SDN: Network Agility in the Cloud


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A presentation on Software Defined Networking, its concepts and application in cloud computing. I gave this presentation at OSCON 2013 in Portland: It starts with an introduction about SDN and some key concepts from the whitepaper at the Open Networking Foundation (ONF), I explain how OpenFlow and SDN differ, openflow being a standard protocol to control network devices. I then go on to review the many controllers out there and introduce a few key ones like floodlight, opendaylight, nicira. I give an overview of SDN integration in cloudplatform; opennebula, openstack and cloudstack and then gave a quick demo of the OpenDayLight controller.

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SDN: Network Agility in the Cloud

  1. 1. Sebastien Goasguen, July 24th 2013 #OSCON @sebgoa SDN: Adding Network Agility to the Cloud
  2. 2. Outline Introduction to SDN Controllers and Switches Quick start demo of OpenDaylight SDN in Cloud Platforms
  3. 3. My SDN experience ~March 2012 Elastic IP and Security Group in Opennebula Using NOX Open flow controller
  4. 4. My SDN experience ~Summer 2013 Google Summer of Code project Xen/XCP support for native GRE controller in Apache CloudStack
  5. 5. Software Defined Networking SDN: Adding Network Agility to the Cloud #oscon
  6. 6. What is SDN ?
  7. 7. What is SDN ?
  8. 8. SDN: A new network architecture that abstracts the physical network to provide: • Automation • Dynamic provisioning In order to enable business innovation SDN: Adding Network Agility to the Cloud #oscon
  9. 9. Why ? Fair use of images
  10. 10. Because Fair use of images
  11. 11. Architecture
  12. 12. Software Defined Networking • Enable innovation, experimentation, optimization and customization of networks • Move control of the network to software. i.e Programmable network • Virtualize the network • Beyond traditional network virtualization ala VPN and VLAN • Enables overlays with control at the edges • Existing Vendor-agnostic, standard protocol for control: OpenFlow
  13. 13. OpenFlow • Leading SDN protocol • Decouples control and data plane by giving a controller the ability to install flow rules on switches. • Hardware or software switches can use OpenFlow • Spec driven by ONF • Google achieved 95% utilization of WAN backbone by using SDN
  14. 14. OpenFlow Protocol OpenFlow rules can drop, rewrite, forward packets Switch Port MAC src MAC dst Eth type VLAN ID IP Src IP Dst IP Prot TCP sport TCP dport Rule Action Stats 1. Forward packet to port(s) 2. Encapsulate and forward to controller 3. Drop packet 4. Send to normal processing pipeline Packet + byte counters
  15. 15. OF scalability ? • Central Logical controller not a single point of failure • ONOS to be Open Sourced in the ~fall • Scale-out design, availability • Cassandra + message bus
  16. 16. “SDN” Timeline Feb 2011: OF v 1.1 Dec 2011: OF v 1.2 Feb 2012: Floodlight project April 2012: ONF talk by Google July 2012: Vmware acquires Nicira April 2013: OpenDayLight
  17. 17. GENI “GENI is a virtual laboratory at the frontiers of network science and engineering for exploring future internets at scale. GENI creates major opportunities to understand, innovate and transform global networks and their interactions with society.” Dec 2008: VM Mobility June 2010: Aster*x Load Balancing ~ 2011: GENI Racks2009: FlowVisor
  18. 18. Controllers and Switches SDN: Adding Network Agility to the Cloud #oscon
  19. 19. OF Controllers and more … • Several controllers out there (NOX, POX,Trema, Beacon…)
  20. 20. OpenVSwitch • “Open vSwitch is a production quality, multilayer virtual switch licensed under the open source Apache 2.0 license. It is designed to enable the massive network automation through programmatic extension…”
  21. 21. e.g OVS rate limiting • Can enforce QoS with rate limiting controls • ovs-vsctl set Interface tap0 ingress_policing_rate=1000 • ovs-vsctl set Interface tap0 ingress_policing_burst=100
  22. 22. e.g OVS VLAN tagging • ovs-vsctl add-br br0 • ovs-vsctl add-port br0 eth0 • ovs-vsctl add-port br0 tap0 tag=1 • ovs-vsctl add-port br0 tap1 tag=2 • Complement on host2…
  23. 23. e.g OVS and GRE tunnels No Cookbook on OVS page ovs-vsctl add-port br1 gre1 -- set interface gre1 type=gre options:remote_ip=
  24. 24. OVS and Openflow Point OVS switches to an OF controller: $ovs_vsctl set-controller br0 tcp Install rules on switch • Proactively (before any packet flows) • Reactively (unknown packets forwarded to controller, who pushes flow mod on switch, then operates at line rate)
  25. 25. Switch Light, Indigo (IVS)
  26. 26. OpenDaylight
  27. 27. OpenDaylight Demo ?
  28. 28. SDN in Cloud Platforms SDN: Adding Network Agility to the Cloud #oscon
  29. 29. OpenNebula • Supports VLAN tagging and rate limiting through “hooks” that call ovs_vsctl • Scripts executed on an hypervisor before a VM is launched • Potentially also executed after VM shutdown for cleanup • Also supports OpenFlow
  30. 30. Quantum == Neutron Thanks to @hui_kenneth for diagram
  31. 31. Quantum == Neutron
  32. 32. CloudStack Network API
  33. 33. CloudStack Nicira NVP Support • By Hugo Trippaers @Spark404, Schuberg Philis • Isolated Networks in advanced Zone 4.0+ • L3 functionalities in 4.2
  34. 34. CloudStack + Nicira NVP Insert Presentation Title Here
  35. 35. CloudStack SDN Plugins Thanks to @spark404 for table
  36. 36. Conclusions • Network abstractions to decouple from the physical network is the last leg of Cloud • SDN provides an architecture to abstract the network • OpenFlow is a standard that can be used to create SDN implementations • SDN is key to innovation in networking • The Open Cloud Platforms are embracing SDN solutions as network providers for multi- tenancy
  37. 37. Get Involved with Apache CloudStack Web: Mailing Lists: IRC: 6667 #cloudstack Twitter: @cloudstack LinkedIn: If it didn’t happen on the mailing list, it didn’t happen.