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    How to future proof your business content-cms expo 2013 How to future proof your business content-cms expo 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • How to Future-Proof Your Business Contentby Sarah BeckleyCMS Expo 2013
    • Agenda• About• Timey-wimey content• Building “future” content• Resources2
    • Senior Content Strategist,Razorfish, Chicago7 years in Content Strategy10+ years tech/web writingSpecializes in financial services, contextual help, onlineapplications, content matrix developmentClient projects include work for HSBC, Allstate, Citadel, STARFinancial Network, and the Options Industry Council@sarahbeckleySarah.Beckley@razorfish.com3About Sarah Beckley
    • Razorfish3rd largest US digital agency2 years running on Ad Age’sAgency A-List300+ staff in Chicago2,500+ staff worldwideOwned by PublicisOne of Forbes’ Top 100 Global AdAgencies That Know Social Mediaand Google
    • Timey-wimey content
    • “The 19th century was defined by thenovel. The 20th by the cinema. The21st will be defined by the interface.”- Lev Manovich
    • Interfaces are gaining and changing• 50 million people own tablets in the US.• Mobile use will exceed desktop use next year.• 133.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones(57% mobile market penetration) during the threemonths ending in February 2013, up 8 percentsince November.• Sources: comScore MobiLens & TabLens, U.S., 2003-2012,, ComScore7
    • Books are dead8
    • Home pages are dead
    • Scrolling is in10
    • Curating is stealing your content• Instapaper• Readability• Pocket• Pinterest11
    • Visualize your content’s future12
    • The future is changeYou never change things by fighting the existingreality. To change something, build a new modelthat makes the exiting model obsolete.- Richard Buckminster Fuller13
    • What is the new model for content?Human-consumable, contextualized data—aka the stuffbetween the tags. - Rahel BailieNot limited to one purpose, technology or output.Intelligent content is structurally rich and semanticallyaware, and is therefore discoverable, reusable,reconfigurable and adaptable.- Ann RockleyAll content is marketing content- Bailie and Urbina14
    • Current trends: Responsive or Adaptive• Responsive: content moves to fit the deviceparameters; client-side adjusts pagesas a whole.• Adaptive: content-centric experience; server-side pushes appropriate content elementsbased on device type and features.15Source:
    • What is future-proof content?AdaptiveAccessibleAgileFindableNimbleAgnosticSemantically linked16
    • How do we build for change?
    • The future’s stepping stones• Strategy• Standards• Structure• Schema• Reuse• Re-size• Socialize18
    • StrategyThe goal of content strategy is to use "…wordsand data to create unambiguous content thatsupports meaningful, interactive experiences.”- “Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data,” Rachel Lovinger19
    • BBC’s strategy: Never miss a moment20 Sources: Olympics: User Experience and Design and Sports Refresh: Dynamic Semantic Publishing,
    • Novel = Vlog + Twitter + Tumblr21
    • Serial = Mobile app + UGC w/a twist
    • Standards• Content guidelines• Governance board• Editor in chief• Document everything• Clearly defined roles23Image source:
    • Microsoft’s model24
    • Structured content from way back• XML was made officialin1997• Managing EnterpriseContent 1st editionpublished in 2002• Enterprise contentmanagement becametrendy in 200625
    • Powers future content• NPR famous for their content API• They are the ones to “beat”• Anil Dash and MindTouch both recommendbuilding an API first, UI second26
    • Semantics are waiting for you• XML-Extensible Markup Language• HTML5-Hypertext Markup language• Microformats-Open data based on HTML5• RDF-Resource Description Framework• OWL-Web Ontology Language• DITA-Darwin Information Type Architecture• JSON-JavaScript Object Notation27
    • Pattern recognition is coming28
    • Schemas map the future• Content models• Metadata schema• Tagging strategy• Content ecosystems• Assign content typebehaviors• Map content elementsbetween contenttypes29
    • Metadata resources• Organization’s own content• Controlled vocabulary• Open vocabulary• Industry standards–– Dublin Core– Etc.• Social– FOAF- Friend of a Friend (describes people and their connections)– SIOC- Semantically-linked Online Communities• Video– MPEG-7- Moving Pictures Expert Group– Media RSS- custom RSS for media-specific info30
    • Reuse: Content is Precious“You can’t afford to create a piece of content for anyone platform. Instead of crafting a website, you haveto put more effort into crafting the different bits ofan asset, so they can be reused more effectively, sothey can deliver more value.”- Nic Newman, BBC (via Karen McGrane)31
    • Build with gems32Hubert Duprat, artist, interviewed by
    • Re-size: Small but effective
    • Microformats and chunking
    • Socialize: Drive the bus35
    • Old-fashioned talking paves the way• Change management best practices• Marketing to the marketers• User testing/focus groups• Town halls• Communication plans36
    • Recap• Strategy• Standards• Structure• Schema• Reuse• Re-size• Socialize37
    • Recommended reading“Nimble” by Razorfish/Rachel Lovinger“Contents May have Shifted” by Erin Kissane (Contents magazine)“Mobile Content Strategy and Why Should I Care?” Karolina SzczurManaging Enterprise Content by Ann Rockley and Charles CooperContent Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGraneContent Everywhere by Sara Wachter-BoettcherContent Strategy: Connecting the dots between business, brand, and benefitsby Rahel Anne Bailie and Noz UrbinaMobile First by Luke Wroblewski38
    • Questions?