Leveraging YouTube for Online Marketing Success


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There is no doubt that videos are huge –YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with over 1 billion unique visitors every month. And video is not just popular as a form of entertainment, but as a content marketing tactic. MarketingProfs reports that 81% of senior marketing executives use online video content in their marketing programs. In addition, your chances of getting not only a page one ranking in Google, but also inbound links, increase with the inclusion of video.

During this webinar, Search Mojo’s Tad Miller and Blaine Anderson will show you how you can get the most from your video content by leveraging everything YouTube has to offer, and make sure they can be found in search.

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  • Blaine
    Thanks, Kari/Tad…
    I’m going to start off by giving a brief introduction of Google AdWords for Video
  • Blaine
    Why do it? Because [statistic]
    Access it by connecting your YouTube account with your AdWords account
    This allows you to promote your existing YouTube videos as ads
    Manage these campaigns with all of your other campaigns right in adwords
  • Blaine
    Just so you can go into it with the right expectations, there are no conversion actions available on YouTube at this time.
    You still have to rely on some other tactic to convert them
    This makes YouTube a good top-of-the-funnel marketing tactic
    Supplement product/service by showing how it works, or highlighting the benefits of it
    In this case, could be considered middle-of-the-funnel
    Get that “first-notice” from someone who has never heard of you before
    Maintain top-of-mind awareness so people don’t forget about you
    Ultimately, it’s up to you and the rest of your marketing tactics to convert a viewer into a buyer
  • Blaine
    Since there are no conversions, what do you track?
    People who watch your ad
    Treat it like you would a click on a standard AdWords ad
    Just as more clicks doesn’t equal more sales, more views do not equal more sales
    Follow-On Views
    People who watch your ad, then immediately watch more videos from your channel
    Good measure of engagement within YouTube
    Follow-On Subscribes
    People who watch your ad, then subscribe to your channel
    Better measure of engagement within YouTube
    Website Clicks
    People who watch your ad, then click through to your website
    Best measure of success for lead generation
    If you can get them to your site, then your video ad is doing it’s job
    Your other marketing tactics can take over from there and bring them down the funnel
  • Blaine
    Watch the video
    Depends on the ad type
    More on that later
    Follow-On Views
    After watching this video, viewer clicks on another KEXP Radio video on the right
    Follow-On Subscribes
    After watching this video, viewer clicks the subscribe button
    Website Click
    After watching this video, viewer clicks on the link in the description and goes to the website
  • Blaine
    How to get people to the website
    As mentioned in the previous slide, you can put a link in the description of your video that will take people to your website
    Another method is by using a Call to Action Overlay
    These look like text ads
    You set one up in the AdWords, and choose your messaging and your destination URL
    Lastly, In-Stream ads can bring people directly to your website
    Set a destination URL
    If a viewer clicks on the video as it is playing, the click takes them to that URL
  • Blaine
    I’m going to give you an overview of the types of ads you can use.
  • Blaine
    First is In-Stream
    These ads as play before a video that the viewer had originally chosen to watch
    They do have the option to skip after 5 seconds, but if your video is intriguing enough, you can get them to watch the whole thing
    You as the advertiser are only charged for a view if the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video, or the entire video (whichever is shorter)
    If you promote a 15 second video, and the viewer would have to watch the whole video in order for you to be charged with a view
    If your ad is skipped after 5 seconds, then you will not be charged with a view
    Really use these videos as “bait” to draw people into your conversion funnel
    Make it quick, but also engaging – you want it to be something that sparks the viewers interest
    As mentioned before, you can set a destination URL for this ad type
    If someone clicks on the video as it is playing, that click will take them to that URL
    These are also good for branding and maintaining top-of-mind awareness if that’s what your goals are
  • Blaine
    Next are In-Display ads
    These show up on the side of a YouTube page in that yellow-shaded box
    These ads are great for viewers that don’t know you yet, but might be interested in what you do
    In this example, the video being watched was how to string an acoustic guitar
    On the side, the viewer sees an ad for how to build their own road case
    As a DIY musician, that sounds interesting to him, so he clicks on the ad and watches the video
    The company that created the video sells all of the hardware that he would need to get the job done, so he goes to their website and starts filling up his shopping cart
  • Blaine
    Lastly, there are In-Search ads
    These ads act similarly to the standard AdWords text ad on the Search Network
    If you know people are searching for you, or the thing that you do, do everything in your power to make sure they find you and not a competitor
    In this example, I searched for Pepsi, and the only ad I saw was for Coke
  • Blaine
    Now I’m going to tell you about all of the different remarketing possibilities that come from Google AdWords for Video
    Remarketing stat?
  • Blaine
    By connecting your YouTube channel with AdWords, you open up many new options for creating remarketing lists
    These options consist of a variety of ways that viewers interact with your channel and videos, such as the ones listed below
    You can use these lists in a variety of different ways…
  • Blaine
    You can remarket to your YouTube viewers with YouTube ads.
    One example of how this could be used would be within the context of a series of videos
    First, you publish Video 1, and knowing that the next video in the series is coming out a month later, you set up a remarketing list to capture all of the viewers of Video 1
    When Video 2 is published, you can promote it to all of the viewers in that remarketing list to make sure they continue with the series
    Another way to use this is to have a “Call to action” video
    A viewer watches Video 1 and they are added to a remarketing list
    You can then promote a video that tells them “you saw these things in Video 1, now we want you to do this. Go to our website to do it”
  • Blaine
    You can remarket to your website visitors with YouTube ads as well
    This could be a good idea for a retail or ecommerce brand
    Someone goes to your website and checks out a product page, but doesn’t buy the item
    If you have a remarketing list set up for that item, you can promote a video that showcases how to use that item or the benefits of having it
    As always you could use this to maintain top-of-mind awareness as well
  • Blaine
    Lastly, you can remarket to your YouTube viewers with AdWords ads
    This could be used to help close a sale
    A viewer watches a video that showcases a certain product
    If you have a remarketing list for that video set up, you can then promote banner ads for that product via the Google Display network, encouraging to come to your website and purchase the product or request a quote for your service
  • Kari
  • Leveraging YouTube for Online Marketing Success

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    7. 7. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TOP OF THE FUNNEL • No conversions on YouTube • Use video ads for: › Supplementing your product/service › “First-notice” › Top-of-mind YouTube Conversion
    8. 8. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TOP OF THE FUNNEL • Key Metrics › Views » People who watch your ad › Follow-On Views » People who watch your ad, then watch more videos from your channel › Follow-On Subscribes » People who watch your ad, then subscribe to your channel › Website Clicks » People who watch your ad, then click through to your website
    9. 9. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TOP OF THE FUNNEL • Key Metrics › Views › Follow-On Views – Follow-On Subscribes – Website Clicks
    10. 10. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TOP OF THE FUNNEL • Website Clicks › Link in descriptions › Call-to-Action overlay
    11. 11. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com DIFFERENT TYPES OF VIDEO ADS
    12. 12. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TYPES OF ADS • In-stream › Plays before a selected video › “Bait” › Website Clicks › Branding & Awareness
    13. 13. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TYPES OF ADS • In-Display › On top of suggested videos › Don’t know you, but interested in what you offer
    14. 14. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TYPES OF ADS • In-Search › Ads show in YouTube search results › When people are searching for you & what you offer
    15. 15. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com NEW REMARKETING OPTIONS
    16. 16. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com REMARKETING POSSIBILITIES • New Remarketing List Options › Subscribers › Unsubscribers › Viewed certain videos › Viewed your channel page › Etc.
    17. 17. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com REMARKETING POSSIBILITIES • Remarket to… › Your YouTube viewers with YouTube ads • Can be used for… › A series of consecutive videos › “Call-to-Action” videos Watch Video 1 See Video 2 (YouTube Ad) Remarketing List
    18. 18. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com REMARKETING POSSIBILITIES • Remarket to… › Your website visitors with YouTube ads • Can be used for… › Demonstrating product usage › Top-of-mind awareness Website Visitor YouTube Ad Remarketing List
    19. 19. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com REMARKETING POSSIBILITIES • Remarket to… › Your YouTube viewers with AdWords ads • Can be used for… › Initiating conversion path › Top-of-mind awareness YouTube Viewer AdWords Ads Remarketing List
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    21. 21. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com THE SECRET SAUCE GOOGLE DOESN’T TALK ABOUT • If Google were to elaborate on how user engagement with websites impacts its ranking Algorithm “Black Hats” would likely artificially automate site traffic to “game it”
    22. 22. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com USER ENGAGEMENT MATTERS TO CUSTOMERS AND SEARCH ENGINES • Getting eyes to the page is important • Keeping them on the page is more important
    23. 23. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com THE WORST THING IS THE IN AND OUT • When visitors click through from search results and immediately go back to those search results to find something better Customers will stay an average of 2 minutes longer on your site if it contains video (Comscore)
    24. 24. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com OH YEAH, PEOPLE NEED TO STAY TO BUY… • Google and Bing can get you found but your website has to deliver the results with customers to succeed
    25. 25. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com LIKELIHOOD THAT VIDEO RANKS • Google isn’t the same as it was in 2009, but a 2009 Forester study found that Videos were 53% more likely to have top 10 rankings than text pages • Pages with videos on them are 3 times more likely to attract inbound links from other sites Moz
    26. 26. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com WHAT KIND OF VIDEO RANKS ? • Google’s Universal Search results favor informational videos that answer informational search queries aimClear: Video in Google & Bing Universal SERPs
    27. 27. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com TITLES, TAGS AND QUERY INTENT • Make your video “Informational” by using the right words in Titles, Tags & Descriptions › “How To” › “What Is” › “Comparison” › “Vs.” › “Reviews”
    28. 28. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com THE PARALLEL VIDEO STRATEGY • You can have your cake and eat it too. Put videos on your site and YouTube Channel • YouTube videos are embeddable on your website • Conversion actions are on your website. Not on YouTube. › Try to keep your video traffic in your conversion funnel
    29. 29. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com HOW TO MAKE IT WORK • Use an XML Video Site Map • Mark up your embedded YouTube videos with Rich Snippets › Video Schema Markup › Facebook Open Graph Tags
    30. 30. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com CREATE AN XML VIDEO SITE MAP • Google’s Search Robots aren’t really smart enough to know that you have videos on your web pages • You have to clue them in with a video site map
    31. 31. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com UPLOAD THE SITEMAP TO WEBMASTER TOOLS
    32. 32. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com GIVE GOOGLE A WAY TO VERIFY THE VIDEO • They aren’t going to take your word for it with the XML Video Sitemap • You need to “Mark Up” your YouTube Video with Rich Text • We use: › Video Schema Markup › Facebook Open Graph Tags
    33. 33. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com VIDEO SCHEMA FOR EMBEDED VIDEO • For straight video embeds we like to use Video Schema Markup – its favored by Google/Bing
    34. 34. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com VIDEO OVERLAYS OR POP-UPS • We have had difficulty getting Video Schema to work when YouTube videos are played in a pop-up or overlay
    35. 35. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com FACEBOOK OPEN GRAPH VIDEO TAGS • Our workaround for video overlays or pop- ups are Facebook Open Graph Video Tags
    36. 36. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com VIDEO THUMBNAILS IN SERPS • When you successfully do both the XML Video Site Map and the on-page markup you are eligible to get video thumbnails in Search Engine Results Pages • Search results with video thumbnails have a 41% better click through rate than text search results RankAbove Study
    37. 37. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | marketing-mojo.com SEARCH MOJO CASE STUDY: PETROCHEM Timefram e Organi c Search Traffic Pages Ranked in Top 10 30 days 335% 5/10 80 days 889% 9/10 • Before and after traffic results for implementing an XML video site map and Video Schema Markup on pages that already had videos on them are pretty significant positive changes
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