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Seazoria Dragons Television Reality Series Project. Prehistoric Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery. Watch on television as the worlds first large scale prehistoric Sea Dragon is excavated and reconstructed right before your very eyes.

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Mike hallett seazoria docu-reality_tv_show_5.6.12.3

  1. 1. Submitted: 5.6.12PROJECT CONTACT:MIKE HALLETTSeazoria@gmail.com435-730-4504____________________________________________________________Author Name Mike Hallett, Discoverer Hallettestoneion Seazoria DragonsGenre: Docu-Reality Series - EducationalTitle: “Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett” Hallettestoneion Discovery USA"HALLETTESTONEION RESEARCH PROJECT / SEAZORIA DRAGONS”Logline (short pitch): Prehistoric Sea Dragons Discovery, follow theHistorical, Adventurous Discovery of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.Watch as Discoverer Mike Hallett conquers insurmountable obstacles in his unwavering quest to excavate and to successfully excavate and reconstruct The World’s Very First Large- Scale Prehistoric “Hallettestoneion Seazoria” Sea Dragon. To be placed on display for all the world to see. Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovered and Confirmed. Dated at 467 to 484 Million Years. SeePhotos & Confirmed Documentation of Discovery. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 1
  2. 2. Submitted: 5.6.12Dragons Discovered:Weekly reality series that takes the viewing audience inside the PrehistoricHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery. Watch as a multitude of topscientists begin developing prehistoric Sea Dragon knowledge andtechnology in the field working on the excavation and ultimatelyreconstruction of the world’s first true large scale 480 million year oldOrdovician Prehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon. HallettestoneionSeazoria’s are the world’s oldest, largest and the most advanced forms ofbiological life ever discovered. http://www.slideshare.net/seazoria/dragons-discoveryThe history book will be re-written right in front of the viewer’s eyes, ashistorians, scholars and a multitude of Life Scientists work towards acollective scientific biological understanding of the entirely new and mucholder Ordovician time era in Earth History that represents the NEWLYDISCOVERED PREHISTORIC DRAGON ERA. Featuring the large scale highlyevolved Advanced Marine Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons time era of Advanced PrehistoricMarine Biology (DRAGON ERA) became extinct nearly 480 million years ago. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 2
  3. 3. Submitted: 5.6.12Several hundred years before the first Land Dinosaur appeared 220 millionyears ago.NOTE: Seazoria Dragons DO NOT LOOK LIKE DINOSUARS, THERE WERE NODINOSUARS IN THE ORDAVICIAN SEAZORIA DRAGON TIME ERA. SeazoriaDragons are examples of Cartilage (not having a Bone Skelton) marinebiology (reptiles) the primary surviving Seazoria Biological Remains are theSkull, the Teeth and the Body Spikes.Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Teeth and Body Spikes are highlyidentifiable biological structures that are formatted in specialized RIGHTSOR LEFTS ONLY. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 3
  4. 4. Submitted: 5.6.12Seazoria biological structures are highly specialized REPEATING triangularwedges having an attachment base on one end, growing to a tip on theother end. They are always crowned on the outside face, having a bluntthick leading edge and a serrated cutting trailing edge.All Seazoria Repeating Biological Structures are structurally configured indistinctive Rights or Lefts only. Seazoria Repeating Biological Structures allshare the same super specialized internal sub-structure format andframework layout. Seazoria Biological Structures share the same commonspecialized repeating external features and predictable external structural Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 4
  5. 5. Submitted: 5.6.12mathematical angles and equations due to all Seazoria Repeating (Left ofRight Only) biological Structures sharing the same internal sub-structureframework.The Discovery of the True Prehistoric Sea Dragons, One of the Greatest LifeScience Discoveries Being the World’s Oldest, Largest and Most EvolutionaryAdvanced Forms of Biological Earth Life. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 5
  6. 6. Submitted: 5.6.12**Synopsis:Weekly Docu-Reality Educational TV Program takes the viewers inside theDiscovery of the true prehistoric sea dragons dated from the Ordovicianperiod; 480 million years ago. Each week will feature a different selectedcity to display Seazoria Dragons, physical and biological remains,excavation findings, science developments through interactive displays.Here is your front row seat to the Discovery, Excavation and Reconstructionof the World’s First True Large Scale Prehistoric Sea Dragon.Seazoria Dragon Excavation Movie. Come See What a Real Dragon Looks Like. http://youtu.be/IvyI1K9P9RsThe Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon Discovery represents an entirely newera of Advanced Prehistoric Biology, predate the land dinosaur era. Seazoriadragons are not preserved like land dinosaurs, therefore expert knowledgemust be obtained hands on and in the field.Watch as the history books are rewritten right before your very eyes.Watch as history and science unfolds each week, as the HallettestoneionResearch Team gets closer to the excavation and reconstruction of theWorld’s First True Large Scale Prehistoric Sea Dragon.Seazoria Dragons are the oldest and largest form of advanced biological lifeever discovered anywhere on earth. This is the Dragon Era!! EXCLUSIVE INSIDFR VIEWER ACCESS A DETAILED AND INDEPTH AND PHOTOGRAPHIC CONVERSATION WITH DISCOVERER, MIKE HALLETT 45 Page Slideshare Presentation (Click Image) Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 6
  7. 7. Submitted: 5.6.12 (Themes: Docu-Reality-based) A docu-series for television - educationalEpisode 1: Host Mike Hallett, provides an insightful and educational overview of the Field Research and Scientific Development of the past 10 years into the Discovery of the Prehistoric Seazoria Dragons.. Overcoming the many obstacles and challenges associated with discovering a completely new era of Prehistoric Biology. The Dragon ERA!!! ** Introduction, explanation and history of the Discovery of the Prehistoric Seazoria Dragons by the Discoverer, Mike Hallett.Episode 2: Mike Hallett will discuss the current status of the 480 million year old Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery. The Hallettestoneion Research Project is currently working on developing and refining the three key scientific discoveries within the overall Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Biological Discovery. There is great resistance amongst current Land Dinosaur paleontologists. to the 480 million year old Prehistoric (Ordovician) Biological Seazoria Dragons Discovery. Mike Hallett takes on the entire scientific community, who has received great resistance from the Paleontologist community; who have never been confronted or challenged by a completely new Time Era of Advanced Prehistoric (Ordovician) Marine Biology – ** The Seazoria Dragons Discovery predates and renders obsolete the Current Fossil Record (CFR). Requiring a complete rewrite of the Historical Textbook, That reflects the timeline and origin of the evolution of Advanced Biological Earth Life. Earth Life, that now must include the Seazoria Dragons Time Era that became extinct 480 million years ago. Very Important!NOTE: Seazoria Dragons DO NOT LOOK LIKE DINOSUARS, THERE WERE NO DINOSUARS IN THE ORDAVICIAN SEAZORIA DRAGON TIME ERA. Seazoria Dragons are examples of Cartilage (not having a Bone Skelton) marine biology (reptiles) the primary surviving Seazoria Biological Remains are the Skull, the Teeth and the Body Spikes.NOTE: No Large Sea Dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Time Era have ever been discovered, recovered or studied by the Scientific Paleontologist community. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 7
  8. 8. Submitted: 5.6.12 As no large scale sea dinosaurs were ever recovered from the dinosaur time era. The existing Vertebrate Land Dinosaur Paleontologist have, absolutely no experience or education in working with large scale Prehistoric Marine Biology. This is a Scientific Fact: Today’s Top Industry Paleontologist are focused and specialized with an emphasis on vertebrate land dinosaurs from the 65-220 million year Dinosaur Time Era. Due to this fact, that no large sea dinosaurs have been recovered, the current industry of Vertebrate Land Dinosaur Paleontologists has not produced any experts that specialize in the identification of Advanced Large Scale Prehistoric Marine Biology. HALLETTESTONEION SEAZORIA DRAGONS REPRESENTS ADVANCED PREHISTORIC MARINE BIOLOGY SPECIFICALLY * THERE ARE NO DINOSAURS IN THE SEAZORIA DRAGON TIME ERA * “SHATTERED FOSSIL RECORD” Today’s Current Fossil Record Depicting The “Accepted” Timeline as to the Evolution of Biological Life in Earth’s History. All Earth Scientists Professionals are all educated based on this Current Fossil Record Timeline. THE FOSSIL RECORD HAS BEEN SHATTERED AND HAS BEEN RENDERED OBSOLETE, BY THE 480 MILLION YEAR ORDAVICIAN HALLETTESTONEION SEAZORIA DRAGONS DISCOVERY OF ADVANCED PREHISTORICTHE HISTORY BOOK MUST TO BE REWRITTEN MARINE BIOLOGY.AND MADE ACCURATE, INCORPORATING THE480 MILLION YR ORDAVICIAN TIME ERA ANDREIGN OF THE PREHISTORIC SEAZORIA SEA DRAGONS. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 8
  10. 10. Submitted: 5.6.12Episode 3: “The Zoria Repeat” – Repeating Biological Structures – SKULL- TEETH- SPIKES ZORIA REPEAT ABSOLUTE KEY TO SEAZORIA DRAGONS BIOLOGICAL DISCOVERY! Zoria repeating biological structures are right or left triangular wedges specialized predicable, external features that all share a complex internal sub-structure framework format that is consistent and mathematically predictable. “ZORIA REPEAT” ~ A SIGNIFICANT ADVANCEMENT TO IDENTIFICATION OF PREHISTORIC BIOLOGICAL LIFE. A comprehensive educational workshop will discuss and focus on the successful identification process of the specialized Zoria repeating structures. The Zoria Repeat template mapping of the internal sub-structure and specialized external features inherent to the repeating of the biological structures has been developed for the repeat identification of spikes, and teeth. The Zoria Repeat Template will be used as a primary educational identification tool. Zoria repeats (repeating biological structures) are structurally formatted in highly specialized right or left only configured triangular wedges . Sharing very specialized common external features and all Zoria Repeats share the same highly specialized internal sub-structure framework format. Team member and viewer education on Seazoria Dragons Biological remains identification. Episode 4: The operational process for upcoming events, required funding, television crew, extra details and responsibilities associated with the project, for the field research, excavation, and reconstruction processes. Discussions about the objectives for the upcoming Seazoria Prehistoric Dragons dig season. Episode 5: Working with physical, biological Prehistoric Seazoria Dragons remains. The discovery and identification process of the Prehistoric Seazoria Dragons Skull, Spikes and Teeth. – Viewer insider education. Episode 6: Putting into place the final preparations for excavation, site security, mapping, ground penetrating radar, and all on site prep work. Time spent on field operations, negotiations and assembly of excavation equipment and resources on site. Episode 7: Let’s Dig!! It is time for the Prehistoric Seazoria Dragons Excavation! Time will be spent explaining and utilizing the Ground Penetrating Radar to determine the exact location of full size-Seazoria dragons teeth underneath the skull. The Skull excavation will be produced by ground penetrating Radar information. Measuring equipment, photography and documentation will be required. Episode 8: The “Skull and Teeth” Matrix excavation of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 10
  11. 11. Submitted: 5.6.12____________________________________________________________At this time with only a very few intact Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragon examplesremaining it is absolutely imperative that a Seazoria skull matrix be completelyexcavated and reconstructed. This Seazoria skull matrix excavation andreconstruction should be of the highest national scientific priority.Thank you in advance for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from yousoon.Mike Hallett, Discoverer435-730-4504 USAseazoria@gmail.comwww.seazoria.comDiscoverer, Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.Founder, Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project.Curator, Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon laboratory. Utah, USA.Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons, A Prehistoric Biological Discovery. Utah Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 11
  12. 12. Submitted: 5.6.12** Special Note to All Movie, Television and Production Company Industry Executives: It is critically important that the Prehistoric Sea Dragons Discovery of the 480 million yrHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Docu-Reality Series Television Show be immediatelyreviewed, contracted, funded and set into production.The Seazoria Dragons Discovery is critically dependent upon the funding and moreimportantly the vast spectrum of operational management, scientific engineering andtechnologies and developmental resources. The Seazoria Dragons Discovery mustattract and physically incorporate into the field research operations, facilitating thecontinuous on-going development and advancement of the specialized SeazoriaDragons excavation dig site and laboratory equipment and tools that need to beindividually created and engineered to successfully excavate, record and map all itemdetails including all measurements locations positions of all Seazoria Biologicalphysical Remains.The Seazoria specific computer software development and implementation isessential for the management of research teams, operations, personnel anddepartments, computer tracking and inventory collection, storage recording andtransportation tracking.The Seazoria Dragons Discovery requires the development of a completely newadvanced prehistoric biological scientific discipline developed specifically to facilitatethe successful excavation, storage, management, study, reconstruction, displays andlaboratory examination facilities equipment tooling and written scientific details andoverview biological knowledge Seazoria Discovery advancements.The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons needs a partnership with Hollywood and thetelevision and film industries.Hollywood and the Television and Film Industries need the PrehistoricHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery, giving the viewing audiences oftelevision, Movie / Film consumer markets and specialized TV and Film. ThePrehistoric Seazoria Sea Dragons products and services are here to fill the need forthe growing demand for a Reality Documentary Series and segment on television.The Television and Film / Movies market place that commands and demandsPrehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons specific Movies and Televisionprograms showcasing an inside look into One of the Greatest Single Discoveries inHistory.The discovery of the true Prehistoric Sea Dragons, Once considered the greatestmyths throughout the history of time, “The Dragons” Myth can now be replaced byscientific fact as the World’s Oldest, Largest and the most Evolutionarily AdvancedForms of Biological Life. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 12
  13. 13. Submitted: 5.6.12The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery begins to advance from large scaleprehistoric Sea Dragons discovered in a graveyard along an ancient sea shore 10years ago in Utah, USA. The Seazoria Dragons Discovery will begin to move forwardas the Seazoria Dragons Bodies, Skulls, Teeth and Spikes enter into the excavationphase of the discovery process. Allowing viewers their first opportunity to see justhow large and evolved the Seazoria Dragons had become prior to their extinctionnearly 500 million Years ago.Seazoria Dragons are three and four times larger than Land Dinosaurs.Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons have skulls that average 10 feet long, Seazoriateeth are outside the skull and are configured in a horse shoe duck billedconfiguration with the average size of a full size Seazoria tooth being an averagelength of 27 inches each. Teeth are triangular wedges structurally configured in rightor left handed biological structures, crowned on the outside face. All full size SeazoriaTeeth has identical progressive replacement teeth.Mike HallettRon McEwenField ResearchHallettestoneion Research Projecthttp://www.seazoria.com Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 13
  14. 14. Submitted: 5.6.12EXTRA BACKGROUND DETAILS ON THE SEAZORIA DRAGONS DISCOVERYOver the past two months 70 different countries from around the planet have sentvisitors in the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon website. London England remains as thetop city sending visitors to the Seazoria Dragon discovery website followed by New YorkCity.We invite you to look at the Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Projects, SeazoriaDragon website at www.Seazoria.com.Visitors can view hundreds of photos including the skull matrix excavation of HillfieldionSeazoria a Hallettestoneion Dragon. Leave comments on the New Seazoria blog.The blog posts are written by the discoverer of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons,and the founder of the Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project. The blogs are froman insider’s perspective.Mike HallettSeazoria@gmail.com________________________________________________________________________Join with Seazoria Discoverer Mike Hallett and be a witness to history. Follow along asscientific pioneer Mike Hallett develops and advances the 484 million year oldPrehistoric Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Discovery. The Dragon Era hasbeen found. Watch as the History Book is Re-Written before your very eyes asDiscoverer Mike Hallett transforms the Seazoria Discovery from its very humble rootsfrom very specialized biological configurations of petrified Remains into the single mostsignificant prehistoric life sciences advancement and discovery in history. As the truelarge scale prehistoric (Seazoria) Dragons are discovered, identified, studied, excavated,examined and reconstructed, allowing the global scientific communities and the generalpublic their very first look at a true prehistoric Sea Dragon.HALLETTESTONEION SEAZORIA DRAGONS.The 484 million year Ordovician time Era large scale (300 ft) (27 inch teeth) SeazoriaDragons that represent a completely new advanced prehistoric biological time Era inEarth’s History becoming extinct nearly 300 million years before the time of the muchsmaller and evolutionary simplistic vertebrae Land Dinosaurs at 220 million years ago atthe start of the Triassic time Era. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 14
  15. 15. Submitted: 5.6.12The time era of the prehistoric Sea Dragons has been discovered and confirmed. TheDiscovery of the Ordovician Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons by Mike HallettNovember 24, 2003. Utah, USA. The Discovery of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragonsis very significant in so many ways. First of all and most importantly the Seazoriaprehistoric biological discovery shatters the History Book and makes the current FossilRecord OBSOLETE. The Seazoria Discovery marks only the second time in history that atruly new prehistoric Biological Discovery has been made outside of the Vertebrate LandDinosaurs time Era. DINOSAURS ERA - First Dinosaurs (220 million years Triassic -Jurassic - Cretaceous Dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago)NOTE: The large Sea Dinosaurs from the 220 - 65 reign of the Vertebrate LandDinosaur Time Era have not been recovered and were never found.The Hallettestoneion Seazoria time Era of advanced prehistoric marine biologybecoming extinct 480 million years ago represents the Dragon Era and unlocks a newscientific frontier opening a much greater understanding and Life Sciences insight intothe evolution and development of advanced prehistoric Biological Life in Earth’s historythrough the addition of a second much older era of advanced Marine Biological Lifeduring the reign of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons, the largest oldest and mostgenerational evolved forms of advanced biological life to ever be discovery. TheHallettestoneion Seazoria became extinct nearly 500 million years ago during a period intime that is not covered in the current history book. Paleontologists believe there wasno advanced life during this time period and the current fossil record that all scientistsubscribe to say no advanced life during this time period 500 million years ago. Both theHistorical Text Book and the Current Fossil Record are both based on speculation andthe History Book and Fossil Record are unsubstantiated and have absolutely nosupporting physical evidence to support the non sensible theory of no advanced life.The physical biological remains of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria completely dismiss theunsupported theory of the current Fossil Record. Physical Seazoria Biological Remainsproven by Paleontologists in the laboratory and biological in origins and dating to anextinction 480 million years ago renders the current Fossil Record as OBSOLETE, Thecurrent Fossil Records has been superseded by physical Remains of Seazoria Biologytreating the current scientific understanding and time line as to the actual true updatedtime line of the evolution and development of advanced biological life in prehistoricEarly History. The new fossil Record must now include advanced HallettestoneionSeazoria Biology that became extinct during the Ordovician Time Period Era 480 millionyears ago. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 15
  16. 16. Submitted: 5.6.12As to the true time lineis the discovery of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons (remains). A whole new era ofadvanced prehistoric marine biology, pre dating the dinosaur era by 320 million years.The Hallettestoneion Seazoria’s became extinct 540 million years ago. The Seazoria’srepresent the largest and most advanced forms of life ever discovered.Contact the discover Mike Hallett at the Hallettestoneion research ProjectSeazoria@gmail.com.View Seazoria dragon field research and photos at www.Seazoria.comDiscovery info Hallettestoneion Seazoria Prehistoric Sea Dragon RemainsThe prehistoric sea dragons that have been long missing from the historical text bookhave been discovered in multiple graveyards located in northern Utah. Five years agoconstruction workers excavating just below an ancient sea shore began to see that theindividual rocks in the top 45 feet were arranged in the exact configurations of largescale prehistoric marine reptiles. In order to advance their understanding of what theseprehistoric sea creatures looked like, the construction workers used track hoes to openup the creatures. Sure it would have been nice to have scientists on hand but nobodywanted to halt the housing developments. Besides, scientists and paleontologists takesometimes years to excavate prehistoric biological finds. These creatures were not likeanything in the text book or museums. And these Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragonswere definitely not vertebrae land dinosaurs. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria’s arecartilage sea dragons.In order to gain an understanding of these 130 to 300 ft sea dragons that had teeth thataveraged 27 inches, we just used caterpillar track hoes to reach in and open up theburial matrix. We wanted to know how these dragons worked. The teeth are in a duckbilled horseshoe configuration. Extending out and around the front and sides of theskull. The teeth grow in biological structures and are in right or left handedconfigurations only. Dig down the right hand side of the mouth and then go to the leftside of the skull and you can recover the exact same teeth only the teeth are mirrorimage opposites. The teeth are always crowned on the outside face, and the full sizemature teeth always have identical progressive replacement teeth. As a rule all teethand body spikes grow in exacting right or left handed structural configurations only. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 16
  17. 17. Submitted: 5.6.12Destruction of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragons will continue because the dinosaurpaleontologists will not even bother to come and look at the graveyards because theSeazoria dragons are not dinosaurs. Explaining the Seazoria Dragons is like explaining aBoeing 747 to the Wright brothers. Another analogy that pertains to dinosaurpaleontologists is almost like asking an auto mechanic to work on a jet plane. We haverun into a brick wall with the dinosaur paleontologists. We have contacted more than110 paleontologists and never have we heard the magic words, "Lets go take a look."So the reason that the sea dragons will never make it into the movies or television, ormuseums is not because the dragons never existed, it is because no paleontologists willtravel to the graveyards, roll up their sleeves and do their homework. It will be left tothe discoverers to excavate a Seazoria skull matrix and reconstruct the skull matrix, theskull and teeth, and deliver to the museum a quality reconstructed HallettestoneionSeazoria skull with complete technical manuals and instructional educational videos tothe parking lot of a top quality museum. Maybe then, I mean maybe, the paleontological staff will walk out to the parking lot and actually look at and examine thisnew dragon discovery.If you would like to find more information or view photos of Seazoria Dragon remainsand photos of a Seazoria Dragon skull excavation with its 30 and 40 inch teeth, thediscoverer has created a website. You can view photos of Seazoria Dragon teeth andspikes currently under examination in the Zoria laboratory located in Kaysville, Utah.Notice how all of the teeth and spikes are in biological structures and grow in distinctiveright or left handed configurations only.The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons are not only the true prehistoric sea dragonslong missing from the historical text book. The Seazoria dragons represent a completelynew era of prehistoric evolutionary biology. The Seazoria dragons became extinct in amass life ending cataclysm 540 years ago. The international scientific community needsto descend on the Seazoria Dragon graveyards. The Seazoria’s are the largest, oldest,and most advanced forms of life ever discovered. Mathematicians are also neededbecause this prehistoric biology features complex repeating mathematical equations.Writers, take the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons to the big screen. The ball is now in Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 17
  18. 18. Submitted: 5.6.12your court. The possibilities are absolutely unlimited. Movies, books, documentaries,television. This dragon discovery is in its infancy. The Seazoria dragons need your writingtalents. A Salt Lake City based geology company has recently began developing thechemical compositional biological blueprint for the Seazoria Dragons Remains and willsoon begin utilizing ground penetrating radar to map the skull matrixes of six individualspecies of Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. Purpose of the pre excavation mapping isto understand the exact size and locations of the teeth. Seazoria teeth are calcium. Thesix Hallettestoneion skulls Selected for skull matrix mapping are Hillfieldion Seazoria,Laflidski Seazoria, Weakpiece Seazoria, Splashdion Seazoria, Globalicon Seazoria andArabbion Seazoria. All are located at the Hallettestoneion Heights graveyards located inNorth Ogden and Pleasant View Utah.Media Coverage, Seazoria Dragons, UtahMy Fox Utah community viewers could anyone be so kind as to offer so tips on how togenerate news coverage and media stories on the subject of the HallettestoneionSeazoria Dragons discovery, located in northern Utah, USA.Here is a quick background on the Seazoria Dragons discovery. Five years ago whileworking in excavation just below an ancient seashore I discovered multiple graveyardscontaining prehistoric sea dragon remains. It took some time to figure out the Seazoriadiscovery because of the size and age of the dragons. Dragons are supposed to be aproduct of mythology; however that simply is not the case. Our small research projecthas identified several grave yards that have multiple examples of highly advancedprehistoric Seazoria dragons (remains). Dragons do not look like dinosaurs. Dinosaurscome from the land, and dragons come from the sea. The Seazoria Dragons range in sizefrom 130 to 300 feet in length depending upon the individual species. Seazoria Dragonteeth average more than 27 inches. Photographs are available.The discovery of the Seazoria Dragons is at least, about 50 years ahead of its time. Thereis a tremendous amount of resistance to the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragonsdiscovery. What we really need to do is find journalists and broadcasters that are willingto write and produce media science stories about the discovery of the prehistoricHallettestoneion Seazoria dragons. Written stories and television coverage will create aninternational interest in the Seazoria dragon’s discovery that will ultimately lead todistinguished members of the global scientific communities traveling to northern UtahUSA to evaluate and examine, excavate and reconstruct the Seazoria dragon remains inthe Hallettestoneion Heights Dragon graveyards, located in northern Utah. 60 milesnorth of Salt Lake City Utah. The Seazoria Dragons almost look as though they were Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 18
  19. 19. Submitted: 5.6.12frozen alive because the skulls and body remains are mostly intact.This is a very international story with huge historical implications, significance,importance and magnitude in terms of history, evolution, biology, paleontology,geology, and scientific life sciences knowledges. After investing more than 10,000 hoursof both field and lab research, studying, comparing, examining, excavating SeazoriaDragons it is very important to get this discovery out into the media in order to attractthe very finest paleo scientific minds on the planet. The Seazoria Dragons are the largestand most advanced forms of life ever discovered. These newly discovered prehistoricsea creatures are super spectacular. One really needs to travel into the graveyards tosee the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons with their own eyes to fully appreciate justhow truly spectacular the true sea dragons really are.This advanced prehistoric marine Dragons biological discovery is completely new toscience and will require the scientific community to develop new methodology andprocedures to successfully excavate and reconstruct and unlock the evolutionarybiological mysteries of this advanced prehistoric biological marine ecosystem discovery.The Seazoria Dragons discovery should become one of the international scientificcommunity’s highest priorities. This discovery could ultimately lead to some of the verykeys to life itself. At minimum the discovery, reconstruction, and examination of theSeazoria dragons will lead to a much more enlightened overview of how (compounded)evolutionary biology works, systematically.Journalists, reporters, producers, and broadcasters. If you could provide tips on howyour industry works and how we could successfully integrate the discovery of theHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. Our research project would be very interested in allof your suggestions, tips, and comments.Respectfully yours; Mr. Mike Hallett, DiscovererSeazoria@gmail.comwww.Seazoria.comDiscoverer Hallettestoneion Seazoria DragonsFounder Hallettestoneion Scientific Research ProjectCurator Seazoria Dragon Laboratory, Kaysville, Utah Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 19
  20. 20. Submitted: 5.6.12Special thanks to philanthropist Mr. Ronald McEwenDragon (remains) discovered with Out of the box thinking. Seazoria prehistoric dragonsUtahSubject: Dragons (remains) discovered. Prehistoric sea dragon myth finally busted.Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. Utah, USA.Message: Here is a new subject to look into for out of the box thinkers. While working incommercial excavation out here in Utah, just below an ancient sea shore we begandigging up very large prehistoric sea dragon remains. At first we just thought that therocks were just regular old stones. Closer examination reviled that the individual stonefrom the surface down to a depth of 45 feet below the surface were arranged in theexact configurations of very large, highly evolved prehistoric marine reptiles. The onlyway to figure out that the sea dragon burial matrix was to work in excavation, becausenobody would ever look at the rocks as prehistoric biology. Getting past the size and agebarrier is the hardest obstacle for people to overcome. This discovery could only bemade by someone working in excavation. When your job description involves openingup the earth 10 hours a day, five days a week you begin to gain a 3 dimensionalperspective of exactly how these prehistoric sea dragons have been preservedTo date I have studied and watched the destruction of nearly 200 HallettestoneionSeazoria Dragons. The dragon remains are currently missing classified as geological. Thatis why the pale ontological establishment has overlooked the dragons. If anyone mightbe interested in looking at some of the remains we are currently excavating andexamining you can view the Seazoria Dragon discovery website atwww.Seazoria.com look for the shape, forget rocks and look how the shape of the teethand spikes are always created in five sided triangular wedges. We have included someprehistoric shark’s teeth for comparative analysis. Geology (rocks) are formed, Biology iscreated. Look for the complex repeating biological structures that are created incomplex right or left handed configurations only.Leave comments because it allows our research project a greater insight in how to moreeffectively communicate the Seazoria dragon discovery. The Hallettestoneion SeazoriaDragons are between 130 to 300 feet in overall length with teeth that average morethan 27 inches. The Seazoria Dragon graveyards are located in northern Utah just belowan ancient sea shore carved by the Pacific Ocean 540 million years ago. After extensivecomparison to other forms of advanced prehistoric biology (dinosaurs). The Seazoria Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 20
  21. 21. Submitted: 5.6.12dragons are the most evolutionarily advanced forms of life ever discovered.thanks Seazoriawww.Seazoria.comPrehistoric Sea Dragon Remains Discovered in UtahMike Hallett (Seazoria) to My fox Utah community viewers www.Seazoria.comThis is a copy of a draft that the Hallettestoneion Research Project is currentlydeveloping to circulate to national news media organizations. The Seazoria discoverymedia draft is not complete and will require additional modifications and revisions.Suggestions, comments and viewer input are welcome. Tell us what you think.Dragon is not a species. The term Dragon refers to an era of advanced prehistoricmarine biology that predates the dinosaur era by 320 million years. TheHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons became extinct 540 million years ago. This newlydiscovered era of advanced prehistoric biology contains the most advanced forms of lifeever discovered. The legendary dragons are no longer mythical but are now scientificfact. The Seazoria dragons are average 180 feet in length with 27 inch average teeth; theremains are located in Utah.Single most significant life sciences biological discovery in history. A whole new era ofadvanced prehistoric marine biology. Featuring the dragons long missing from thehistorical text book. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragons were discovered 5 years agoby earth moving construction workers, excavating a large scale residential development.Digging just below ancient seashore. Initially appearing as specialized configurationsarrangements of stones. More extensive study, mapping, excavating and blue printingreviled that the specialized configurations of individual stones were in fact in the exactconfiguration of large scale, highly evolved prehistoric marine reptiles right down to thevery finest details. As an example the skulls always have a full and complete set of teethunderneath. Including all right side teeth, and left side teeth, in addition to the frontteeth. Teeth are in rights, lefts, tops, and bottoms. Including all identical progressivereplacement teeth. All teeth grow in exacting biological structures. Comparable to allother forms of advanced prehistoric teeth. Seazoria teeth grow in right and left handedconfiguration only. There are no exceptions to the right and left handed biological toothgrowth structures. The teeth are always crowned on the outside face. Think of your ownk-9 tooth minus the roots. Seazoria teeth are like shark and dinosaur teeth. They have Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 21
  22. 22. Submitted: 5.6.12nerves attaching into the tops of the mature and replaceable teeth so they do not haveroots. No teeth roots because the teeth are replaceable. The basic Seazoria teeth growin triangular wedges with the same 117 common inherent repeating structuralcharacteristics, rights and lefts only.This knowledge was obtained by investing more than 7500 hours of research into thePre Cambrian Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragons. The Seazoria dragon remains werediscovered just below an ancient high watermark, seashore carved by the Pacific Ocean540 million years ago. Located in Pleasant View and North Ogden Utah. Mike Hallett ofLayton Utah made positive confirmation of the Seazoria dragons discovery in Novemberof 2,003. I obtained my in depth knowledge of the Seazoria dragons directly out of thefield by working in excavation. Removing and excavating the Seazoria’s out of theground to make room for new houses. We used the Seazoria remains to build retainingwalls and to terrace sloping, completed, properties built along the ancient seashore;almost all of the upscale homes along the ancient seashore are terraced using Seazoriaremains. This is a sad but a true fact that occurs daily in the earth moving, excavation,and landscaping business here in northern Utah on a daily basis. The Seazoria remainsare located on private property and so it is the land owner’s decision to bull doze theSeazoria remains to make way for new home construction. Nobody can do anything topreserve the remaining Hallettestoneion Seazoria ExamplesThe land owners and developers do not care about science and the evolution of life orthe preservation of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragons. As far as the land owners anddevelopers are concerned the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons are nothing but anuisance and why would anyone care about these huge, old, prehistoric marine reptiles.These creatures (Seazoria’s) are dead, and they are just taking up valuable real estate.The policy is just to move those creatures’ dead bodies out of the way so we can build ahouse. The whole community knows about the Seazoria discovery, and so do thedevelopers and nobody do anything to stop the destruction. Hallettestoneion Seazoria’sare destroyed (exterminated to science forever) on a daily basis.This is a news story with a strong future. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragondiscovery itself, future Seazoria discoveries (we know of 23 confirmed graveyardscontaining Seazoria remains) Scientific excavations of Seazoria Dragon remains. Thereconstruction phase of the discovery. And the traveling exhibitions of Completereconstructed Seazoria Dragon examples. Books, movies, documentaries, merchandise,tours, this ultra spectacular prehistoric biological discovery of the true sea dragons is inits infancy. It is going to take someone in the national media to start the chain reaction. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 22
  23. 23. Submitted: 5.6.12The Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragon discovery has huge international implications.That is currently evident by the international Seazoria Dragon website traffic. Just in thepast two months alone the Seazoria website has received visitors from 70 countries.Nearly every major university and college in the United States has visited the Seazoriawebsite at www.Seazoria.com The current problem that the Hallettestoneion SeazoriaDragons discovery faces is the fact that the current dinosaur paleontologists have onlyfound, studied, and excavated advanced vertebra land dinosaurs in the Cretaceous,Jurassic, and Triassic eras 65 million up to 220 million years. The large scale seadinosaurs from the dinosaur era remain un-discovered at this time.The current fossil record ends at less than 300 million years for advanced life.Understand that the first dinosaurs were only discovered about 160 years ago. Thedinosaur paleontologists would lead the public to believe that basically they havealready solved all the worlds’ prehistoric biological mysteries. Absolutely nothing couldbe further from the truth. There is an entirely new era of advanced prehistoric marinebiology. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons became extinct 540 million years ago.The evolutionary development of the Seazoria dragons occurred in the Pre Cambrianera. To date around 5,000 dinosaurs have been recovered. That is approximately onedinosaur example for every 27,000 thousand years that the dinosaurs lived and ruled.The Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project is working with extremely evolved largescale prehistoric marine biology that became extinct 540 million years ago. Today’smodern PhD paleontologist will not even look for advanced life in this era. A typical welleducated dinosaur paleontologist will tell you based on the text book that they wereeducated with life was about the size of your finger nail in this era. Nothing could befurther from the truth. Life in this era 540 million years ago was triple the size of theland dinosaurs that we are used to seeing, Life in the ocean can grow much larger thanlife on land. The only way to obtain knowledges of this era of advance sea life is to getaccurate biological information directly out of the Seazoria graveyards (field). This newera of advanced prehistoric marine biology is approximately 320 million years ahead ofthe current text book and the current accepted fossil record. So, no matter how hard wetry, the Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project cannot find not one singlepaleontological expert; the information and the knowledge from this recentlydiscovered new era of advanced marine biology can only be obtained directly out of thefield conducting research on an actual Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon excavation.The biology in this (Seazoria) era is light years ahead of the current experts scientific Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 23
  24. 24. Submitted: 5.6.12understanding and current text books evolutionary numeric biological time line.The key to understanding the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. And the advancedprehistoric biological Seazoria discovery is to obtain a working knowledge andcomprehensive understanding of the Zoria repeating biological structures (ZORIAREPEAT). These biological structures are created and grow in specialized right and lefthanded configurations. The Seazoria teeth and spikes are examples of repeatingbiological structures that have been created and grow in specialized rights and lefts.Just like all forms of biological life the Seazoria’s all have equal right and left sides. Thatis how biological life is created. You, me, cats, dogs, birds, sharks, whales, dinosaurs,including Seazoria’s and all forms of advanced biological life. We are all created withright and left sides (halfs).The very first stand out feature a person should notice and observe in theHallettestoneion Heights graveyards is the fact that all of the specimens (stones) arecreated in distinctive rights and lefts. And that the specialized specimen structuresrepeat themselves over and over again. Specialized triangular wedges in rights and lefts.There is a huge diversity among the Zoria repeating biological structures (Zoria repeat)however the basic Zoria triangular wedge shape remains totally consistent. The reasonthe Zoria repeating triangular wedge shape remains consistent is because all of the Zoriarepeat specimens all share the same internal biologically produced sub structure.Study and careful examination of the Zoria repeat sub structure is an exercise inspecialized ,consistent, mathematical equations that repeat themselves with absoluteconsistencys. Biology is biology in all eras of earth history. The specialized growthcharacteristics are always ever present in all forms of biological life. Once a competentindividual develops an detailed understanding of the 117 common inherent commonstructural growth characteristics of the Zoria repeating biological shape-structure. TheSeazoria prehistoric biology begins to make perfect sense and becomes completelypredictable. Even if a Zoria repeat specimen (tooth spike) is only partially exposed aperson could draw an accurate picture of exactly what the specimen will look like whenit is excavated.The Zoria repeating biological structure is basically a five sided triangular wedge. a largeattachment base growing to specialize reinforced tip. Crowned on the outside face. flatslightly concave on the inside face. A thick blunt leading edge for piercing, parallelingthe crown. With a double cutting trailing edge for slicing. All of the Zoria repeat shapes Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 24
  25. 25. Submitted: 5.6.12(biological structures) have the same consistent internal genetic sub structure. Thecomplex repeating mathematical equations repeat themselves with absoluteconsistency. The Zoria repeat is totally mathematically predictable. Created in rights andlefts only.When people get their first look at the Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragons the naturalreaction is to immediately come to the conclusion that the Seazoria remain are just abunch of "rocks" (I have come to resent the label word "rocks"). There is a big differencebetween formation (Geology) and creation (Biology). Biology is created in individualcomplex biological structures that are predictable, and consistent. with repeatinginternal and external structural repeating mathematical equations .What nobody is doing today, in the paleontological scientific communities is addressingthe real scientific questions related to explaining the origins of the specializedconfigurations of stones (Seazoria remains). Basically the common school of thought isrocks are rocks because rocks have always been rocks". This is the 21st century and it isnow time for science to evolve a grater understanding and explanation of why theseparticular stones are arranged in the exact configurations of large scale extremelyadvanced prehistoric sea dragons. Yes it is much easier to to just label theHallettestoneion Seazoria’s are rocks but where are all the scientists that want to get tothe bottom of the Seazoria prehistoric biological mysteries. The global scientificcommunity should be explaining accurately the triggering event that caused thecreation of the specialized configurations.Lets ask and answer these criticality important scientific questions. Like Why are theconfigurations in the exact arrangement of large prehistoric marine reptiles. and howdid these configurations arrive in this exact location. What was the triggering event.Why are individual specimens in distinctive rights and lefts. Why do certain #4 stones(skulls) have full and complete sets of teeth underneath them. Why do the stones(teeth) underneath the #4 stones (skulls) have identical progressive replacement stones(Progressive replacement teeth) Any competent well trained well educated (noninstitutionalized thinking) prehistoric field biologist/ paleontologists should understandand collectively agree. That based on comprehensive study of the HallettestoneionSeazoria Dragon remains. that discovery Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon remains isabsolutely impossible to deny or refute. Based on the applied bio mathematics of thecomplex repeating biologically created Zoria shape/structures and the extremelyspecialized repeating mathematical equations that are consistent to the substructure ofthe Zoria repeat. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 25
  26. 26. Submitted: 5.6.12All criteria for a prehistoric biological discovery is present. The Hallettestoneion SeazoriaDragons are physically correct, biologically correct, mathematically correct, chemicallycorrect, and physiologically correct. It is physically and mathematically impossible tosuccessfully dispute the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons.How come people are not asking and demanding answers to the true hard core scientificquestions and making an explanation as to the origins of the stones. Like for examplewith the Hallettestoneion scientists need must ask, back in prehistoric time what wasthe triggering event 540 million years ago that caused the creation of theseconfigurations of super specialized biological burial matrix configurations. Why are theindividual stones arranged in the exact configurations of large scale, extremely evolvedprehistoric sea dragons right down to the very finest intricate detail.Why do the individual stones always grow in distinctive predictable right and lefts only?Why do the skulls have equal right and left hand sides like just like all biological createdskulls? Why do the teeth underneath the skull look exactly like teeth? Why are the teethwhite? why do the teeth have nerves attaching into the tops of the teeth into theattachment base. Why does each individual tooth look exactly like it is supposed to forthat exact location in the mouth, why are all the Seazoria teeth always crowned on theoutside face. Why are the teeth so much more evolutionarily developed and specializedthan the body spikes, they are all specialized repeating biological structures? Why doesform match function so perfectly. Why do the male Seazoria’s have a large main spiketwo-thirds the size of their skull at the top of the neck and why dont female Seazoria’shave the same main spike. Why are the Hallettestoneion Seazoria positioned up rightlaying on their stomachs and chins. Why do the Seazoria’s look like they all swam up tothe bluff willingly and were all huddled together and were frozen alive.Why are the Seazoria mostly intact? How come the scientific community is not rushingup to the Hallettestoneion Heights graveyards to study the most advanced forms of lifeever discovered. And some of the really important questions like how theHallettestoneion Seazoria dragons become extremely evolutionarily advanced. How longwas this era of biology in development to obtain this completely unprecedented level ofcompounded generational evolutionary advanced and biological development? Howmay generations deep does it take to produce biological life of this size and complexity. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 26
  27. 27. Submitted: 5.6.12How will this life science biological discovery increase our understanding with regards tothe origins and evolution of life on earth. Will we un lock some of the very keys to lifeitself though the Hallettestoneion Seazoria discovery.The key to the scientific understanding of the Hallettestoneion prehistoric sea dragons isto concentrate all scientific resources on the excavation and reconstruction of aHallettestoneion Seazoria skull matrix. Skulls that have full and complete sets of teethwith all of the teeth developed in exacting specialized right and left handed biologicalstructures, the Seazoria’s are pretty hard to deny.At this time with only a very few intact Hallettestoneion Seazoria dragon examplesremaining it is absolutely imperative that a Seazoria skull matrix be completelyexcavated and reconstructed. This Seazoria skull matrix excavation and reconstructionshould be of the highest national scientific priority.Mike Hallett, Discoverer1 435.730.4504 Mobile USASeazoria@gmail.comwww.Seazoria.comDiscoverer Hallettestoneion Seazoria DragonsFounder Hallettestoneion Scientific Research ProjectCurator Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon laboratory Kaysville, Utah________________________________________________________________________Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons Prehistoric Biological Discovery. UtahPrehistoric Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. Discovered in UtahThe Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons are the largest, oldest, and most advanced formsof life ever discovered. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Prehistoric sea dragons rangebetween 130 to 300 ft in overall length with an average tooth size of 27 inches.Depending on the individual Seazoria Dragon species. The Hallettestoneion SeazoriaDragons were the inhabitants of the ancient Pacific Ocean 540 million years ago. Aperiod of time when Utah was the western edge of the Pacific Ocean; this was the era ofthe true prehistoric sea dragons. The Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project hasdiscovered multiple graveyards containing the petrified remains of the formerinhabitants of the ancient Pacific Ocean that features the true sea dragons. A prehistoricadvanced marine ecosystem discovery Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 27
  28. 28. Submitted: 5.6.12This recently discovered New Era of advanced prehistoric marine biology features thetrue sea dragons that have long been missing from the historical text books. TheHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons became extinct 540 million years ago. Pre dating theland dinosaur era by 320 million years. The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon discoveryfeatures cartilage sea dragons not vertebra land dinosaurs. The Seazoria discoveryfeatures true sea dragons, advanced marine biology. Previously unknown to scienceYes the true sea dragons have finally been found and discovered. They are calledHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons. The Seazoria Dragon discovery is the single mostsignificant prehistoric biological discovery in history thus far. The HallettestoneionSeazoria Dragons in addition to being the world’s oldest and largest forms of life everdiscovered. More importantly the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons are the mostadvanced form of life ever found. The Seazoria dragons are thousands of generationsmore evolved than the more modern land dinosaurs.The Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons were discovered back in November of 2,003 by aexcavation construction worker. Excavating large basements and foundations forupscale housing development in North Ogden And Pleasant View, Utah. TheHallettestoneion Seazoria discoverer began to notice that the individual stones in thetop 45 feet below the surface were arranged in very specialized biologically predictableconfigurations. After extensive study and mapping it was determined that the individualstones were arranged in the exact configurations of large scale, highly evolved,advanced, prehistoric marine reptiles.When you work in commercial excavation in a prehistoric graveyard, opening up theground 10 hours per day 5 days a week..A person obtains a completely differentperspective and a 3 dimensional knowledge of how the individual stones are arrangedabove and below the surface. Arrangements are in burial matrix configurations ofprehistoric sea dragons down the very finest details.The Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project located in Kaysville Utah has beenfocusing its resources specifically on skull matrix excavations, and developing anunderstanding of the components located within skull matrix. The 8,000 individual skullmatrix components include the skull itself, the crown and facial spikes and the teethincluding the identical progressive replacement teeth. The Seazoria’s teetharrangements are completely different than what we are used to seeing with thevertebra lad dinosaurs. Seazoria teeth are in a duck-billed horse shoe configurationsextending out around and in front of the skull. The facial and crown spikes are individual Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 28
  29. 29. Submitted: 5.6.12components that have dis attached from the skull and are laying next to the right andleft sides of the skull. Seazoria teeth average 27 inches and are created like all otherforms of prehistoric teeth and structural growth format of Seazoria Dragon teeth can becompared directly to all other structural formats of advanced prehistoric teeth. The bestcomparisons are between Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon teeth and prehistoric(shark) Megaledon teeth. Comparisons of the overall structure and the internal substructure are clearly related biological structures. Compared directly in distinctive rights,lefts, tops, and bottom teeth. Excavations and biological scientific understandings ofHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons should be of the highest national scientific priority.The real proof behind the Seazoria discovery is in the excavation and reconstruction of aHallettestoneion skull. Skull that have full and complete sets of teeth. The key todeveloping a scientific biological understanding is to carefully study and understand thecomplex repeating biological structures. (ZORIA REPEAT)- five sided triangular wedgerights and lefts only) Seazoria teeth and body spikes are typical examples of the Zoriarepeating biological structures. The Zoria repeat are complex biologically created indistinctive right and left handed structural configurations. All Zoria repeating biologicalstructures share the same common complex biological internal sub structure . Thereason behind the five sided triangular wedge shape creation can be tied directly to theinternal biological internal structural growth format. The growth spins located withinthe Zoria repeat sub structure can be translated into complex repeating mathematicalequations that repeat themselves with predictable and total consistency.It’s very easy to make a primitive assumption and think that the HallettestoneionSeazoria Dragon remains are just "rocks. In the 21st century it is now important to askthe real scientific questions and to develop an explanation as to why these individualstones are arranged in the exact configurations of large scale extremely evolvedprehistoric sea dragonsThe Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons discovery may ultimately lead science to morecomprehensive understanding as to the origins of evolutionary of biological life. Sciencemay uncover some of the very keys to life itself through the discovery of this unknownpreviously undiscovered era of advanced prehistoric marine evolutionary biology.Over the past two months 70 different countries from around the planet have sentvisitors in the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragon website. London England remains as thetop city sending visitors to the Seazoria Dragon discovery website followed by New YorkCity. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 29
  30. 30. Submitted: 5.6.12We invite you to look at the Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Projects, SeazoriaDragon website at www.Seazoria.com Visitors can view more than 130 photos includingthe skull matrix excavation of Hillfieldion Seazoria a Hallettestoneion Dragon. Leavecomments on the new Seazoria blog. Written by the discoverer of the HallettestoneionSeazoria Dragons, and the founder of the Hallettestoneion Scientific Research Project .The blogs are from an insider’s perspective.SeazoriaSeazoria@gmail.comwww.Seazoria.comHallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons CONFIRMEDSeazoria Biology has been placed at 467 to 484 million years.New developments have occurred to the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons discoverysince the original writing. Seazoria prehistoric biology has now been officially confirmedthrough laboratory testing. The testing by paleontologist at the Institute for Earth andEnvironmental Sciences in Vancouver Canada proved prehistoric Seazoria Biology. Thatdate for Seazoria Biology has been placed at 467 to 484 million years. I have extensiverecords chronology of all the major events from the time of the initial discovery in 2,003of the Hallettestoneion Seazoria Dragons to the present time of the official paleontologySeazoria confirmation. This is a true story of how I found the true prehistoric SeaDragons. Global Seazoria Dragons Discovery: Hosted By Mike Hallett Page 30