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SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination



View the full recorded webinar at http://bit.ly/11SWWEX. ...

View the full recorded webinar at http://bit.ly/11SWWEX.

Google+ has over 90 million users and is continuing to grow, despite some controversy about how much time users spend on the site. Google+ may not be challenging Facebook for market share in the social realm, but it is a very important site for marketers – particularly since the launch of Google’s Search Plus Your World. These personalized search results prioritize Google+ posts and links based on your circles and network; greatly impacting the organic search results for each Google+ user. Search Mojo experts go over the latest news about Google+ and how it impacts your SEO efforts in our webinar, SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination.



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  • Cady: Poll – How much do you use Google+?
  • SarahBefore going to next slide, Cady: Poll – Which of these have you implemented? Google+ page, badge, +1 button, none
  • Janet
  • JanetAlready changing search results based on social circles
  • JanetStatus updates appear within seconds to your network in organic search
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • JanetRich snippets can increase ctr by about 30%
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Cady: Poll – Why haven’t you implemented all three yet?Janet
  • Janet
  • Sarah
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Cady: Poll – Based on today’s presentation, how important is it now for you to grow your network on G+?Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Sarah
  • Janet
  • JanetFound in “new” Google analyticsCaution: if you have email reports, don’t commit to moving to new analytics
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Janet
  • Cady
  • Cady
  • Cady
  • Cady

SEO + Google+ = Total SERP Domination Presentation Transcript

  • 2. ABOUT SEARCH MOJO• Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 – Search engine optimization (SEO) – Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) – Social media advertising – Online reputation management• Headquartered in Charlottesville, Va• Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs• Speakers at SMX Advanced, SMX Social, PubCon, MarketingProfs, and more#mojowebinar
  • 3. WHAT IS GOOGLE+?#mojowebinar
  • 4. WHAT IS GOOGLE+? Google+• Social network Pages from Google• Made of up of three main +1 Google+ parts Buttons Badge#mojowebinar
  • 5. WHY IS GOOGLE+ IMPORTANT?#mojowebinar
  • 6. 1. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR SEO• Personalization in search results#mojowebinar
  • 7. 1. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR SEO#mojowebinar
  • 8. 1. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR SEO• Public statuses are shown in organic search results.#mojowebinar
  • 9. 1. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR SEO• Your statuses may even show to those who do not follow you#mojowebinar
  • 10. 1. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR SEO• If rel=author is implemented, add authors to your circles direct from search results.#mojowebinar
  • 11. 1. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR SEO• Increases visibility of SERP• May increase click-through-rate on position#mojowebinar
  • 12. WHAT IS A +1?• Similar to the Facebook Like button• Appear on: – Organic results – Paid results – Google+ statuses – Some web pages• Still gaining traction#mojowebinar
  • 13. WHAT IS A +1?• May be/become an SEO ranking factor – Alters search results based on social circles – Affects search engine rankings even without personalization• Types: +1 for the brand +1 for the content • Now allows sharing of content directly on Google+#mojowebinar
  • 14. 2. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR ONLINE REPUTATION• Own your branded search engine results SEARCHMOJO.COM #mojowebinar
  • 15. 2. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR ONLINE REPUTATION• Control the message – Another channel to promote positive content – Control the message and respond if in crisis• Share information you want to rank well in the search space to encourage +1 or inbound links SEARCHMOJO.COM#mojowebinar
  • 16. 2. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR ONLINE REPUTATION• Direct Connect Bypass SERPs and land on Google+ page by searching “+brand name” like “+H&M” SEARCHMOJO.COM#mojowebinar
  • 17. 2. IT’S IMPORTANT FOR ONLINE REPUTATION• Direct Connect Searches with +[brandname] hide regular Google Suggest/Autocomplete listings#mojowebinar
  • 18. HOW TO IMPLEMENT GOOGLE+#mojowebinar
  • 19. THREE PARTS TO IMPLEMENT Google+ Pages +1 Google+ Buttons Badge#mojowebinar
  • 21. GOOGLE+ BADGE• Enables Rel=Publisher• Makes you eligible for Direct Connect• Encourages website visitors to add your Google+ page to their circles• To enable: • http://www.google.com/ webmasters/+1/button/#mojowebinar
  • 22. CHECK YOUR BADGE CODE• Rich snippet testing tool http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets#mojowebinar
  • 23. ADD +1 BUTTONS• Think about brand +1’s v. content +1’s• Think about page placement• Test title, description to make sure it populates the way you want• Configure Google +1 buttons – https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/+1button/#mojowebinar
  • 24. CAUTIONARY SIDE NOTE#mojowebinar
  • 25. HOW CAN YOU GROW YOUR NETWORK?#mojowebinar
  • 26. RELATED PEOPLE/PAGES IN SEARCHOptimize Google+ with FocusKeywords#mojowebinar
  • 27. GOOGLE+ BADGEPages can only add other Pages to Circles• Use Profile to Promote Page#mojowebinar
  • 28. +1 BUTTONS ON CONTENT#mojowebinar
  • 29. MEASUREMENT#mojowebinar
  • 30. MEASURING ON GOOGLE+: RIPPLES• Interactive graph of publically shared posts on Google+• Built directly into Google+• Available after a post has been shared• Helps identify your influencers to group into circles#mojowebinar
  • 31. MEASURING ON GOOGLE+: RIPPLES#mojowebinar
  • 32. MEASURING +1’S: WEBMASTER TOOLS• Google Webmaster Tools – Search Impact – Activity – Audience#mojowebinar
  • 33. MEASURING +1’S: GOOGLE ANALYTICS• Google Analytics – Engagement – Pages – Action#mojowebinar
  • 34. WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE?#mojowebinar
  • 35. CASE STUDY: FACEBOOK LIKES#mojowebinar
  • 36. +1S: WHAT’S TO COME?• +1s may officially become: – Part of the organic algorithm• More ad personalization based on what Google learns from you and your social network (powered by Google+)#mojowebinar
  • 37. NEXT STEPS…#mojowebinar
  • 38. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOW?1. Create and optimize your Google+ business page2. Add a badge to your site/enable Direct Connect3. Add the +1 button to all pages of your website4. Begin sharing content and growing your circles#mojowebinar
  • 39. INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH SEARCHMOJO?Want to get started on improving your online marketing today?Do you want Search Mojo’s expertise in helping your SEO and Google+ efforts? CONTACT: Justin Champion Sales Consultant jchampion@search-mojo.com 800-939-5938 x 116#mojowebinar
  • 40. UPCOMING WEBINAR How to Make the Most of Google Grants & Free Ad Dollars• April 19, 2012• 2:00 p.m. ET• To register, visit – www.search-mojo.com/nonprofit#mojowebinar
  • 41. CONTACTJanet Driscoll Miller Sarah Lokitisjmiller@search-mojo.com slokitis@search-mojo.com800-939-5938 x101 800-939-5938 x108Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller Google+: gplus.to/sarahlokitisTwitter: @janetdmiller Twitter: @Lokitis Search Mojo Google+: +Search Mojo Twitter: @SearchMojo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SearchMojo #mojowebinar
  • 42. QUESTIONS?#mojowebinar