Matt Coen's 2013 NAB SMTE Presentation


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At the NAB Small Market Television Exchange 2013, Matt Coen presented on a panel on how to drive revenue with social media. Here is his deck that covers Facebook contesting, deal cards, and ballot promotions.

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  • Don't you want to be where your local audience is?? Guess what folks...its not all in print. Ppl consume media online. Its a fact. You gotta be where they are. Don't get MAD about it. Get EVEN. Make money. Make a lot of $$. Be the SMART resource in your local communities that knows how to drive foot traffic for your clients, knows how to drive awareness, knows how to grow database (social and email). Its not enough to sell a print ad anymore. You have to be the EXPERT. And not in PRINT. IN EVERYTHING and guess what?? That includes ONLINE. MOBILE. SOCIAL. Sell smarter by BEING smarter. Advertisers want to be a part of promotions because they ignite interactions with potential consumers in ways that traditional advertising alone can’t duplicate
  • It’s also giving fans what they want Engage new fans and re-engage existing fans, imperative to remaining visible in Newsfeed (Edgerank)
  • Partnered with a local dealership that wanted to run a fun summer campaign Found local bands that were willing to shoot a music video and used VC beetle as product placement Let the community vote by Picking a Beet and winning a beetle Had a customer appreciation party showcasing bands Gave away the car and a trip to vegas
  • For those of you who don’t know, this is what a Facebook contest looks like It’s fully integrated into your Page as an app It is Like-Gated This means they have to click the Like button before they can see the entry form (PUSH THE BUTTON)
  • KFDM Beaumont, TX DMA 141
  • KFDM Beaumont, TX DMA 141
  • Emily According to a recent study by Manta BIG potential. What is your primary goal in using social media? #1 is Acquiring and Engaging new customers: 36% Facebook contests are the best way to get new fans Facebook contests are the best way to get new leads
  • Emily By doing the consultative piece, gets advertisers to start thinking about their business and how social media impacts it When they talk to advertisers they make a point to say we are consulting we are not selling to you. They get real answers this way about budget and inside information not normally shared with ad sales team.
  • Spring into Prizes Christmas In July Fall into Prizes Holiday Stocking Stuffers
  • Running promotions in their own right is a way to keep fans engaged A great deal, a chance to enter a contest, there’s nothing more engaging than that That’s the #1 reason they liked you in the first place
  • Promotions are some of the most engaging things you can discuss on Facebook, also Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Post a fun video, post about a contest
  • Promotions are some of the most engaging things you can discuss on Facebook, also Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Post a fun video, post about a contest
  • Weekdays + after noon on weekends “ Local” season instead of peak season Depending on the market, you could multiple cards per year 1 salesperson to focus on it; give to junior rep Golf courses - no regular spenders; new revenue $99+ Limited inventory – they commit to x number of rounds of golf per course Valid through the season – launch in April valid thru September BIG promotional package – sports-focused content; golf programing is ideal; golf special section Golf is a sharable deal – people don’t golf alone Round of golf costs them nothing – upsell on cart Trade deal (unless a single course – that’s a revshare)
  • if you're not building a promotional database EVERY SINGLE DAY wth EVERY thing you DO...start now...and guess what? Promotions are the BEST way to build it!!
  • Email (91 percent) and text messaging (83 percent) are still the most popular daily “social” activities. This level of activity places Twitter top amongst all social networks alongside Facebook (both have 76 percent of users logging in once or more each day), and ahead of Instagram (70 percent), Snapchat (67 percent) and YouTube (66 percent). Google+, Pinterest (58 percent each) and, surprisingly, Myspace (46 percent) round out the top ten overall
  • Quad City Times Advertiser Facebook Sweepstakes “Win Dinner for 10 at Red Lantern” July 1-9 collected submissions 517 total submissions 355 came the day the email was sent 70% of contest entries came from the email
  • We consistently find this stat to be true across the board. 2 nd street works with 100s of major media companies and seeing this consistently
  • Here’s a great example Auto Dealer gets his own contest on July 9, - $14k package for next month Google AdWords, YouTube Pre-Rolls The contest was $4k - fun prize, enter for your chance to drive a new Ford Mustang convertible for 2 weeks’ will have an email opt-ins, and ask some simple survey questions - what make and model do you drive, are you looking to buy a car
  • 448 entrants, 30 people said next 3 months, 13 people said next month, 12 people said 6 months, 209 said they would like to receive more information from the auto dealer, 46%. TALK ABOUT HOT, QUALIFIED LEADS
  • We’ve seen social boost drive 25% of entries
  • For years, Voter’s Choice or Reader’s Choice ballots have been strong programs for media companies.
  • This is our newest product, Voter’s Choice. Gives you the ability to run ballot-style promotions easily and more efficiently than ever before! Powerful new tool – social and mobile capabilities, enhanced business listings, coupons Transform your programs into a major promotional initiatives and eliminate a lot of headaches in administration. Of course you could use this for your standard Best Of “Metro” or City-wide contests Revenue opportunity - seed your ballot with 5 options and let those advertisers know -Image, description, social media (Twitter and Google+ were recently integrated) -enhanced listing, click-through to coupon, website link -Can also sell branding and banner ad impressions, can still sell overall sponsor, can sell category and sub-category as well - Category images could contain an advertiser
  • The Roanoke Times The daily newspaper for 19-counties across Southwest Virginia. One of the best-read newspapers in the U.S. Reaches more than 200,000 adults (weekday) and a quarter-million readers each Sunday.
  • Really get how to make money in print but not necessarily digitally. Typically these promotions can create a lot of difficulty and pain, entering things already on the ballot, manually tabulating votes, how to handle write-ins, etc. People have also struggled to make money DURING the promotion and online. We here at Second Street have an answer to these challenges.
  • Your source for EVERYTHING promotions, deals, email marketing, social media – for media companies. Please visit the Lab, our hub of resources for everything Promotions, designed specifically for media companies – case studies, promotions ideas, best practice tips and tons more. Twitter: @secondstreetlab
  • Matt Coen's 2013 NAB SMTE Presentation

    2. 2. Why Online Promotions? Source: Borrell Associates InBillions
    3. 3. A Promotion Incentivizes the Like
    4. 4. 3,600 New Facebook Likes $16,500 in Revenue KULR-TV Billings, Montana Facebook Advertiser Contest: Pick a Beetle
    5. 5. Generate REVENUE
    6. 6. What is a Facebook Contest? Contest App
    7. 7. What is a Facebook Contest? Like-gate; Must ‘Like’ your Page to enter
    8. 8. Entry form visible after they ‘Like’ the Page What is a Facebook Contest?
    9. 9. Sponsor vs. Advertiser Contests What is the difference between running a contest on Facebook and an “agency model” Facebook contest?
    10. 10. 18 Million SMB Facebook Pages Source: Wall Street Journal, Facebook July 2013
    11. 11. Source: Manta Facebook Contest Opportunity Facebook Contest Opportunity
    12. 12. WCIA Advertiser Facebook Contest Package 2 Week Facebook Sweepstakes Facebook marketing consultation Included Contest setup on your Facebook Page $500 Like-Gate $750 Opt-in for Email Database $750 Social media mentions $500 Email blast to 20k members $1,500 Web Display Ads, 100k ROS impressions $750 Total Value: $4,750 Cost To You: $1,500
    13. 13. Spring into Prizes The Quad-City Times | Davenport, Iowa The goal of this contest was to grow local businesses’ Facebook fans and email lists via a group contest that would be more affordable for the advertisers.” - Katie Wilson, Digital Sales Manager  $14,000 in Revenue  8 Sponsors  157 – 341 New Facebook Likes per Advertiser “
    14. 14. Christmas in July The Quad-City Times | Davenport, Iowa Grew revenue by $5,000 in the second version of this SMB Facebook promotion.” - Katie Wilson, Digital Sales Manager  $19,250 in Revenue  11 Sponsors  157 – 341 New Facebook Likes per Advertiser “
    15. 15. Small Market SMB Blitz Package Small Business Fan & Email Builder Sweepstakes 14 days Multiple Sponsors (Maximum of 15) – Contest setup on your Facebook Page – Like-Gate – Opt-in for Email Database – :30 sec promotional ads with your logo – Contest announcement email to promotional email list – Expanding pencil ad on the homepage with your logo (the day the contest launches) – Customized contest “Thank You” page with offer/incentive – Option to add on spot ads at discounted rate during the promotion – 300x250 Web Display Ad (50k impressions ROS) – Your Investment: $1,750 Per Campaign Revenue= $26,250 Yearly Revenue (4 per year)=$105,000
    16. 16. Engage existing fans
    17. 17. Build Engagement
    18. 18. Build Engagement
    19. 19.
    20. 20.
    21. 21.
    22. 22. Golf Punch Cards • – Traverse City, MI – NBC/ABC Station – DMA 119 • Multi-course cards • 1 Round per Course • Big promotional package • $99 per card Over $175K & Growing This Year
    23. 23. Build Email database
    24. 24. 91% check email once per day 91% check email once per day Source: eMarketer
    25. 25. Represents 70% of Submissions Represents 70% of Submissions The Impact of Email
    26. 26. Email = 66% of Deal Revenue
    27. 27. Guess Anchorage’s First Snowfall KTUU-TV | Anchorage, Alaska This was such a great contest that we have already confirmed for 2013 with the same sponsor. I would definitely recommend running a contest like this if your market gets a lot of snow!” - Tony Freije, Digital Sales Manager 1,064 Advertiser Opt-ins $7,500 in Revenue 300% Increase in Facebook Likes Facebook & Mobile Optimized “
    28. 28. Generate hot leads
    29. 29. agency services $4,000 Revenue
    30. 30. Identify Hot Leads
    31. 31. promotions Spread virally
    32. 32. Expand Your Reach with Social Boost
    33. 33. get advertisers buzzing about you
    34. 34. Metro Ballots
    35. 35. Niche Ballots
    36. 36.
    37. 37.
    38. 38.
    39. 39.
    40. 40.
    41. 41.