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Top 5 keys to integrating search and social media marketing
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Top 5 keys to integrating search and social media marketing


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Published in: Technology
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  • When asked to speak to this group, your organizers suggested I discuss how much things have changed, how far we’ve come – not just in PR and communications, but as a society. That’s somewhat of a tall order, since when I was asked three months ago to participate I had no idea how relevant things would be on this very day. That’s how fast things are changing. My hope today is to do two things: Expand your awareness of what’s happening in the communications field and how it reflects the changing landscape of businessProvide some direction as to where to possibly start. The good news is that there really aren’t many rules in this new world order, The bad news is that there really aren’t many rules in this new world order!
  • Bottom line: this is not a fad, everyone, the most important thing to take away is that this is not a discussion about Facebook or Linked In, or MySpace or Twitter – I will briefly touch on those particular tools, but THEY are not the issue. Human nature has progressed to a point of transparency, collaboration, social networking, regardless of what platform of logo’d product they use. Don’t lose sight of this, it’s not going away.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Top 5 Keys to Integrating Search and Social Media Marketing
      Presenters: Avelyn Austin and Renée Revetta
      Moderator: Amanda Chaney
    • 2. Follow along #SocialMojoFollow us at:@SearchMojo@AvelynAustin@ReneeRevetta@AmandaDChaney
    • 3. About Search Mojo
      Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005
      Search engine optimization (SEO)
      Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC)
      Social media monitoring
      Located in Charlottesville, Va
      Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs, including Marketing Pilgrim and Search Engine Journal
      Speakers at PubCon and Search Engine Strategies
    • 4. Our Clients
    • 5. How Do Search Engines Work
    • 6. Search Engine Robots
      Finds their way through links on websites
      Indexes information on web pages
      Passes information back to the indexing servers
      Website B
      Website A
      Website C
      Page 1
      Page 2
      Page 2a
    • 7. Traditional 3 Prong Approach to SEO
    • 8. 3 Prongs of SEO
      Title Tag, Meta Data & Main Body Content
      Inbound Links | Anchor Text
      3rd party links pointing from one website to another (a “vote”)
    • 9. Keywords: The Foundation of SEO
      How often keyword appears in page content is important in algorithm and ranking
      Keywords should be targeted to specific offering/content
      Keyword tool:
    • 10. Website Content
      Keyword should appear in:
      Title tag
      Meta keyword
      Meta description
      Heading tags (H1, H2, etc.)
      Bold text
      Link text
      Overall content of the page
    • 11. Keyword Density
      Number of times a keyword appears in overall written page content
      Don’t overrun page with too many keywords
      Content should remain readable
      Avoid keyword “stuffing”
      Good keyword density: 2-4%
      Keyword Density Tool:
    • 12. Inbound Links
      Inbound links are hyperlinks from one domain to another
      Google in particular, views inbound links as a type of “vote” from website for another site
      Link Popularity = the number of inbound links pointing to your website
      Popularity Tool:
    • 13. Anchor Text
      Visible, clickable text in a hyperlink
      The more often a keyword appears in anchor text of inbound links, the more likely it will rank well for that term in Google
    • 14. The 4th Prong to SEO:How Social Media is Affecting Search
    • 15. Social Circles and Search
    • 16. Status Updates Appearing In SERPs
      Twitter updates may now appear in search results
      Facebook status updates may also appear
      *If the user does not opt out
    • 17. Which Social ProfilesDo You Need?
    • 18. #SocialMojo
    • 19. It’s All About Being SOCIAL
    • 20. Recommended social profiles
      The “Big Three”
      • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
      Video and Photo Sharing
      • YouTube (TubeMogul syndication)
      • 21. Flickr or Picasa
      Bonus Profiles
      • Corporate Google profile/Buzz
      • 22. FriendFeed
    • 23. Connect and streamline
      • Tool Integration
      • 24. Connect all possible sites when realistic
      • 25. Don’t do so much that you drive away users
      • 26. Twitter updates to Facebook
    • 27. #SocialMojo
    • 28. #SocialMojo
    • 29. How to Monitor YourSocial Profiles
    • 30. Efficient monitoring
      Things that make my life easier
    • 38. For companies, resistance to social media is futile. Millions of people are creating content for the social web. Your competitors are already there. Your customers have been there for a long time. If your business isn’t putting itself out there, it ought to be.
      - B.L. Ochman, BusinessWeek, February 2009
    • 39. Using Social Media To IncreaseOrganic Rankings
    • 40. Owning Your Branded Search Results
      All company links on the first page of the SERP
      Company page
      Twitter page
      Facebook page
      LinkedIn Page
      Status updates appearing in SERPs
    • 41. Content Blast
      Get content out faster!
      Instant reach
      Increased traffic via increased sharing of link
      More likely to become viral
      Easier to share – retweet anyone?
      Engage with your customers
      Good press / articles – Ask for a link
    • 42. MarketingSherpa
      • “…percentages of marketers who say social media is somewhat or very effective at achieving specific SEO objectives:
      • 43. Improving search rankings – 91%
      • 44. Increasing traffic from targeted keywords -- 90%
      • 45. Expanding content shown in universal search results – 89%
      • 46. Improving the ROI from search programs – 80%
      • 47. Generating more qualified leads -- 78%”
    • 48. Recap!
      1. Understanding search engines
      2. Knowing where search and social are today
      3. Setting up critical social profiles
      4. Efficiently monitoring social
      5. Using social to increase organic rankings
    • 49. Bare Minimum
      Choose your keywords
      Add keywords to website content
      Engage in quality link building efforts
      Social Media
      Blog: Create fresh content worthwhile to your customers
    • 50. Contact Information
      Avelyn Austin
      Account Manager
      800-939-5938 x106
      Renée Revetta
      Social Media Specialist
      800-939-5938 x107