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Jack Menzel - Making Search Smarter - SIC2012
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Jack Menzel - Making Search Smarter - SIC2012



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  • 1. Making Search SmarterJack MenzelProduct Management Director, Search Google Confidential and Proprietary
  • 2. What is the perfect search engine?
  • 3. Search should be accessible.
  • 4. Search should be conversational.
  • 5. Search should understand the world.
  • 6. Search should get you the right answer.
  • 7. Search should help you make better decisions.
  • 8. Search should be truly universal.
  • 9. The perfect search engine should understand exactly what you mean and give you back exactly what you want.
  • 10. I dont really see science fiction as fiction.I can imagine colonies on Mars and everything.-Sigourney Weaver
  • 11. Matching strings, not things The ice hockey team? The NBA team? The TV show?
  • 12. Goal: Map the universe of things, not just web pages
  • 13. The Google Knowledge Graph: Over the past two years,weve created a database of structured knowledge. 500 million people, places and things 3.5 billion defining attributes and connections
  • 14. Refine to "see results about" the exact thing you meant.
  • 15. Click and Google understands the "thing" youre looking for
  • 16. Refining results in autocomplete
  • 17. Relevant information on the right hand side of the page formillions of search queries.
  • 18. Summaries are dynamic and intelligent, reflecting the most relevant kindsof facts for a given topic.
  • 19. Explore and dig into a topic of interest.
  • 20. Explore the Knowledge Graph
  • 21. Explore the connections between people and things
  • 22. Knowledge about the world
  • 23. The Evolution of Search
  • 24. Universal Search: search everything from one box
  • 25. Useful results from your inbox in a beautifully easy-to-read way onthe results page
  • 26. Search everywhere
  • 27. The Future is Bright: As we continue to evolve thetechnology, well be able to help you answer harder andharder questions...Where can I attend a Lady Gaga concert in warm outdoor weather?Where can I find an amusement park with a vegetarian restaurant nearby?How many governors were born in a different state than they govern?What is the coldest lake in the world in July?
  • 28. Google Confidential and Proprietary