Jonathan Sposato - Everything I need to know about design I learned in a hotel


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  • great peer group: past winners were Apple ’s iPhone, and Frank Gehry’s Olympic Sculpture Park.
  • Computer scientist. User experience architect. Fellow at apple.
  • Visceral design is all about how things look, feel, and sound. Great visceral design makes people fall in love, want to own it, touch it. Cost and how well it works are afterthoughts. It appeals to what we ’ re hardwired to respond to…
  • Behavioral design is all about how things perform. Appearances don’t matter at all. Function over all. This is the hardest to get right. Don Norman assumes users should learn a product. I propose they shouldn’t have to learn at all. But explore and be get delightful results in any sequence.
  • “ reflective design is about the meaning of things. What does this using this product say about you? Its where your self image is.” – don norman
  • I would argue that in modern web services, its more important what user says about the product.
  • We’re hardwired to think certain things…
  • magical process of transforming common substances, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.
  • The essence and life of a product, and in turn the brand behind it, is built on the details.
  • Staged: Logo animated up front, then progress bar, then messages. Light, airy, fun. Introduction to the voice of Picnik from the very, very beginning of the experience.
  • Cold, sterile, stand-offish. By the end of this load, the user isn ’t very likely to expect an enjoyable experience.
  • Turn mundane, everyday UI interactions into something memorable and enjoyable.
  • Picnik the brand, and in this context Picnik Premium, is made to seem much more special.
  • Jonathan Sposato - Everything I need to know about design I learned in a hotel

    1. 1. everything i learned inUX i learned at a hotel
    2. 2. why design matters
    3. 3. “great design is transformative”
    4. 4. affects behavior…
    5. 5. “when people are in a relaxed situation, the pleasant, pleasurable aspects of the design will make them more tolerant of difficulties and problems in the interface.” - Don Norman
    6. 6. great design begets great press Winner of I.D. Magazine’s ‘Best Design’ Award
    7. 7. martha stewart It’s‘a good thing’
    8. 8. “beautiful things really do work better” - Don Norman’s ‘Emotional Design – Why We Love or Hate Everyday Things’
    9. 9. Don Norman’s 3 tenets of ‘Emotional Design’• Visceral design• Behavorial design• Reflective design and more…
    10. 10. “visceral design”
    11. 11. “behavioral design”
    12. 12. great behavioral design
    13. 13. what does the product “reflective design” say about the user?
    14. 14. design as ‘avatar’
    15. 15. inverse: what do you wantwhat does the product say people to say about the about the user? product?
    16. 16. what do we want people to say? Childhoodfriendly memories “Breathe of fresh air” EASY Irreverent soothsome CLEAN FAST SMOOTH Delightful FUN Converge many Non-corporate: things on one small surface: SIMPLE
    17. 17. great products have to execute on ALL three
    18. 18.
    19. 19. minimeteo
    20. 20.
    21. 21. but wait there’s more…
    22. 22. create “alchemy”
    23. 23. “alchemy”
    24. 24. “alchemy”
    25. 25. “alchemy”
    26. 26. the details adds up“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames
    27. 27. surprise people
    28. 28. who would you rather be?
    29. 29. reminder startup grind Grind-Seattle/