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SecondFloor eFrame® product orchestrates the data, systems and processes essential for Solvency II, Basel III, IFRS, and other regulations


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Business benefits

• Through governance, workflow and process control it conducts the interplay between modeling, analytics, compliance, reporting and decision support throughout the enterprise.
• Ensures efficiency by managing multiple reporting cycles, reporting approaches, business hierarchies, geographies and supervisory jurisdictions.
• Instills confidence among those signing off regulatory reports and taking business decisions, through knowing the origin and evolution of source data.
• Leverages an organization’s existing technology to enable business analytics, by controlling the data and results flowing between data warehouses, modeling tools, analytic systems, desktop applications, and business intelligence reporting solutions.
• Ensures completeness by providing an interface for business experts to submit specialist data, not held in structured data stores, for inclusion in analytics and reports.

For more information please visit: http://www.secondfloor.com/eframe

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SecondFloor eFrame® product orchestrates the data, systems and processes essential for Solvency II, Basel III, IFRS, and other regulations

  1. 1. eFrame®Workflow, Governance and ProcessControl for Efficient and AccurateAnalytics and ReportingeFrame® automates the collection and validation of data from across theorganisation for regulatory and management reporting and improved insightinto risk. It works with a firm’s existing systems to create a repeatable processthat lightens the administrative burden, ensures excellent governance, andproduces accurate, auditable reports that senior management and regulatorysupervisors can trust. The challenge: escalating reporting • Auditability – eFrame® records every action demands taken to create a report, every calculation made in the production of the figures, and every source Organisations of all sizes struggle to system supplying the underlying data meet the reporting demands of markets,regulators and senior management. Report production • Process Control – eFrame® institutes aoften involves much manual intervention, with the workflow for report creation, automatically alertingcollection and collation of vast amounts of data from individuals to the need to supply sign off data,across the business creating a real risk of errors, ensuring that all data is approved and validatedomissions and delays. • Traceability – all data collected by – eFrame®It’s an expensive and time-consuming exercise that is traceable to its original source, ensuringdetracts from day-to-day operations, and its manual management or supervisory queries aboutnature means the process has to be started again reported figures can be managed efficientlyfrom scratch when the next report is due. • Repeatability – once a reporting process is defined in eFrame®, it can be run and re-run at any time; making it ideal for quarter-end andTrustworthy reports for confident decision-making year-end reports to markets and regulators, aseFrame® is a software application that works with a well as more frequent internal reporting andfirm’s existing systems to automate and accelerate ad-hoc stress testingthe reporting process for: • Trustworthiness – reports are prepared • Regulatory reports such as those required according to a definitive process established under Solvency II and Basel III within eFrame®, so senior management can have complete confidence in their integrity • Internal management reporting for risk-related decision-making • Timeliness – with regulators requiring reports to be submitted within a few weeks of quarter and year-end, eFrame®’s automated processTrustworthy, auditable and repeatable reporting enables tight timeframes to be met with ease with its Time-Window Driven Reporting™ approach.eFrame® brings major benefits to entity-level and eFrame® orchestrates all the data, systems,consolidated group-level reporting processes: processes and people involved in a reporting cycle to ensure reports are delivered within deadlines, everytime • History – eFrame® preserves a record of data used in previous reports, enabling reports to be compared to previous periods, and allowing historical data to be re-used when appropriate
  2. 2. eFrame® Define Configure Deploy What is the issue, where Setup eFrame® according Use the combination are the root causes of this. to the solution proposed of the documentation Workshop approach to where the solution will be of the analyzer and the clarify the issue. imported out of the Analyzer. implementation of eFrame® to reach a confident deployment. Describe Test Using our Analyzer tool Use the configured eFrame® to graphically show the to put the solution in to the current situation and test in practice. the solution. Automates a firm’s chosen reporting Multiple reporting capabilities processes eFrame® is packed with powerful and flexible eFrame is a web-based application ® reporting capabilities, including: that runs on a firm’s own servers, within • Standard reports: eFrame® comes with a suite its firewall. During the set-up phase, eFrame® is of standard, out-of-the-box reports, based on configured to reflect an organisation’s chosen common internal and external requirements reporting process, whether that’s an internally- defined model or an industry standard model, like • Custom reports: SecondFloor can implement the Standard Formula for Solvency II reporting. additional custom reports at a firm’s request The resulting configuration will include details of all aspects of a firm’s reporting process, including: • A standard taxonomy specifying the data types being gathered for the report • Data sources for all figures and economic calculations required • The individuals, roles and responsibilities involved in supplying and approving the data • Workflow, escalation and exception management processes to prevent bottlenecks • Timescales in which the report(s) need to be produced • Disclosure requirements for the reports being prepared, including output format
  3. 3. Get started fast with eFrame® Why eFrame®? Accelerators eFrame® is a powerful, scalable and practical way Firms can get started fast with to automate and standardise external and internal eFrame® by taking advantage of one reporting processes:or more eFrame® Accelerator to kick-start the >> Works with existing IT systems – not asimplementation process. eFrame® Accelerators are a replacement for any software a firm currentlypre-built software components that encapsulate uses – no ‘rip and replace’ project risksbest practice functionality in certain key areas.Accelerators include: >> Multiple uses – eFrame® can be used in many different ways, from automating and auditing • Analyzer – a discovery and visualisation tool specific regulatory reports to organisation-wide that locates and maps the systems, individuals, risk analysis and decision support calculations and data sources required for the reporting process >> Proven technology – eFrame® is used by complex financial institutions, including some • Solvency II – a ready-made environment for of the largest in Europe, as an integral part of Risk QRT reporting and the QIS model governance, compliance and risk management • Scenario Handler – a place to configure and >> Fixed price, fixed-term, and fixed-content store scenarios for stress testing and reporting implementation – a firm will know upfront how • Market Data Viewer/Manager – automatically much the implementation will cost, how long it process market data, such as equities, interest will take and what will be implemented rates and FX rates, for valuation dates • Correlation Viewer/Manager – an easy-to- configure approach to maintaining correlation matrices Key features • Report Designer – define and design reports • utomated data collection, validation, A based on the reporting data in eFrame® calculation and aggregation • Grid Computing – configure eFrame® for • Smooth workflow and approval processes a scalable grid computing deployment • Taxonomy-driven data modelling • Internal Model Accelerator – a complete • upports supervisory use tests and own S set of tools to implement the processing of an risk self-assessment (ORSA) internal model for Solvency II reporting and internal risk managementWorks with a firm’s existing systems Key benefitseFrame® does not replace any existing systems, • Manage complex reporting demandsbut orchestrates them to extract the data andcalculations needed to produce regulatory reports. • Meet challenging reporting deadlinesIt has pre-built eFrame® Connectors that allow it • Produce reports senior managers can trustto extract data, in a checkable and auditable way,from existing data warehouses, modelling tools, • Reduce the cost and effort of complianceanalytic systems, desktop applications, and • Leverage existing systemsbusiness intelligence reporting solutions. It alsoimports data directly from Microsoft Excel.eFrame® Connectors include: • IBM® Algo Financial Modeler – imports approved calculations from AFM and creates an audit trail for them • Data Connector – imports data from relational databases without the need for an enterprise ETL tool • IBM® Data Stage Connector – automatically extracts data from multiple sources using IBM® Data Stage • IBM® Cognos® Connector – uses the Cognos® Report Designer interface to run Cognos® reports in eFrame®
  4. 4. Find out more To learn more about howeFrame® can help standardise, automateand accelerate reporting processes,contact us on +31 (0)20 6589 700,email us at info@secondfloor.com,or visit our website at www.secondfloor.com.