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Seclore FileSecure Introduction.

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Seclore FileSecure Introduction.



Seclore the provider of the most integration friendly Information Rights Management (IRM) system in the world. ...

Seclore the provider of the most integration friendly Information Rights Management (IRM) system in the world.

Seclore FileSecure allows documents and emails to be controlled and monitored after they have been sent. The "controls" allow WHO (people, groups, ...) can use the information, WHAT (read, edit, print, forward, copy, ...) can each person do with the information, WHEN (within 2 days, till 15th Dec 2010, ...) and WHERE (only from within the office, only on a specific laptop, ...). The control is dynamic and can be changed after the email / document has been sent i.e. it is possible to send documents and then later change the controls so that the document effectively "self destructs". The documents / emails are also audited and monitored for WHO is using it, WHAT is he/she doing, WHEN and from WHERE.



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Seclore FileSecure Introduction. Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Seclore FileSecureIntroduction
  • 2. Corporate Background …“Seclore is a high growth software product company. Seclore’s technology helps mitigate the risks arising out of information breaches whilst enhancing collaboration”6 years old, Headquartered in Mumbai, IndiaPromoted by IIT Bombay under the SINE program - www.sineiitb.orgGeographical and customer presence in Middle East, ASEAN, SAARC & EuropeOfferings focused on Information Rights Management and Secure OutsourcingStake holders including IIT Bombay – www.iitb.ac.in ICICI Bank – www.icicibank.com Ventureast – www.ventureast.netTechnology and service differentiators focusing on minimally intrusive technology, value based pricing and usage without training
  • 3. Customer profile… ….Diversified business groups ….Engineering and manufacturing organizations …Government and service providers
  • 4. Problems & Offerings
  • 5. Problems we solve …Information security during collaboration – within and outside the enterprise Information security technologies give “perimeteric” protection. They are rendered useless when information leaves the perimeterInformation leakage during outsourcing Organizations find it cumbersome to ensure security policies within outsourcing partners‟ operations Results in increased costs associated with physical and process audits and control of the outsourcing partner. In many cases it prevents organizations from outsourcing processesTracking and auditing the flow of information within the value chain Compliance to digital asset management policies of regulatory frameworks like ISO, SOX, GLBA & PCI means not only internal compliance but also compliance of the value chain of partners, vendors and customers
  • 6. What we offer …Seclore FileSecure is an application for allowing secured document exchange betweenindividuals and enterprises. It allows for post distribution control of information usage tospecific users & groups (WHO), specific usage (read/edit/print/distribute) (WHAT), specifictime (WHEN) & specific computers / networks (WHERE)
  • 7. What we offer …Seclore InfoSource is an application for allowing enterprises to outsource withoutcompromising data security. It allows companies to control usage of information to trustedcomputers, trusted users, trusted applications, specific time period & specific number ofuse (once/twice..)
  • 8. Information exchange What happens if information sharedemployees & vendorsbyorganisation customers Information is is if an employee withwith a vendor is of leaves tovendorcompetitor ? Information exchanged between privileged access the employees & What happens exchanged between Employees lost & the join a ? VENDORS CUSTOMERS Enterprise Firewalls CompetitorsTELEMARKETER VPN SSL UTM Firewall …
  • 9. Underlying Issues Share it = It becomes his (also) Ownership and usage cannot be separated Shared once = Shared forever Impossible to “recall” information Out of the enterprise = Free for allTechnology & processes are only applicable within
  • 10. The result
  • 11. Information lifecycle …Create Store Transmit & Use Archive & Delete collaborate Backup Desktops Shared Desktops folders Removable media Laptops Content Backup Management Laptops Remote Document Mobile Email desktops retention devices Instant Archive Mobile Messaging Online devices Removable workspaces media SecurityDLP Anti-virus Anti-… SSL UTM IDM DLP Vaults Digital shredders Hard disk encryption Application security Heterogeneous policies … Heterogeneous infrastructure
  • 12. Securing unstructured dataOption 1 : Control Distribution ... Security Collaboration
  • 13. Securing unstructured dataOption 2 : Control Usage ... Right Right Right Right Person Action Time Location Security Collaboration
  • 14. Seclore FileSecureSeclore FileSecure allow enterprises to define, implement & auditinformation usage “policies”. A “policy” defines : • WHO can use the information People & groups within and outside of the organization can be defined as rightful users of the information • WHAT can each person do Individual actions like reading, editing, printing, distributing, copy-pasting, screen grabbing etc. can be controlled • WHEN can he use it Information usage can be time based e.g. can only be used by Mr. A till 28th Sept OR only for the 2 days • WHERE can he use it from Information can be linked to locations e.g. only 3rd floor office by private/public IP addresses 14
  • 15. Seclore FileSecure• Policies are – Persistent: Implemented on information and all its copies wherever it is transmitted or stored – Dynamic: Policies can be changed after distributing information without having access to or redistributing the information• Policies can be attached to information on – Creation – Placement in a certain location e.g. shared folder – Attachment to email – Uploading to a document management / ECM system – …
  • 16. More Info?www.seclore.com +91-22-4015-5252
  • 17. Customers & Industry
  • 18. What customers say about us … “We chose Seclore FileSecure due to the flexibility provided by Seclore in terms of solution capabilities and customization. Implementation of Seclore FileSecure has reduced the exposure of critical data for potential misuse or frauds. The business benefits are tremendous.” - Murli Nambiar, Head of Information Security "Financial services companies like banks, insurance carriers & broking are „opening up‟ their information systems and processes for participation by customers, partners and vendors. This of course brings in a lot of value chain integration and lowers costs but comes with information security needs which cannot be solved by present day systems. Seclore‟s technology for securing documents as they flow within and outside enterprises as well as securing data shared with outsourcing partners is extremely relevant. - C N Ram. Group CIO, Essar group
  • 19. What customers say about us … “One of the major benefits accrued from deploying Seclore‟s technology is the comfort of knowing that the information is safe from end-to-end” "In today‟s world, where the boundaries of the organisation‟s functionality are disappearing, we are dependent on different business providers to process our customer information. Given that requirement, we still want to control how that information is used and processed by the service Senior Vice providers. Seclore‟s technology has allowed us to do that." President - Vishal Salvi, CISO and CISO, HDFC Bank. L&T EBG started using Seclore FileSecure on a large scale to secure tender documents in the projects department. Earlier, request for proposals (RFP) documents were physically sealed. Now, with Seclore FileSecure, EBG can send RFPs months in advance, but the documents will open only on a specific date and time. - P V Shrungarkar, Head of IT 19
  • 20. What industry experts say … Seclore‟s approach is different in that they not mandatory rely on such plug-ins but mainly act “below” the application. The client component (which is required to access protected, e.g. encrypted, documents) tries to analyze the activities off the application like access to the file system. One impact of that approach is that a document might be opened with different applications supporting the specific document format.- Martin Kuppinger, One of the fore-most information security analysts “Information breaches normally result in intellectual property violation which is a serious problem affecting industry today. Seclore‟s combination of preventive and corrective methods of handling information breaches is invaluable to any industry” - Haigreve Khaitan (Managing partner – Khaitan and Co) “Collaboration, security and privacy appear as mutually conflicting goals with most present day technologies. Seclore has resolved this conflict in a very elegant manner with its technology.” - Animesh Parihar (Global Delivery Head – SAP)
  • 21. Awards &Recognition
  • 22. Awards and recognition … Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a ranking compiled every year based on percentage of growth of fiscal year revenue over three years. The companies must also fulfil other criterion of technology orientation. „Hidden Gems‟ 2010 by Kuppinger Cole, Europe‟sleading information security analyst firm is a report which lists vendors, which have a significantly differentiated offering and are market leaders in a particular segment.
  • 23. … Awards and recognition The TR35 award is for innovators whose inventions and research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) finds exciting. Technology Review, owned and published by MIT, is the world‟s oldest technology magazine. “Innovations – ideas in practice” is an annual event honoring researchers and innovators for creative and innovative work in thesphere of science and technology. The innovation needs to have a high degree of practical relevance to change everyday life.