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Evry one have personal workshop. Everything what is part of them.

Evry one have personal workshop. Everything what is part of them.



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Programming style Programming style Presentation Transcript

  • Programming StyleDesign Patterns +Library +Community =Framework
  • IntroductionConceptions
  • You can not be an individualist
  • Code Style● camelCase getName, setName, init, ....● PascalCase (UpperCamelCase) GetName, SetName, Init, ....● Hungarian Notation bBusy, chInitial, fnFunction, ...
  • Design PatternsGolden Rules
  • DRYIn software engineering, Dont RepeatYourself (DRY) or Duplication is Evil (DIE) is aprinciple of software development
  • DRY (Programmers Story #1)Hi.I am Tom. I am writing my backend with PHPand frontend with html5 and JS. Now I amwriting forms of my web shop. I am writingfrontend validator with js and backendvalidation with php....//Say no to Tom
  • KISSKISS is an acronym for the design principle"Keep it simple, Stupid!".
  • KISS (fuck logic #1)#define true falseif(true==false){ cout<<"OK";}else{ cout<<"NO";}
  • KISS (fuck logic #2)try { return true;} finally { return false;}//Return??
  • KISS (fuck logic #3)<?phpvar_dump(NULL < -50); // TRUEvar_dump(NULL < 0); // FALSEvar_dump(FALSE < TRUE); // TRUEvar_dump(FALSE < FALSE); // FALSE
  • Design PatternsOOP
  • SOLIDThe principles when applied together intendsto make it more likely that a programmer willcreate a system that is easy to maintain andextend over time.PS. SOLID (Single responsibility, Open-closed,Liskov substitution, Interface segregation andDependency inversion) - WTF Name??
  • SRP (Single responsibility principle)class RestaurantAndFirstShopOnTheLeft { //Restaurant int waiter_age; char[] waiter_name; float pizzaCost; //Shop float itemsCost;}
  • OCP (Open/closed principle)“software entities … should be open forextension, but closed for modification”.final class HashMap{...} //??final class ArrayList{...} //??final public getItem(...){...} //??
  • LSP (Liskov substitution principle)“objects in a program should be replaceablewith instances of their subtypes withoutaltering the correctness of that program”Object o = new ArrayList();
  • ISP (Interface segregation principle)“many client-specific interfaces are betterthan one general-purpose interface.”class Restaurant : Building { //...}
  • DIP (Dependency inversion principle)@Statelessclass Users{ @PersistenceContext private EntityManager entityManager; //...}
  • Design PatternsApplication
  • MVCModel–view–controller (MVC) is a softwarearchitecture pattern which separates therepresentation of information from the usersinteraction with it.
  • MVC Example: ZendFramework
  • MVP (First View)Model–view–presenter (MVP) is a derivative ofthe model–view–controller (MVC) softwarepattern, also used mostly for building userinterfaces.
  • MVP Example - Java Server Face
  • MVP - form<h:form> <h:outputText value="Enter your name: " /></td> <h:inputText value="#{StoreNameBean.personName}" /> <h:commandButton action="result" value="Say Hello" /></h:form>
  • LibraryOverview
  • LibraryA collection of standard programs andsubroutines that are stored and available forimmediate use.
  • Library - Examples:● C++ (Standard Template Library)● OGRE● jQuery● Allegroand many more...
  • Library Or FrameworkBut my ankle use ZendFrameworkas Library...Do you think Java Platform API is a library??
  • Communitysupport
  • WP7 & Google MapAdobe - Phonegap group:!topic/phonegap/WVb3nvP0WVAGoogle - Community:
  • Google Search Engine & DynamicContentGDG Dublin Group:!topic/gdg-dublin/KfmwVgbRY68+ Private Messages
  • Thank you for attendingsebastian@pozoga.euevents.pozoga.euLinkedIn
  • Sources● http://www.thefreedictionary. com/program+library●● http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Software_design_pattern● Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship● The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master