İncreased youth participation through technology   gunner grimsson - robert bjarnason
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İncreased youth participation through technology gunner grimsson - robert bjarnason

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Yeni Zamanlarda Genç Yurttaşların Katılımı Konferansı ...

Yeni Zamanlarda Genç Yurttaşların Katılımı Konferansı
9-10-11 Mayıs 2014

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  • 1. Increased youth participation through technology Gunnar Grímsson - Robert Bjarnason - Istanbul May 2014
  • 2. Citizens Foundation Vision We believe that citizens need a strong voice in policymaking, formal participation in the political process with a persistent and binding influence on the big issues.
  • 3. Our work, 2008 - 2014
  • 4. Your Priorities ● Give people real influence ● Find the best ideas to better your community and the best arguments for and against those ideas ● Allow large groups to speak with one voice and organise with ideas ● Open source eDemocracy software
  • 5. Your Priorities highlights ● 500.000 unique visitors since 2008, over 250.000 in 2013 ● Used in Estonia, UK, Iceland and elsewhere ● Your Priorities scales well, is easy to translate and adapts easily to different scenarios
  • 6. Users can ● Submit their ideas ● Support or oppose ideas and points ● Debate ideas with points for and against
  • 7. Prioritization and debate ● The best ideas are chosen by the participants ● Help others with your debate points and become better informed yourself in the process ● All ideas and best points for and against them are visible at a glance
  • 8. Don’t argue, debate! ● Points for and against are in different columns ○ It’s hard to argue across columns ○ This encourages rational debate ○ And helps facilitate consensus
  • 9. Better Alamance
  • 10. Better Reykjavík ● Born out of the 2008 economic crisis ● Non-partisan citizens initiative ● Opened a week before the local elections in Reykjavik ● Over 40% of voters participated
  • 11. Better Reykjavík ● Formal collaboration with the city of Reykjavík started in October 2011 ● 15 top ideas are processed by the city every month, some are accepted, some denied ● Connects citizens and their representatives and gives them influence on decision-making
  • 12. Statistics ● Over 70.000 people have participated out of a population of 120.000 ● 12.000 registered users have submitted over 3,300 ideas and over 5,500 points for and against ● 476 ideas have been approved by the city of Reykjavík
  • 13.
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. Interview with Kolla - 9 years old
  • 17. Better Neighborhoods budgeting ● Participatory budgeting to improve Reykjavik city ● Each voter has the same budget amount as the total and has to choose which projects matter most to him ● Our voting interface helps citizens understand the realities of budgeting
  • 18. Screenshot from authentication ●
  • 19. Screenshot from authentication ● A screenshot with a few projects chosen and some grayed out
  • 20. Placeholder
  • 21. Placeholder ● Needs photos from executed projects, collage in one slide
  • 22. Placeholder
  • 23. Placeholder
  • 24. Placeholder
  • 25. NHS - United Kingdom ● National Health Service is using Your Priorities to connect with its customers ● Ideas which generate the most online discussion or have the biggest national significance will be further processed by the NHS board
  • 26.
  • 27. Rahvakogu - Estonian reforms ● After political scandals in Estonia in 2012, grassroots organisations with official ties lead a law reform project ● Ideas were gathered through Your Priorities that was installed and modified by Estonians ● Over 50.000 people took part and submitted over 2000 proposals
  • 28. From Your Priorities to new laws ● The president of Estonia presented the top 18 ideas to the parliament ● As of March 2014, two of the ideas have been adopted as Estonian law ○ Better support for small political parties ○ 1000 citizens can now send issues to the parliament which must process
  • 29. You can make a difference ● We are looking for local partners everywhere ○ Activists, researchers, volunteers, you? ● If you want to improve democracy then we want to work with you
  • 30. Democracy challenges
  • 31. Participation and influence ● Less voting, especially young people ● Media and big money can have a big influence on outcome of elections and referendums ● Over emphasis on voting, the yes/no process ● Globalisation has removed much power from politicians and the people
  • 32. Different types of participation ● Many don’t believe that traditional voting has much effect on society ● Participation outside of traditional democratic channels ○ Protesting, working with NGOs, on-line activism, volunteering
  • 33. Without participation there is no democracy
  • 34. What is electronic democracy? ● Traditional democracy taken online ○ Same basics mostly apply but a lot of the specifics are very different with new possibilities ● A new way to connect people together to participate in democracy, politics and civic life
  • 35. Why electronic democracy? ● Our best hope for increasing general democratic participation ● It’s easy to take part ● Young people are more likely to participate ● Our life has moved online in many ways, so democracy will follow
  • 36. Citizens need empowerment ● We must provide tools that will help people to override their apathy and start making real and lasting changes ● Citizens must be able to meet up, prioritize, plan and carry through their most important issues ● The process must be easy and intuitive for everyone ● This is Active Citizen
  • 37. Active Citizen is three things ● Personal Artificial Intelligence for citizens that helps you participate well with little time spent ● Powerful democracy software that can be accessed on all devices, from voice control to 3D ● Events and protests that merge offline with online and combine the best features from each
  • 38. We are being monitored ● Everything we do online is collected as data ● This data is used by big corporations and governments to predict our behaviour and control what we see online ● We can not stop them but we can use similar methods to regain our control
  • 39. Active Citizen, your AI friend ● Gives citizens access to powerful artificial intelligence which looks after their democratic interests online ● Your AI democracy friend learns about your interests, needs and opinions ○ Shows you what you want and need to see ● Increases participation by making it really easy and also reduces time spent
  • 40.
  • 41.
  • 42.
  • 43.
  • 44. The protests problem ● Real life protests do not leave much behind after the event ● There is little evolution of ideas and vision after the protests ● Unfocused protests about many issues are not effective
  • 45. Online actions have problems ● Actions have little impact on offline world ● You don’t meet the other people and there is little solidarity amongst participants ● People participate momentarily and then forget ● Participation numbers are valued much less than real life meetings
  • 46. Active Citizen 3D ● Brings people together in real time virtual environments ● 3D universes of ideas that cluster together in content and context sensitive patterns ● Groups share environments to create multimedia presentations for ideas
  • 47. ● Backup screenshot of 3D ● 3 people protesting
  • 48. ● Backup screenshot of 3D ● 3 people protesting
  • 49.
  • 50. Active Citizen Real Events ● One click presence ○ 1.000 real life people and 100.000 online in a protest are hard to ignore ● Live data feeds between online and offline worlds ● Collect opinions, ideas and solutions ○ AI data retrieval, processing and presentation ○ Input, feedback and rating from participants
  • 51. Active Citizen - Why? ● Increase youth participation by merging e-democracy with gaming elements and artificial intelligence ● Scalable UI from voice control to mobile to accessible with HTML5 and 3D virtual reality at the top end ● For us, the people, to have the data and tools we need to control our own lives
  • 52. Thank you Róbert Bjarnason - Gunnar Grímsson -