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INFOGRAPHIC: Monitoring Your Online Reputation
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INFOGRAPHIC: Monitoring Your Online Reputation


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  • 1. MONITORING YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION What You Should Be Doing to Protect Your Brand Online WHAT IS ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT? Realizing that the perceived value of your brand is defined by information found and discussed on the internet; therefore requiring your constant monitoring and participation in these web conversations. -Andy Beal, founder of Trackur and author of Radically Transparent WHY? WHY IS MANAGING YOUR COMPANY’S ONLINE REPUTATION SO IMPORTANT? Forrester Research 90 % Hill and Knowlton 87 % of individuals put their trust in what others have to say about your reputation of consumers look at the reputation of your CEO, when judging your company’s reputation Viadeo 59 % of hiring managers are influenced by your online reputation HOW? MONITORING THE LANDSCAPE STEPS TO TAKE HOW CAN YOU MONITOR? Identify your reputations What is important to you in terms of your reputation? In the case of a company, this could be: 1 P P P P PP Company name (including legacy and abbreviated names) Names of high-profile individuals at the company (i.e. the CEO) Names of products sold Quantify your audience Who is going to be talking about your brand? PP PP PP PP PP 2 Customers Business partners Investors Employees Bloggers, journalists and influencers Understand your goals What are you trying to achieve by monitoring? 3 PP PP PP PP Potential attacks Product feedback Competitive intelligence Copyrights and trademarks Specify your needs What do you need from a monitoring platform? PP PP PP PP 4 Alerts Influence Sentiment Reporting Start actively monitoring Start trying out tools to determine what fits. TOOLS TO CONSIDER Blunt Instruments Swiss Army Knives Precision Tools 5 (for monitoring Twitter) WHAT SHOULD YOU BE MONITORING? WHERE?    Your brand name and keywords containing your brand name WHAT? Names of key people at your company Names of your products WHERE SHOULD YOU BE MONITORING? BEST PRACTICE Use a combination of both strategies to combine direct customer engagement where your customers are with broad monitoring of all online mentions. WHEN? HOW LONG SHOULD YOU BE MONITORING? FOREVER. Online reputation issues can arise at any time, so a consistent and continual approach to monitoring is key. Focus on your “Centers of Influence” Where are your customers and stakeholders hanging out? PP Social media sites P communities P Forums/messageboards/online PP Review sites online publications PP Blogs and other Cast a wide net Use social media monitoring tools to monitor as much of the web as you can TIPS FOR STAYING PROACTIVE P stormyour online presence before the P Build P Influence in your Centers of P Get a foothold P messaging with your branding & P Be congruent P P Give stakeholders a place to vent & receive help P reputation in your Google P Fill any voids PP Crowd out any negative voices To request a quote, call 800.939.5938 x1 or visit ©2013, All information in this document is the property of Search Mojo.