Graduation • August – Back to School • Any Sports Season • October - Homecoming • Most Popular – Football and baseballContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Mommy & Me • Salons & Spa‟s• WLMG – FM • Golf CoursesFathers Day Photo Contest 2011 • Restaurants• Kearney Hub • Sporting Good Stores • BoutiquesMother Daughter Lookalike Contest • Jewelry Stores• WKOL-FM • Home & GardenFM99 Rockstar Mom Contest • Florists• WNOR-FM • Tanning StoresFather & Child Photo Contest • Nail Salons• Jacksonville Daily News • Bed & Breakfasts • Movie Theaters • Sports Venues • Concert Venues NEPA February 2013
    103. 103. 13 GoodwillTime of the Year:• Year RoundContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Eco Ambassadors • Charities• KFMB – TV • LandscapingWQSB / Pepsi Field of Dreams • Flooring Stores • Appliance Stores• WQSB-FM • Carpet StoresPraise 103.9‟s Pastor of the Month • Lawn and Garden• WPPZ – FM • Department StoresLend A Helping Glove • Cosmetic Surgeons• Indianapolis Indians • Make Up StoresPose for the Cure • Salons• KBXX – FM • Tanning Salons • Home Storage • Credit unions • Painters NEPA February 2013
    104. 104. 12 Cars/Motorcycles Time of the Year: • Year RoundContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Transform your Toyota • Insurance Agents• Statesboro Herald • Auto – Body ShopsADAMM Classic Car Contest • Car Stereo Shops• Milwaukee Journal Sentinel • Window Tinting ServicesE2Xtreme Car Design Contest • Car Dealers• Boy Scouts of America • Car Clubs • Speed ShopsUgliest Car Contest • Auto Specialty Shops• The News • Garage FlooringChevrolet 100th Anniversary photo Contest • Tire Stores• State Journal – Register • Speedway/Racetrack NEPA February 2013
    105. 105. 11 Best OfTime of the Year:• Year Round• Typically Annual Contest Examples: Sponsor Ideas: Best of Gaston 2012 • Restaurants • Gaston Gazette • Car Services Kindest O.C. Owner 2011 • Handyman • The Orange County Register • Accountant Diamond Awards 2011 • Local Event • MPLS St. Paul Magazine • Nursery • Carpet Store Best of 2012 • Grocery Store • Times of Northwest Indiana • Car Dealer Best of the Best 2011 • Dentist • Chattanooga Times Free Press • Kennel • Real Estate Broker • Doctor • Bank • Movie Theater NEPA February 2013
    106. 106. 10 HolidayTime of the Year:• Any Holiday SeasonContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Scared of Santa Photo Contest • Department Stores• U-T San Diego • Arts & Crafts StoresHoliday Lights Contest • Kids Clothing Stores • Real Estate Agents• WAVY/WVBT-TV • RestaurantsIt‟s a Wonderful Wreath • Nurseries• New Bern Sun Journal • Party SupplyB Christmas Choir Competition • Packaging & Shipping• Emmis Indianapolis • Card StoresSanta and Me • Photo Printers• The Orange County Register • Movie Theaters • Sports Venues • Concert Venues NEPA February 2013
    107. 107. 9 Beauty Time of the Year: • Hot Body – Summer • Beauty – Year RoundContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Rock Girl Search 2011 • Hair Salons• WHQG-FM • Nail Salons • Tanning SalonsHot Beach Bodies • Clothing Stores• WWKX-FM • Fashion boutiquesHottest Mom Contest • Gym/Fitness Centers• WKLH-FM • RestaurantsPLAZER‟s 2011 $40,000 Rock Girl Search• KAZR-FMPinkalicious Diva for a Day• NEPA February 2013
    108. 108. 8 AdvertisersTime of the Year:• Year RoundContest Examples:Disneyland Resort Sweepstakes• KDAF – TVClover Billboard Contest• KZST – FMMarch Baldness• KZEP-FMFind Scotty at Seabreeze• WROC-TVWashington Trust – ILUVRI PhotoContest• Rhode Island Monthly NEPA February 2013
    109. 109. 7 Halloween Time of the Year: • Halloween – October 31stContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:3rd Annual Cutest Trick‟r Treater • Costume Stores• Statesboro Herald • Grocery StoresLittle Rock Mamas Halloween Contest • Candy Stores• Arkansas Democrat-Gazette • FloristsHalloween Pet Photo Contest • Kids Museum• WPXI – TV • Pet StoresHalloween Costume Photo Contest • Candy Brand • Haunted Houses• KFDM-TVFetchToto Halloween Costume Contest• KWCH-TV NEPA February 2013
    110. 110. 6 TalentTime of the Year:• Year Round• Bragging Rights Have No Season Contest Examples: Sponsor Ideas: The Tiny Tim Talent Search • Craft Stores • KTAR-FM • Music Supply Stores My Kid Can Sing Contest • Talent Agency • Savannah Morning News • Dance Studio Be Amy For a Day • Voice Trainer • KHFI – FM • Recording Studio • Art Gallery RockErie Music Awards 2011 • Camera Store • Erie Times-News • Community Colleges • Pottery Studio NEPA February 2013
    111. 111. 5 CouplesTime of the Year:• Year Round• Holiday Specific – Valentine‟s Day (February 14th) Contest Examples: Sponsor Ideas: Cutest Couple Photo Contest • Jewelry Stores • York News-Times • Hair Salon How We Met • Hotel • The Day • Travel Agency • Candy Store Cutest Couple 2012 • Florist • Kenosha News • Spa Cutest Couple Photo Contest • Mall • WGN-TV • Restaurant Bacardi Oakheart Sweetheart • Furniture Store • The Reader • Photographer • Winery • Movie Theater • Live Theater NEPA February 2013
    112. 112. 4 Pets Time of the Year: • Year Round • Seasonal Opportunities Like Snow Dogs & Pet HalloweenContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Dog Days Of Summer Pets Contest • Pet Stores• York News-Times • Grooming SalonsCutest Canine Photo Contest • Vet Clinics • Local Humane Society• Sarasota Herald Tribune • Dog WalkersCutest Canine Contest • Pet Boutiques• Newsday • Breeders2012 Pet Calendar Voting • Doggie Daycare• The Citizen’s Voice • Pet Boarding FacilitiesCutest Pet Photo Contest • Dog Trainers• Tribune Chronicle • Obedience Schools NEPA February 2013
    113. 113. 3 Local SportsTime of the Year:• Fall - Football• Spring/Summer – Baseball • Winter - BasketballContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Athlete of the Year-Fan Favorite • Restaurants• The Orange County Register • Convenience StoresGridiron Invasion Voting • Fast Food Chains• KKBQ-FM • Sporting Good Stores2011 High School Football Awards • Memorabilia Stores• WTOV – TV • Car DealersFemale Athlete of the Year 2011 • Insurance• Citrus County Chronicle • BanksBig Game TV Giveaway• Las Vegas Review Journal NEPA February 2013
    114. 114. 2 Sweepstakes Time of the Year: • Year Round • Often Run DailyContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Badge Magic Stick With Us! Giveaway • Lottery• Boys Life Magazine • Grocery StoreYacht Getaway • Convenience Store• KTLA – TV • Concert VenueWin a New Backyard Contest • Appliance Stores• The News-Herald • Electronics StoresAaron Rodgers Autographed Helmet Giveaway• WLUK – TVWin a $1,000 gas card from Clark Howard• WSB – AM NEPA February 2013
    115. 115. 1 Kids/Babies Time of the Year: • Year Round • Holiday Opportunities – Such as Easter and HalloweenContest Examples: Sponsor Ideas:Baby Bash 2012 • Children‟s Clothing Stores• WEZB – FM • Specialty Baby ShopsCute Kids Football Fan Contest • Photography Studios• Tribune Chronicle • Kids Restaurants • Daycare CentersCutest Kid Photo Contest • Nanny Recruitment Offices• Aiken Standard • BabysittersInsanely Cute Preschooler 2011• The Orange County RegisterBaby Idol 4• WPRO – FM NEPA February 2013
    116. 116. Bonus IdeasContest Examples:• Tattoos• Lookalikes• Big Local Outdoor Event• Award Shows• Code Word• Bartender• Graduation• Lifestyle• Patriotic• Girlfriends NEPA February 2013