BBC R&D Datasets - Jana Eggink (Semantic Media @ BBC, Feb 2013)


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This talk was given by Jana Eggink (BBC R&D) at the "Semantic Media @ BBC" event on 6 February 2013.

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BBC R&D Datasets - Jana Eggink (Semantic Media @ BBC, Feb 2013)

  1. 1. BBC R&D Datasets Jana Eggink BBC R&D BBC MMXIII
  2. 2. BBC Redux• Set up in 2007, continually records BBC TV and radio channels • Plus some archive programmes• For research purposes and broadcast compliance checking•• B. Butterworth: “History of the BBC Redux project”, BBC Internet Blog, 2008/10/history_of_the_bbc_redux_ proje.html R&D BBC MMXIII
  3. 3. Metadata• Epg information • Title, date, channel, short synopsis, genre• Infax • Description • People (production and actors/presentors) • Taxonomy (LONCLASS, TELCLASS) incl. genre • Free textual timeline description, mainly for factual• Pips • Genre, people and synopsis • Links into dbpedia • Used for• Subtitles • Time aligned for display • Speaker change indication R&D BBC MMXIII
  4. 4. INFAX20090205_220000_bbcfour_all_in_a_day_the_citySynopsis: Film about the 5th September 1973 in the city of Sheffield. Var s thru out of Sheffield incl. cathedral,fire station, market, abbatoir, disco, city council meeting & police at work.Timeline: Sheffield: cathedral seq Communion service with cu of Communion cup (454"-504") choir boys singing (3613"-3632") (3746"-38) fire station var s firemens parade (309"-318") market var s shoppers buying meat & sausages (539"-626") abbatoir var s cattle, sheep & pigs in pens (251"-309") var s pigs into boiling water (504"-512") var s skins taken off pigs & sheep & insides removed (-539") disco @ Black Swan Pub var s go-go dancer & people watching (1944"-2043") city council meeting cu Mayors chain & mace bearer puts on gloves (2043"-2056") h/ a s mace bearer & mayor enter council chamber (-2115"), ...Taxonomy: 171109 1 LO CHILDBIRTH 207566 171109 2 LO BIRTH (OBSTETRICS) 207567 171109 3 LO MIDWIFERY 207568 93145 1 LO SHEFFIELD (YORKSHIRE) 19719 104948 1 LO DAY IN THE LIFE DOCUMENTARIES (GENRE) 405297 104948 2 LO DIARY STYLE DOCUMENTARIES (GENRE) 419997,...• In British Library Reading rooms (or with Redux account): R&D BBC MMXIII
  5. 5. Infax at the British Library R&D BBC MMXIII
  6. 6. PIPS20090205_220000_bbcfour_all_in_a_day_the_cityDisplay subtitle: All in a Day: The City Documentary looking at a series of everyday events in Sheffield on 5th September 1973.Medium Synopsis: Documentary looking at events in Sheffield on 5th September 1973. Steelworkers retire, babies are born, there are fashion shows, council meetings and policemen on the beat.Long Synopsis: Documentary, without commentary, looking at events in Sheffield on 5th September 1973. Steelworkers retire, babies are born, there are fashion shows and council meetings, crashed lorries and policemen on the beat.Genre: History / FactualFormat: Documentaries R&D BBC MMXIII
  7. 7. PIPS – links into dbpedia20100927_220000_bbcfour_the_savage_paul_gauguin_andDisplay subtitle: The Savage: Paul Gauguin and the Construction of ParadiseSynopsis: Documentary which looks at the image of himself that Gauguin hoped to promote in his book Noa Noa, about his stay in Tahiti.Format: Documentariesdbpedia: • Paul Gauguin, • Post-Impressionism, R&D BBC MMXIII
  8. 8. Datasets• TV One Week • Snapshot of one randomly selected week (May 2008) • BBC 1, 2, 3, and 4, excl. external • Video plus full metadata, 406 programmes, 690 GB, 300 hours• TV Archive • Old (pre-Redux, ie pre 2007) programmes repeated • Manually selected, wide range of genres • Video plus of full metadata, 270 programmes, 521 GB, 227 hours• 500 hours of Eastenders • Video plus egp data and subtitles R&D BBC MMXIII
  9. 9. Other Datasources• Snippets• Radiotimes• World service archive• Elvis R&D BBC MMXIII
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