How to Sell Golf Promotions


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Why should you run golf promotions?

Well, golfers are affluent, educated, well-connected, and align perfectly with media audiences. A full 67% of golfers buy products and services online, which helped to make golf-themed deals stores one of the top-earning deals store themes in 2012 (#3, in fact). When it comes to contests, the long seven-month season means plenty of opportunity to entice players back to your site week after week, which in turn means plenty of opportunity to sell valuable sponsorships to a wide variety of advertisers.

To learn more about why golf promotions are an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on and how you can make the most of golf contests and deals stores, watch the How to Sell Golf Promotions webinar recording or check out our top takeaways from the presentation:

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  • Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day, Hallmark Day — whatever you like to call it, February 14 is almost upon us. A day of love and frustration, of proposals and breakups. A day of jewelry and candy and unmet expectations. Exalted by some, loathed by others, but inevitable to all. 
  • Golfer Purchase Plans: (plan to purchase product within next 12 months) 53% Golf equipment 47% Automobile purchase/lease 40% Financial planning 59% Banking 46% Computer Hardware 46% Continuing education/training 84% travel/vacation 33% Furniture/home furnishings 33% New/additional telephone 37% Legal/consulting services 45% Health/auto/life insurance 48% Office equipment
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  • Julie 58 days (40 selling days) away!
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  • Five figure revenue
  • $1500-$2500
  • The title sponsor package included a fixed position and ad unit on every contest page, online promotional impressions, and prize sponsorship over 21 weeks. The sponsor was also mentioned in emails to the KFMB opt-in list, past contest players, reminder emails to current players before each tournament, and in a final email wrap-up to all players announcing the winners. The contest was run on the KFMB website and Facebook page (with a Like-gate). There was also a mobile version.
  • The title sponsor package included a fixed position and ad unit on every contest page, online promotional impressions, and prize sponsorship over 21 weeks. The sponsor was also mentioned in emails to the KFMB opt-in list, past contest players, reminder emails to current players before each tournament, and in a final email wrap-up to all players announcing the winners. The contest was run on the KFMB website and Facebook page (with a Like-gate). There was also a mobile version.
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  • Including deals that might not be able to stand on their Good for advertisers No out of pocket cost and no risk as usual Receive a lot of additional print & digital promotion Good for customers Lots of local deals & big discounts to choose from Creates a shopping mall & browsing experience
  • Wineries are an interesting one; tend to be tours, tastings or dinning experiences (higher pricepoint helps performance)
  • Matt Half tied to a holiday or specific season Half evergreen Lots of good ideas. All of these are solid choices. #10 is going to be a lot higher on this chart in 2013. Seeing lots of sites experiment with this. Look for an upcoming article on two great examples on the SS Lab.
  • Focus on high $127 regional travel price point $42 spa treatments $35 wine tastings Staycation/getaway - focus on drivable distances and work directly with the properties, if you can Spa Treatments: again look for couples massages or something extra/unique – special package; this will appeal to your advertiser since they’re higher price/higher margin services and expose these services to new people; but a simple one-hour massage deal is never a bad thing! Events – Think theater shows or dinner theater; great example – NYDN has an advertiser that does themed cruises throughout the year, so they’re always a great store option; always lock up great advertisers with multiple deal contracts – stores can help ensure you have a deep bench of deals for for the whole year, so plan ahead! Floral – We know roses are off the table, but approach your local florist with a deal on pre-arranged sets or other specific flowers that can be just as romantic; give them a chance to showcase another product Dining is a no-brainer; many restaurants prefer to offer a pre-fixe dinner with a bottle of wine, which is cheap for them to include
  • Gender Breakdown 1/2011 - 8/2012 – year and half of data
  • Weekdays + after noon on weekends “ Local” season instead of peak season Depending on the market, you could multiple cards per year 1 salesperson to focus on it; give to junior rep Golf courses - no regular spenders; new revenue $99+ Limited inventory – they commit to x number of rounds of golf per course Valid through the season – launch in April valid thru September BIG promotional package – sports-focused content; golf programing is ideal; golf special section Golf is a sharable deal – people don’t golf alone Round of golf costs them nothing – upsell on cart Trade deal (unless a single course – that’s a revshare)
  • Price Range: $10 - $800 $12,156 Travel Deal – 2 pricepoints (more sold of higher priced deal) Two Golf Courses offered: round of Golf and Membership deal Membership - geared to locals Course - could draw outside market – regional play
  • None of the deals included golf cart – an upsell opportunity for the courses 85% of purchasers rent golf carts The store included variety of offers with different price points and locations Punch card, driving range, junior pass for kids, courses of all levels
  • Don’t expect a bad deal to perform better because it is in a store – don’t use filler deals
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  • How to Sell Golf Promotions

    1. 1. PRESENTED BY SECOND STREET #PromotionsLab
    2. 2. Presenters Julie Foley Director of Affiliate Contesting Success @julie_foley Matt Chaney Director of Affiliate Deals Success @mattchaney #PromotionsLab
    3. 3. HOW TO ASK QUESTIONS Follow @secondstreetlab on Twitter! Want to win an exclusive prize?      Be the one who tweets the most  with our hashtag  #promotionslab     Note: We are recording this      webinar and you will receive      an email with links to the      recording and slide deck.  #PromotionsLab
    4. 4. Who We Are Increase ROI, Build & Engage Audience #PromotionsLab
    5. 5. AGENDA • Golf: By the Numbers • Golf Contest Overview • Contest Case Studies • Golf Deal Store Overview • Deal Store Case Study • Golf Resources • Q&A  #PromotionsLab
    6. 6. GOLF- BY THE NUMBERS • Golfing population: 29 MM • 79% are male • Average HH income: $95k • Great local advertiser potentialSource: The National Golf Foundation & U.S. CensusDepartment via  #PromotionsLab
    7. 7. Average SpendingSource: The National Golf Foundation & U.S. CensusDepartment via  #PromotionsLab
    8. 8. Fantasy Golf ContestPRESENTED BY SECOND STREET #PromotionsLab
    9. 9. WHY CONTESTS?• Build Audience, Page Views and Brand Awareness• Generate Sponsorship & Ad Revenues• Build User Database for Email Marketing• Powers your Social and Mobile Strategy  #PromotionsLab
    10. 10. GOLF CONTEST OVERVIEW• Players pick golfers who they think will finish in the top 10 in each tournament• Contest can run entire season or just the Majors • The Masters, US Open, the British Open, the PGA Championship• Managed by Second Street• New Look for 2013! • Default branding can be changed• Dates: April - November• Begins with the Masters on April 11• Play Anywhere• Contest is accessible on your website, Facebook, mobile and tablet  #PromotionsLab
    11. 11. GOLF CONTEST OVERVIEW• Winners  • Determined by highest number of  points• Prizes  • National weekly prizes are either a  Lucky7Golf on-course scratch off golf  game or an on-course poker chip  game  • National grand prize is a SkyCaddie  • Local prizes can be added  #PromotionsLab
    12. 12. CASE STUDYGolf Challenge•WHQG-FM•Milwaukee, WI•Sponsored by Rivermoor Golf Club and Concourse Motors•Sponsor Package: on air mentions, email blasts, and commercials. Also promoted online, on air, and on Facebook.•Prizes: The prizes were from the sponsors, and included golf packages and car detailing.•Results: Each sponsor paid $5,000, for a total contest revenue of $10,000.  #PromotionsLab
    13. 13. CASE STUDYGrand Slam Golf Contest•WITN-TV•Washington, NC•Sponsored by Stewart’s Jewelry & Greenville Country Club•Sponsor Package:  • 150 on-air promos  • ROS display ads online • Contest page branding • Email opt-in • Logos on all emails • General email newsletter • invitation email to past contest participants • email updates to registered users  throughout the contest • Promoted on-air, online, mobile, via email  and Facebook • Results: $4,000 ($2k from each sponsor)  #PromotionsLab
    14. 14. CASE STUDYFantasy Golf Challenge•KFMB•San Diego, CA•Sponsor: Liberty Coin•Sponsor Package: Online ads, emails, mobile and Facebook (like-gate)•Results: $6k  #PromotionsLab
    15. 15. CASE STUDYFantasy Golf Challenge•Washington Missourian•Washington, MO•Sponsor: Wolf Hollow•Sponsor Package: Branded contest page with call to action ads, Print, Online ads, emails, and Facebook (like-gate) on the sponsor’s page•Results: $5k  #PromotionsLab
    16. 16. SAMPLE SPONSOR PACKAGE• Contest name “ABC Golf Challenge”• Print or On-air ads• Web ads• Premium position on mobile and tablet version • Premium position on all contest pages• Premium position and offer/coupon on all contest  emails •Initial invite to your promotion database •Reminder emails to registered players •Submission received/approved emails •Results/wrap up email• Sponsor to participate as a VIP picker• Mentions in all promo spots and announcements• Email opt-in on registration page• Contest will run on sponsor’s  Facebook page  with a Like-Gate• Social mentions on the media company’s  Facebook page throughout the contest  #PromotionsLab
    17. 17. CUSTOM CONTEST IDEAS • Why Custom? • Unique • Stands out in your market • Package with your Fantasy Golf  Pickem to add another layer to your  advertising package • Additional Golf ideas • Win tickets to local Golf Event  • Win a round/golf membership at  local courses • Best Golf story (photo/essay) • Best Local Golf Pro  #PromotionsLab
    18. 18. GOLF Contest Key Takeaways• Use the managed contest to  build database for you and your  advertisers • Sell a multimedia package• Add a custom sweepstakes to  build social engagement • Use managed contest  resources• Promote with a Deals store! • Start selling now  #PromotionsLab
    19. 19. Deals Golf StorePRESENTED BY SECOND STREET #PromotionsLab
    20. 20. 5 Reasons to Run a Deal Store1. Expand deal offerings 2. Run multiple deals from  same advertiser3. Target niche audience4. Diversify your deal  program marketing5. Grow list & increase revenue! #PromotionsLab
    21. 21. Look for Store Opportunities in YourCalendar #PromotionsLab
    22. 22. Golf rules Recreation Category #PromotionsLab
    23. 23. Top Deal stores1. Holiday/Stocking Stuffer2. Cyber Week3. Golf4. Destinations/Travel5. Father’s Day6. Mother’s Day7. Home Improvement8. Kids/Family9. Summer  Adventures/Recreation10.Best Of #PromotionsLab
    24. 24. Golfers areAffluent, educated, connected 67% purchase Over $3 billion products/servi spent annually ces online on golf equipment 67% 1 in 5 golfers graduated owns 2 or college more homes Source: The National Golf Foundation & U.S. Census Department via #PromotionsLab
    25. 25. Dining as a top target 73% dine out once a week or more 1/3rd spend $3K+ annually on rd dining out - $60 per meal Target high-end restaurants with $50 or higher price pointSource: The National Golf Foundation & U.S. CensusDepartment via  #PromotionsLab
    26. 26. Travel as a top target 40% of golfers plan vacations around golf They spend $177 per stay while traveling 84% plan to travel at least once in next yearSource: The National Golf Foundation & U.S. CensusDepartment via  #PromotionsLab
    27. 27. Sales Targets Advertiser Categories Resorts & Hotels Public & Private Driving Ranges Courses Wineries & Wine Golf Camps Golf Lessons Tastings Golf Apparel Swing Analysis Golf Equipment High-end Dining Pro Shop Activity Center/Mini Golf Local & Regional Spa Packages Travel Agency Courses Limo Service Pubs & Sports Nearby Bars Attractions #PromotionsLab
    28. 28. Demographics of Deal buyers #PromotionsLab
    29. 29. Golf Punch cards• – Traverse City, MI – NBC/ABC Station – DMA 119• Multi-course cards• 1 Round per Course• Big promotional  package Over $150K• $99 per card generated in 2012!  #PromotionsLab
    30. 30. Golf Store:St. Louis Post-Dispatch• Run Dates: 4/4 – 4/16 (Mon-Sat)• 11 Deals• Revenue: $40K+• Avg. Price: $145• Top Deal: Round of Golf - $14,600 • Golf for two + Cart • 25% Discount at Pro Shop Print Ad Print Ad #PromotionsLab
    31. 31. Golf Store:Times-News• Twin Falls, ID• 7 Deals, 6 Courses• Store Live 7 Days• Top 3 Store of 2012 2,287 Sold Over $59K in revenue! Full Page Ad Full Page Ad #PromotionsLab
    32. 32. Deal Store Key Takeaways• Target deals with higher price points• Use turnkey resources to spice up your site• Deal quality remains crucial• Plan ahead & do multiple stores throughout the year• Create a strong promotional package for your store #PromotionsLab
    33. 33. RESOURCES• Branded and Managed Fantasy Golf  Contest• Deal Store design options • Sales Kits • Contest Overview • Deal Store Overview • Print & web ads (Contest & Deals) • Advertisers to consider (Contest & Deals) • Sales PPT (Contest & Deals)• How to Sell/Case Studies webinar• User Manual (Contest & Deals)  #PromotionsLab
    34. 34. Q&A Julie Foley Director of Affiliate Contesting  Success @julie_foley Matt Chaney Director of Affiliate Deals Success @mattchaney #PromotionsLab