INFOGRAPHIC: Extending Your Google Ad Visibility with Google Ad Extensions


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INFOGRAPHIC: Extending Your Google Ad Visibility with Google Ad Extensions

  1. 1. EXTENDING YOUR GOOGLE AD VISIBILITY WITH GOOGLE AD EXTENSIONS WHAT IS AN AD EXTENSION AND WHICH SHOULD I USE? WHAT ARE GOOGLE AD EXTENSIONS? GOOGLE ADWORDS AD EXTENSIONS BENEFITS OF AD EXTENSIONS • Google AdWords feature • Take up more real estate • Show more information with existing ads • Draw more attention to your ads • Campaign-level settings, with Ad Group-level setting with • Increase click-through-rates (CTR) • Easy to set up Enhanced Extensions Product Extensions Call Extensions • Link Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords • Free Google forwarding numbers • Measure duration of conversations • Provide additional information with your ads regarding specific products Pros • Show number on all devices, not just mobile Pros TIPS Images help improve ad visibility Use Data Feed for Google Shopping Improve lead quality Cons • Have to have images for every product • Example: book seller client • Google decides which products to show NSIONS DUCT EXTE USE OF PRO BEST ucts s for all prod u have image • Ensure yo nnected to t center is co nce merchan dividual • O not control in ords, you can AdW ing ing/not show products show nt w most releva oogle will sho • G arch query products to se Great for measuring calls from AdWords Many people will prefer to simply call vs. fill out forms Further insight into the types of ad respondents that paid search generates Cons • Can bring in calls that are not sales calls • Can cannibalize clicks and/or conversions • Timing of when ads are live and inside sales’ hours • Charged if someone calls, similar to if they had clicked Social Extensions • Links your Google+ profile & displays your brand’s total +1’s Location Extensions • Search & Display Network visibility • Increase +1’s for your brand • Shows address of closest location to the searcher • Google has stated including social annotations improves CTR on average 5-10% • Often combined with other types of ad extensions • Merge your business address and phone number seamlessly with your ad text Set-up 1. Verify your Google+ Page by linking website & Google+ Page to each other 2. In AdWords under Ad Extensions > Social, check the “Connect my Google+1 page to my ad campaign” box Ad Sitelinks • Provides way to extend ad 3. Enter your Google+ Page URL • Up to 6 additional links on the ad • Shows for ads that appear above organic results Seller Ratings • Displays customer-submitted ratings next to AdWords ads Pros • All qualifying advertisers are automatically opted in (campaigns targeted to the US, at least 30 unique reviews and an average rating of 4 stars or more Pro • Need a 7/10 quality score minimum to show • Have to land on website pages Extend visibility • Set mobile sitelink preferences Extend links for broader keyword terms Great for seasonal offers or sales Increase CTR Cons Ads with Seller Ratings could garner higher click-through and conversion rates • AdWords tracking is limited Con “ • Searchers could click the “Reviews” or “Rated” links on the ad, instead of the ad itself – taking them away from the search results page, where they may opt to purchase from another company • Can’t edit or pause ad sitelinks once added • Need to land on website vs. separate landing page On average, advertisers who use Ad Sitelinks have seen their ad click-through-rates improve by 30%. WHICH AD EXTENSION SHOULD I USE? Product Social AD EXTENSION TYPES • Detailed, measurable performance statistics Seller Ratings Call Metrics ” —Google Ad Innovations Team Location Sitelinks B2B B2C Government Non-Profit E-commerce Brick and Mortar To request a quote, call 800.939.5938 x1 or visit ©2013, All information in this document is the property of Search Mojo.