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  • Julie
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  • Thanks Julie, and Hi everyone - We’re excited that you’re hereWe want to show you how our partners here at Second Street are putting effective Facebook strategy into practiceI’m so thrilled to be on this call – I’ve been on the other side of this call, I’ve been in your shoesI joined Second Street from Entercom Radio where I was a Social Media Strategist.As WELL as a UPICKEM Affiliate so I can speak firsthand to the power of Facebook and contestsWe had tremendous success with driving engagement and monetizing Facebook at EntercomHere at Second Street we’ve been fortunate that contests have been really powerful for our partners, created a lot of engagement with their audience and built up big databasesWe want to share with you what works in this 3-part webinar seriesToday we’re look at a high-level overview of how you can use Facebook to really grow your audience, drive revenue and how to be effective with Facebook marketing with real life examplesFeaturing real leaders in social media for media companies, great folks that I am excited to introduce to youThis week we’ve got Evonne and Jennifer They’re going to talk about their experiences, you’re going to see it in actionThen we’ll wrap up their insights with some takeaways for you and your team as well as time for Q&ANext week we’re doing a deeper dive on Sales and how YOU can really start generating revenue featuring one of my former colleagues, Brandy Carter the Director of Strategic Sales and Marketing at Entercom New Orleans – how to sell Facebook contests, prospecting, how to packageOverall this series is about making contests a bigger part of your strategy for the second half of the yearSo let’s get started!
  • Julie will enable poll, we’ll chit chatHere are the results - Emily
  • EmilyDo you know what that tells me?I see an opportunity
  • EmilyWhen is the last time you or someone you know made this statement?Do you have too many Facebook fans that you don’t need any more? Do your clients have so many Fans they are no longer trying to get more?
  • EmilyIs your email database so large that you are no longer trying to grow it?
  • EmilyDo you have so much money coming in from Facebook contests you don’t know what to do with yourself?More than likely – the answer to these questions are no. You’re on Facebook, your clients are on Facebook, and you are all doing something.The things we’re going to share will take what you’re doing today and make it better, help it go from
  • good
  • To GREAT
  • By having a plan in placethat includes Facebook contests as the cornerstone of your strategy, you can achieve all of these things Sound too goo to be true?
  • Let’s jump right into our case studies from some of our featured media partners and see how they are making Facebook work for them
  • EmilyWe’re proud to have Jennifer Balanky join us today and share some of her insights and best practicesUT San Diego is leading the way, Really been innovative with what they’re doing, seeing great results, and as a result doing even more What excites me about Jennifer and what’s happening at UT San Diego is that it’s not just a bunch of buzz, it’s real resultsThey don’t just talk about Facebook they are making Facebook work for their paperThey’ve got a dedicated Facebook page for Contests and Deals, built a brand around the 2They’ve got a strategy for both of these pagesJennifer is going to give you you an inside look at something pretty cool and pretty different than what’s probably happening at your media propertyEmily: Why do you believe in Facebook contests as a part of your social strategy?
  • Jennifer:Best way to grow fans quicklyOne of the #1 reasons they run contests - to get email opt-insGreat way to get people to follow you and to be interested in you, introduce them to other productsDeals and contest page cross-promotesDeals and contesting goes hand in hand, save money and get stuff for free
  • JenniferViejas Outlets $200-a-Day GiveawayRevenue: $20,000, new revenue, as part of a larger buyPrize: 44 $100 Viejas giftcards, 5 $50 Deals gift card winners, 1 $600 Viejas gift cardTied in great savings Viejas Outlets offers with U-T Deals
  • JenniferPrize: 5 $500 gift cards valid at 3 luxury mallsSole intention of building our Deals Facebook following. Over five weeks leading up to the holiday season, we gave away five $500 gift cards valid at three local luxury malls. We promoted the contest on Facebook, with CTA banners on our Deals website and in our daily Deals newsletters, and in weekly dedicated email blasts to our Deals subscribers.The results were amazing…(next slide)
  • Jennifer…(results continued)At the end of the five weeks, we had 6,300 entries, 6,500 new Deals Facebook fans, and 4,600 total email opt-ins to three email lists.
  • JenniferRun frequent movie ticket giveawaysThis is in addition to the UGC contests, sports contests like College Basketball and a variety of other contests hosted both on Facebook and the website
  • Jennifer:Able to track how much revenue they are generating on social media using a tool in GA - Majority is always Facebook$2,200 from one deal posted on Facebook and TumblrEmily:Talk about demonstrating real ROI, what’s the value of a Like and putting that question to rest - this is why Facebook Likes MATTERI absolutely love this slide and the data supporting it, I think it’s fascinatingIf UT could double their Likes and engagement on Facebook they may have made $16k, then $30kWhatever you’re charging for your contests today can increase as your fan base increases, continue to grow your revenue
  • EmilyWhat are they doing right? What can you do to duplicate this success?
  • Emily
  • EmilyIntegrate Facebook contests into your existing contest strategy
  • Emily
  • EmilyIt may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our busy days we overlook details like thisYou also want to pre-check the boxThe success of UT San Diego’s contests grows the larger their database getsA large database becomes more valuable to an advertiserThe larger their Deals database, the more deals they are going to sell – so growing this database mattersYou can use an opt-in a variety of ways, whether it’s a Breaking News list or a special offers and promotions listUse these email addresses for something! They have value
  • EmilyLeverage every available asset for maximum reach
  • EmilyThink about digital assets can support your tradition assetsPlace more impressions digitally, where people can convert and enter to win easilyEmail messagesStreaming adsVideo-pre rollBanner adsHomepage sliding billboard or rotating featureSocial media
  • EmilyNavigation bar item for “Contests” Contest webpage
  • EmilyEmail can be one of the most powerful drivers of your promotionsUT San Diego Best Dressed Couple Contest1963 total submissionsOn the day the email was sent there were 430 total submissionsAlmost 22% of total submissions in ONE day! Quad City Times is seeing their promotional contest emails drive 70-80% of entries!!
  • EmilyIt’s time to attack this aggressively
  • EmilySelling a sponsorship to a Facebook contest is like selling a sponsorship of any other type, it’s no differentIt’s actually quite valuable and something advertisers want to be a part ofGrowing their Likes, growing their email database – that has a price tag for a sponsorPut together a package showing all of the sponsorship and placement opportunities for the advertiser, what kind of promotion are they going to getHave your package be integrated with a focus on digital assets supporting your traditional assetsMake it enticingby showing the enormous exposure the client would get – in print, online, on social media, on your TV station, over the air on your radio station. Don’t forget to put a price tag on the Likebox and the opt-in
  • EmilyAnother way you can make money from Facebook contests is by running contests for them on their pageLike an Agency – provide digital agency servicesHere we’ve got an example from Entercom Radio where they sold a $500 sweepstakes to a local bankGenerated $18,000 from this one contest!Deep dive of this and more during the Sales webinar May 21
  • Julie
  • EmilyThis is one of our favorite success stories We’re going to get a “behind the scenes tour” of an extremely active, engaging Facebook page from KING-TV, a part of Belo corporationSo excited to have Evonne Benedict join us, who helped create their social strategyShe will give us an inside look at some of the innovative things they’re doingBecause of their efforts Facebook has shown to drive real return for themAnd I think the best partWhen she speaks about her Pages, it’s as if they were aliveTo K5, these aren’t fans, these are their friends, she is passionate about connecting with them and helping themAnd that mantra fuels K5’s social strategyAnd the thing is – by approaching it like this it makes the performance of their Page betterThey get better resultsSo let’s jump in to what makes what they’re doing so successful.Emily: Evonne, why do you believe in Facebook contests as a part of your social strategy?
  • Evonne:Social media has transformed their business and every business todayFacebook is a big part of thatHave a strategy, have a Facebook fan goal- need to run lots of contests to reach itIt’s a great way to increase the fan base quickly and dramaticallyThis contest spoke to our target audience, our “friends”Disney SweepstakesPrize: One trip for 4 to Walt Disney WorldResults: 4,300+ new Likes in 5 days4,204People Talking About This: grew from 8% to 30%In terms of how we promoted this contest…
  • EvonneContest promotion:Call to action in content worked best, live mentionsWebsite homepage placement, banner adsMentions on social media, cross-promoted on partner Facebook pages
  • Evonne:As our fan base grows larger and larger, Facebook becomes more important to our web strategyOur # 3 referrer of web traffic after Direct (bookmark) and GoogleWe have analytics that show what stories are trending highest and where people are coming fromPeople share stories on Facebook whether we share them or notIf a story is trending high, we will post it on the KING page, see a big rise in traffic in their real-time analytics - helps make our content better
  • Evonne:People really want to be a part of what we’re doingIt’s not a one-way conversationIt’s a whole new way for people to interact with brandsWe are a “service business” - we are here to serve, now we know in real time the best way to serve
  • EvonneUse Facebook as a real-time platform to update folks on Breaking News, a lot of people only get News from Facebook these daysEveryone is involved, News Directors are involvedReal-time interaction makes every part of their business betterNeed to be relevant, cover news people care about, can only be in so many places at so many timesGreat place to get story ideas! Have “60k reporters”
  • EvonneHave a team, have a planHave a content calendar, posting strategyWe know our fans and who we’re talking toOptimize for mobile
  • EmilyWhat are they doing right?
  • Emily
  • EmilyHave a team – this isn’t about finding the youngest person on your staff and telling them to manage your Facebook pageTo make this work, this has to be a team effort – everyone needs to contribute and be involvedThis is even more important when your resources are limited – incorporate social media into the duties of multiple staff members to help share the workloadHave a content calendarThis should work in tandem and be incorporated into your contest calendar
  • EmilyHave a clear posting strategy, know who you’re talking to
  • EmilyUse your analytics – use Facebook Insights, a free tool available to youUse your web analyticsTake some time to connect the dotsCheck back in for a few hours each month
  • EmilyOver half of Facebook users are seeing your updates on their mobile phoneAre the links to your contest mobile-friendly?Are the links to your website mobile-friendly?Are you thinking about someone “on-the-go?”
  • EmilyThis part is really important – I want to let you in on a little secret
  • EmilyThe thing about Facebook fans is thatThese are real peopleThere’s power in this community – we’ve been showing you that - they can help you start spreading your messages for youIt’s no longer enough to set up a page and have the intern plop a few links down on it every dayOr to shout at people about the next time to tune inOr to not respond to their questions or commentsThose days are overWhat Evonne is doing is making their page successfulTake a look at the numbers beneath this cover photo – People Talking About ThisThis is the unique # of people who are interacting with your page Represents the last 7 daysYou want that number to be as high as possible – that means people are interacting with what you’re sharing, that’s the whole pointIf that number is low, that’s a problem because
  • EmilyThat means you’re not going to get into the #1 place you want to be – the NewsfeedThis is where people spend their timeIn order for anyone to see any of your posts, you have to be making it into their Newsfeed
  • EmilyNow before you let this formula freak you out – there’s nothing to worry about! This is really easy to understand once we break it downThis is the SECRET to visibility on Facebook, to having people see your updates and get into the NewsfeedThis is something our most successful partners understand and use to their advantageEdgerank is the Algorithm Facebook uses to determine what makes it into a fan’s Newsfeed and what doesn’tYou can optimize your Facebook updates to rank higher in the Newsfeed and to be seen by more people
  • EmilySo let’s break the formula downAffinity is the relationship someone has with your pageThat relationship is formed via actions they take with your posts, with your status updatesIf a lot of their friends also like your page, that increases the Likelihood you’ll show up in their NewsfeedContests are extremely effective at building Affinity – establishing a relationship with new fans as well as re-engaging with existing fans on a regular basis
  • EmilyWeight literally means the weight of the posts, some weigh more than others and more likely to be seen.Posts with photos, videos and links weigh more – think multi-mediaThe amount of interaction on your post also mattersYou need comments, likes and sharesHow to get them? First: Don’t shout at people! Talk with them. If you don’t take this seriously, you will literally end up talking to no one and wasting your timeWithout interaction you will have low PTA and you will not be in people’s NewsfeedsYou will not be engaged with your fans and no one will see what you’re posting
  • EmilyDecayDecay equals time decay, or how long ago your post was publishedThe more recent a post, the more likely it will be seenThe more interaction the post has, the longer it will stay in user’s feedsThat means you need to post frequently and be engaging
  • EmilySo to wrap up Engagement, if you want to see your page succeed, take time to listen to your fans and engage with themThis is a great example of what to doIt isn’t just their content, it’s not ALWAYS about self-promotion – it’s also about what fans want, what they’re talking aboutThis story was going viral on the internetThey could’ve just pasted the linkImage, great description, call to action/question to fans, link to websiteDon’t use gimmicks and don’t do something just for the sake of doing itBe thoughtful of the conversation you’re trying to inspireUse feedback that you receive Social media is maturing and it’s all about authenticity
  • EmilySo both Jennifer and Evonne have spoken to the success they’ve had with our SoftwareI wanted to show you BRIEFLY what we can provide whether you are a current Partner of ours or not
  • Emily100% White-LabelUnlimited contests on your Page (Sponsored) or your Advertiser’s Pages Run same contest on multiple Pages or several contests at onceLike-GateThis means they have to click the Like button before they can see the entry form (PUSH THE BUTTON)
  • EmilyRegistration Integration – which allows people to sign up to participate in a contest with just the click of a button
  • EmilyThis is an exciting feature that incentivizes someone to share this contest with their friends on Facebook, and on Twitter and via email. propels your contest to go viral in the space where things go viral!
  • EmilyWe’ve also got a feature in which entrants can get more entries if they participate on multiple devices, such as your Facebook page, a Tablet and their mobile phone.
  • Emily50% and growing are on mobileNon-negotiable
  • Julie
  • JulieHave a team/have a championHave a plan for station contestsFocus on revenue for advertiser contests(You can breeze through these, the next slides expand upon this)
  • JulieAs our case studies have been demonstrating, contests are crucial to maintaining visibility in the NewsfeedThey allow you to continuously strengthen Affinity, strengthen your relationship with fans, every time you run a contest and they interact with your Page. This is true for your media property or for your advertiser
  • JulieThink Digital and how that can support TraditionalPlace more impressions digitally, where people can convert and enter to win easilyWeave contest promotion into content (live mention, Evonne’s example from KING-TV)Email
  • JulieIf you really want to maximize the Facebook opportunity, step 1 is to educate yourself and your staffEducate yourself on the basics of social media marketing so you can help your media property and your clients. Identify and support a social media specialist or specialists within your organization.Create a social strategy for your media group!Lead by example – good content and good contestsIf you ever hope to monetize Facebook, your sales staff won’t be comfortable selling social it if they don’t get it first
  • JulieAdd a Facebook element to your next sponsored contestIdentify and plan for clients to targetCreate your sales packages, forecast your revenueWe’ll touch really deeply on prospecting and monetizing on our Facebook webinar next week…If you and your staff are educated, then you can start providing digital agency services within your organizationone of which could be running Facebook contests for clientsOftentimes they don’t know where to begin – they know they need to be on social but need a little directionYou can meet a very real need, a real marketing challenge
  • JulieOver half of people using Facebook are on their mobile phones – this must be at the forefront of all that you doMake sure contests are mobile friendlyMake sure your content is mobile-friendly, as well as your website
  • JulieJoin us next Tuesday for the Sales deep diveCase studies, what advertisers to targetHow to build/expand Digital Agency offeringsHow to sell Facebook promotionsBest practicesHow to build contests using the new templateHow to effectively promote your contest
  • JulieI know you recommend running as many sweepstakes as possible in a month, what if we can’t run that many contests in a month?-That’s fine, do what you can - some are better than none.-Ensure each one you do run is optimized to the max - get the email opt-in, get a sponsor, really put some heavy promotion behind it.What is a “good” contest? What if I can’t get a prize with big $$ value?-On average if I had to put a good minimum prize value it would be $500-1000 or more.-See if you can get an advertiser to sponsor your contest, piggy-back onto the promotion and provide a prize as part of the promotion.-That doesn’t mean there aren’t other options because you can get very creative if you try.-To a fan it doesn’t just have to be it’s monetary value. It could be a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. -Maybe you have access to something that no one else has - could you give someone a “behind-the-scenes” tour, could a local mini-celeb show up at their doorstep inviting them to a grocery shopping spree? Could they be a guest interviewer or a special concert blogger at a local show? How frequently should we post?-For media, I think it’s really clear. If you’re reporting the news, there is always something new to report. While this might scale slightly for the size of your page, it’s real easy to post multiple times an hour since there is always something new. It’s always relevant. For the most part, worry less about how frequently you’re posting.-Instead focus on WHAT you’re posting. Is it something people care about? Would they want to share it with a friend? Is it engaging? And how are you crafting the post? Is it optimized, or is it thrown together and a waste of people’s time? -That will hurt Edgerank, and ultimately hurt the long-term health of your page. -If you want this to be a viable marketing channel, you have to take care of it - and if you do, it will pay you back. Focus more on what and less on how often.I don’t understand EdgeRank. You lost me when you got to Edgerank. Why does it matter?-We’ll publish an article with some more information and detail in the Lab on this topic for sure.-If you ever want to be successful on Facebook, whether you’re trying to sell a contest to a client or whether you’re Newspaper Facebook page, this matters to you.-All you need to know is that there is a scientific formula that controls whether a fan of yours sees an update or not.-There are a lot of different factors that go into that.-One of those factors is interaction, engagement, the relationship you have with a fan - how frequently they might click on a photo you share, comment on a story you post or Like a video you upload. -Make sure you’re interacting with fans and providing ways-One way to get people to interact with your page is by running contests regularly - it gives them a reason to Like you in the first place and gives them a reason to come back and visit your page and interact with you throughout the year, so you remain visible in their Newsfeed.How do you sell a Facebook contest to a client? How do you sell a sponsored Facebook contest to a client?-Similar to anything else you sell.-Advertisers want to pay for a promotion that ignites interaction with a potential customer.-A Facebook contest is a great way to get that exposure, and you need to convey the value.-There is value to Facebook Likes, we’ve been demonstrating that. -There is value to capturing a lead, an email opt-in as a result of a contest.-Layer the value of the advertising used to promote the contest with the value you assign for the Facebook Like and email opt-in. The price will be a blend of the 2.-Join us for the Sales deep dive next Tuesday at Noon CT, 1pm ET for lots more on this as well as articles in the Lab at secondstreetlab.comThanks!
  • Facebook Promotions Overview

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    6. 6. #contestlabAGENDA• Benefits of Facebook Promotions• Case Studies• Takeaways• Q&A
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    9. 9. #contestlabWe have too manyFacebook fans.
    10. 10. #contestlabOur email list is too big.
    11. 11. #contestlabWe are making waytoo much moneywith Facebook.
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    14. 14. #contestlabBuildrelationshipsBecome abetter businessGrowemail listDrivewebsite trafficMake moremoneyContests
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    16. 16. #contestlabJennifer BalankyCommunity Manager@balankygal
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    18. 18. #contestlabU-T SAN DIEGO
    19. 19. #contestlabU-T SAN DIEGO‘Tis the Seasonfor Fabulous DealsPrize: 5 $500 gift cards4 Week PromotionFacebook postsDaily Deals emailnewslettersCTA Web bannersWeekly dedicatedemail to Dealssubscribers
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    21. 21. #contestlabU-T SAN DIEGO
    23. 23. #contestlabTAKEAWAYS
    24. 24. #contestlabHAVE A PLAN
    25. 25. #contestlabRun frequent sweepstakes (6-8x month)Run UGC contests 1-2x/quarterGiveawayGiveaway GiveawayGiveaway Giveaway GiveawayUGC PhotoGiveaway
    26. 26. #contestlabADD THE OPT-IN
    27. 27. #contestlabGrow your emaildatabaseAlways add the opt-into every contest
    28. 28. #contestlabPROMOTE
    29. 29. #contestlabTHINK DIGITAL + TRADITIONAL
    30. 30. #contestlabIMPACT OF EMAILRepresents22% ofSubmissions
    31. 31. #contestlabIMPACT OF EMAIL050100150200250300350400450500Day 1 Day 2 Email Sent Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7Submissions by DayRepresents22% ofSubmissions
    32. 32. #contestlabMONETIZEFACEBOOK
    33. 33. #contestlabThesehavevalue!
    34. 34. #contestlabADVERTISER FACEBOOK CONTEST$18,000 in RevenueDoubled Likes in 2 weeks1,000 Gift Cards sold$500 Facebook SweepstakesUndisclosed BankSold by Entercom Radio New Orleans
    35. 35. #contestlabIs growing your Facebook Likesand engagement a part of yoursocial strategy?a. Absolutely!b. We don’t have a social strategyPOLL
    36. 36. #contestlabEvonne BenedictSocial Media Manager@evonnebenedict
    37. 37. #contestlabKING-TV
    38. 38. #contestlabKING-TV50,40050,50050,60050,70050,80050,90051,0007:00pm 7:30pmFacebook Likes
    39. 39. #contestlabKING-TVking5.com Website Referrals#1 Direct bookmark #2 Google #3 Facebook
    40. 40. #contestlabKING-TV
    41. 41. #contestlabKING-TV
    42. 42. #contestlabKING-TVSample Fan ProfileWe are talking to a 35-54 year old woman Lives in a suburbInterests:• Cooking• Family safety• CampingGets news onmobile phoneUses Facebook at leastonce per dayShares photos withfriends frequently
    43. 43. #contestlabTAKEAWAYS
    44. 44. #contestlabHAVE A PLAN
    45. 45. #contestlabCONTENT CALENDAR
    46. 46. #contestlabKNOW YOURAUDIENCE
    47. 47. #contestlabFACEBOOK INSIGHTS
    48. 48. #contestlabOPTIMIZE FOR MOBILE
    49. 49. #contestlabENGAGE
    50. 50. #contestlab“PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS”
    51. 51. #contestlabNEWSFEED
    52. 52. #contestlabEDGERANKpost creator.post type.post was
    53. 53. #contestlabEDGERANKUser ActionsComment Like ShareClick on alinkClick to viewa photoWatch avideoLarge # of mutual friends Like the Pagepost creator.
    54. 54. #contestlabEDGERANKPost Photo > Video > LinkInteraction Share > Comment > Likepost type.
    55. 55. #contestlabEDGERANKPostfrequentlyPostvaluable,relevantcontentBe engaging;use a call toactionpost was
    56. 56. #contestlabHOW TO ENGAGE
    57. 57. #contestlabCONTEST FEATURES
    58. 58. #contestlabFACEBOOK CONTEST FEATURES• 100% White-Label• Unlimited contestson your Page(Sponsored) orAdvertiser’s Pages
    60. 60. #contestlabSOCIAL BOOST
    61. 61. #contestlabPLATFORM BOOST
    62. 62. #contestlabMOBILE-FRIENDLY
    63. 63. #contestlabTAKEAWAYS
    64. 64. #contestlab3 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS
    66. 66. #contestlabPROMOTEYOUR CONTEST
    67. 67. #contestlabEDUCATEYOUR STAFF
    68. 68. #contestlabMONETIZEFACEBOOK
    69. 69. #contestlabMOBILE-FRIENDLY
    70. 70. #contestlabSales + Marketing forFacebook PromotionsMay 211pm ET/Noon CTFacebook PromotionsAdmin TrainingMay 231pm ET/Noon CTFeaturing Brandy Carter,Director of Strategic Sales + MarketingEntercom Radio New OrleansLed by Emily Thousand, Affiliate Success+ Jen Lauck, Customer Relations ManagerWEBINAR SERIES
    71. 71. #contestlabEmily ThousandAffiliate Success ManagerSecond Street@emilythousandEvonne BenedictSocial Media ManagerKING-TV@evonnebenedictJulie FoleyDirector of Affiliate SuccessSecond Street@julie_foleyJennifer BalankyCommunity ManagerU-T San Diego@balankygalQ&A