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Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
Interactive eTextbook_presentation
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Interactive eTextbook_presentation


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Publication, distribution of interactive multimedia eTextbooks
    BookFair 2010, Education Hotspot
    Sebastien Dubuis, Managing Director
  • 2. A brave new education world
    The technology in schools, Higher Education
    Well, whatdoesitmean …
    Country’s diversity
    Addressing the expectation of students and pupils
  • 3. The publishers’ challenges
    Differentiate a physical product from an online product
    Online means interactivity, integration of rich medias, ... Readers expect a radically different experience
    Benefit of a global distribution network (World Wide Web)
    Digital data travel fast. Shipping and printing costs are gone
    Efficiently use online marketing tools for promotion and distribution purposes
    Social Media, Search Engines, web communities enables targeted MARCOM plan
    The core of the publisher’s activity is book publishing. Hence the need to rely on software/ technology partner
    Endless evolution of the technology
  • 4. Our concept
  • 5. The publiwideeTextbook Platform
    Textbook Content Pack
    Mobile and Tablet Applications
    Marketing Facility
    • Expanding the online Reader to Android-iPad channels
    • 6. Cross channels format
    • 7. Reflowing the multimedia content
    • 8. Advertisement portal
    • 9. Multimedia eTextbook Store
    • 10. E-commerce module
    • 11. Online MARCOM strategy
    • 12. ePub format
    • 13. Multimedia (video-audio) integration using cutting edge 3rd party services
    • 14. Developing interactivity, dynamic navigation (according to the nature of the book)
    • 15. Zooming, highlighting and bookmarking options
  • Let’s show some cases
  • 16. Premium Package Service for a Total E-textbook Application
    We provide a full online conversion of your text and multimedia elements in a page turning format. You can also integrate quizzes and hyperlinks. The result is viewable in a dedicated online viewer.
    User authentication, registration and management
    Activation and licencing of this module enabling full control and management of your users
    Branding and Marketing
    We will customize the platform and Reader to fit your graphical wishes. You can be part of our dedicated interactive eBookstore
    Private Hosting
    All multimedia elements are hosted as part of the licensing fee. In addition 1 GB of online videos are included in the premium package (it represents approximately 1 hour of video).
    On-going update and maintenance
    You can use up to 4 hours of administration time for updating your books during the course of the yearly licence.
  • 17. What will it do to your readers
    Rich and interactive online learning experience
    Reader can easily read and study:
    • Print pages
    • 18. Add bookmarks
    • 19. Play, control video and audio
    Comfortable offline experience
    Possibility to enjoy the written text locally through the downloadable Reader.
    Up to date content
    Avoid the burden of carrying books around
    Content is synchronised in a database
    Spread the word
    Readers will share their thrilling experience and advertise your book. You benefit of viral marketing effects.
  • 20. About us
    We offer a Content distribution platform
    We are both a service and software company
    Marketing solution as much as technology solution
    We aim at coping with the philosophy of Swiss Quality