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Nice work from highlyrelevant team

Nice work from highlyrelevant team

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  • 1. www.highlyrelevant.com How to Connect Your Website with the Greatest Possible Audience & SEO for 2010
  • 2.
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  • 3. Rex and Alex are... Rex and Alex are NOT ...
    • Professional speakers
    • Very gifted technically
    • The best SEO’s for all fields
    • Passionate about Search Marketing and Social Media and how it helps small businesses
    • Nice guys who don’t mind questions during the presentation
    About Us
  • 4. Why Should You Care About SEO? New data now shows 4,000 searches a second!
  • 5. SEO for  2010 • Search Engine Market Share • Search Engine Results & User Search Behavior • How a Webpage Ranks Well in Search Engines • Search Engine Path of Discovery • Google Keyword Research Tool • Google Insights & Trends • Getting into Google Local Search Results • Getting into Google Local Business Directory SEO Overview Keyword Research Article Writing Local SEO Introduction and Statistics • Headline and Title Tag Best Practices • Sub headlines and Slug Best Practices • Content and Linking Practices • Current Traffic Statistics and Our Experience
  • 6. What is SEO?
  • 7. Example Ranking from Oscars 2009 Step 1 – Use Google Trends to research most searched phrases from previous year Beat out big websites such as Esquire and Huffington Post Post got 50,000 hits Ranked number 1 for several keywords
  • 8. Twirlit Statistics - Oscars 2009
  • 9. Why Should You Care About SEO? • 74% of respondents used search engines to find local business information versus 65% who turned to print Yellow Pages, 50% who used Internet Yellow Pages, and 44% who used traditional newspapers. • 86% surveyed said they have used the Internet to find a local business, a rise from the 70% figure reported the year before. • 80% reported researching a product or service online, then making that purchase offline from a local business.
    • Online advertising drives $6 offline (in stores) for every $1 spent online.
    • Search marketing has a greater impact on in-store sales lift than display advertising—three times greater, in fact.
  • 10. Why the Obsession with Google
  • 11. Human Goals of Searching
    • Experience the need for an answer, solution, or piece of information. For example, the user may be looking for a website (navigational query) to buy something (transactional query) or to learn something (informational query).
    • Formulate that need in a string of words and phrases (query). Most people formulate their queries in one to three words. ComScore data from March 2009 shows an average query length of 2.9 words.
    • Execute the query, check the results, see whether you got what you wanted, and if not, try a refined query.
    Searches by query length (comScore)
  • 12. Human Goals of Searching Data from Hitwise shows a similar distribution of search query lengths What does this mean for 2010?
  • 13. Determining Searcher Intent
  • 14. How People Search – ‘Breakdown’
  • 15. How People Search The user performs five searches over a 55+ minute period before making a final selection. A 2007 study of e-commerce sites by ScanAlert showed that 30% of online transactions occurred more than 24 hours after the initial search.
  • 16. How Users Scan Results Pages Paying for Sponsored Result #3 yields less exposure than being number 7, 8 or 9 in organic results!
  • 17. 70% of Users Don’t Go Beyond the 1 st Page of Search Engines!
  • 18. Understanding the Layout of Search Results Pages SERP’s
  • 19. ‘ Old’ Organic Search Results = SEO 1.0
    • Technical & artificial - no focus on people or community.
    As few as 3 years ago, Google search results only displayed 10 web page results…
  • 20. SEO 2.0 Overview May 2008 – Google introduces Universal Results or Blended Results. This means that it’s NOT just about optimizing your website for search engines, it’s about creating new content on various web 2.0 and additional social networking websites.
    • Focus on people
    • Own more search engine
    • real estate
    Image Results Google News Results Blog Results Video Results
  • 21. SERP’s for Popular Keywords For popular searches, the search engines include Vertical Search Results in the form of Product Results. Google calls these onebox results
  • 22. SERP’s for Local Keywords 1 For local searches, the search engines now include Vertical Search Results, such as Google Local Results.
  • 23. Local SEO - Interlude Always Manually Submit Site – Google Local –Google Maps • https://www.google.com/local/add – Yahoo Local • http://listings.local.yahoo.com – MSN/Live Search Local –Changes Coming Soon • https://ssl.search.live.com/listings/ListingCenter.aspx
  • 24. Local SEO - Interlude Keyword Optimize Content – Business Title –Business + Keyword Phrase • Bob’s Plumbing –Atlanta Plumbing Contractors • Bob Jones Company –Atlanta Certified Public Accountants • Roberts, Jones, Freeman –Atlanta Tax Attorney • Billy Bob’s –Atlanta Sports Bar & Grill • Bob’s Lawn Care –Atlanta Landscaper
  • 25. Local SEO - Interlude Synchronize Business Listing With Top Directory Listings – Kudzu.com – CitySearch.com – InsiderPages.com – InfoUSA.com (All Major 411 Directories) – Cmac.ws –(U.S. Business Directory) – Best of the Web Local
  • 26. Moving on: SEO for 2010 1. Social Media Real Time Search Effect on Back links 2. Engagement Time Spent on Site Sites Visited Before & After 3. Google Caffeine Load Speed More Important Change in Indexing Capabilities
  • 27. How do Search Engines Rank Websites
  • 28. SEO: Where do I start?
  • 29. 5 Steps to SEO 2.0 Success
    • Step 1: Build a Blog on Your Site
    • Step 2: Perform Proper Keyword & Market Research
    • Step 3: Create a content strategy from your research
    • Step 4: Distribute Your Content – Commenting & Syndication
    • Step 5: Engage Your Audience
    • The big difference from SEO 1.0 – in 2.0, others build links to your site.
  • 30. Step 1 : Add a Wordpress Blog Add Your Blog as a Subfolder for natural growth www.website.com/blog
    • Download Wordpress (its free) and place it on your server
    • 2. Add Plugins to Optimize It -All in One SEO
    • -Google Sitemap Generator
  • 31. Step 2: Just Because YOU Search that Way http://www.google.com/trends
  • 32. Step 2: Market and Keyword Research www.technorati.com Find the Biggest Influencers in Your Market
  • 33. Step 2: Market and Keyword Research https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
  • 34. Step 2: Google Sktool http://www.google.com/sktool
  • 35. Google Insights www.google.com/search/insights Step 2 - Learn Google Insights
  • 36. Step 2 - Find the Top Volume Search Terms by Category
  • 37. Step 2 – Learn Delicious What do they want & need? How can you position yourself as an authority they want to engage with? http://delicious.com/popular/furniture
  • 38. Step 2 – Learn EzineArticles.com http://ezinearticles.com/?type=txcat&cat=Home-Improvement:Furniture
  • 39. Step 3 – Formulate a Content Strategy 1. Brainstorm 5 Topics That Include Your Keywords 2. Post Once Per Week To Start So You Can Promote It 3. Keep the Content Timely and Based On Needs Your targets will be excited to then share your content with others & often times might even contact you.
  • 40. Blog Post Example Entered debate on ranking factors of Google for website Took on industry leader Stompernet Backed up my findings
  • 41. The Most Important HTML Elements
  • 42. Oscars 2009 – Keyword Usage Example SEO Title SEO  Description URL/Slug Headline Subheadline • 2009 Oscar Academy Awards Best and Worst Dressed • Who Were the Best and Worst Dressed at this 81 st Annual Academy Awards? Find this years biggest winner’s and losers! • 2009 Oscar Awards Best and Worst Dressed • Who Were the Best and Worst Dressed at this 81 st Annual Academy Awards? • /2009-oscars-awards-best-worst-dressed
  • 43. Write  ‘Boring’   Headlines REQUIRED RECOMMENDED DO NOT… • Include targeted keyphrase • Use hyper‐local buzz or esoteric phrases • Be too witty at cost of search relevance • Exact match keyphrase • Place keyphrase in front • Differentiate from SEO title • Be succinct
  • 44. Write  ‘Somewhat Boring’ Subheads REQUIRED RECOMMENDED DO NOT… • Include core targeted keyword •Differentiate from headline and SEO title • Use AP or other newswire headline • Use of headlines from other SSLA pages • Field usage for other purposes • Include all words from keyphrase • Use plural or singular version of keywords • Use different tense for some keywords • Be more verbose to create ‘SEO noise’
  • 45. If Your Slug  Is Publicly Displayed . . . REQUIRED RECOMMENDED DO NOT… • Use targeted keyphrase • Separate words with hyphens • Abbreviate or omit vowels, etc • Avoid usage such as ‘story’, ‘sl’, ‘front’
  • 46. Step 4. Syndicate Your Content
    • Comment on other blogs in your industry
    • Link to other blogs in your community
  • 47. 5 Steps to SEO 2.0 Success Link Ecosphere – Link to relevant blogs and get a trackback….
  • 48. Step 4. Syndicate Your Content Topics covered include EVERYTHING www.Twitter.com www.Facebook.com
  • 49. Step 4. Syndicate Your Content Topics covered include business, politics, entertainment, lifestyle and sports. Buzz.yahoo.com
  • 50. Step 4. Syndicate Your Content Topics covered include business, entertainment, sports, health and tech. Includes the ability to create groups to share news with other users. www.Mixx.com
  • 51. Step 4. Syndicate Your Content Topics covered include technology, politics, entertainment, lifestyle and sports. www.Shoutwire.com
  • 52. Your content (solutions, advice, entertainment, enlightenment & education) motivates fans to spread the word about you without advertising. Once they start sharing, your SE rankings increase automatically, because they naturally link to you. Step 5. Engage the audience & build your fan club
  • 53. Twitter Response Evangelist Business Development Communicators
  • 54. Showing last 4 months (120 days) of traffic 1,523 visits / 120 days = ~12.69 visits /day Organic Google Search Traffic Type-in Traffic Social Media Participation Social Media Participation Blog Commenting Organic Yahoo Search Traffic Article Marketing Company Website Satisfied Webmaster Blog Commenting
  • 55. Contact Us Alex Becker President alex@highlyrelevant.com 323-330-9590 Rex Freiberger Chief Executive Officer rex@highlyrelevant.com 323-330-9590 www.highlyrelevant.com Thanks for showing up! Here’s what you get for doing so! 1) Free 30-min Consultation ($250 value) 2) 10% Discount on Future Services 3) PDF of this Presentation Sent via Email *We will consider doing Pro Bono work for a non-profit of your choosing*