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Is SEO Dead? Keeping SEO Alive Across All Marketing Channels
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Is SEO Dead? Keeping SEO Alive Across All Marketing Channels


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 2. Janet Driscoll Miller President and CEO, Search Mojo Follow on Twitter: @janetdmiller @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 3. • Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 – Search engine optimization (SEO) – Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) – Social media advertising – Online reputation management • Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA – Office in Charleston, SC • Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs • Speakers at SMX Advanced, MarketingProfs, PubCon and more @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 4. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 5. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 6. • Inbound links – Press releases – Spammy sites • Greater emphasis on content – Authorship • Greater emphasis on social – Google+ • SEO has become more holistic – More barriers to success @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 7. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 8. • • • • Keywords Content Inbound Linking Social Media @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 9. • Still have to have some focus on keywords @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 10. • Tools aren’t as good for research – Free Google keyword tool retired – New Google Keyword Planner data isn’t completely accurate @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 11. • Google Webmaster Tools query data @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 12. • Google now encrypts all organic searches @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 13. • Panda Update – Addresses duplicate content @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 14. • Authorship – Emphasis on author’s authority on a subject – How do you get everyone to embrace authorship and write online? @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 15. • Schema (structured markup) – Allows for rich snippets in Google and Bing @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 16. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 17. • When to add it? – How big is your site? – Cost/benefit analysis • Not all CMS support innately – May have to involve developer time @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 18. • Three main changes in the last year – Penguin updates – Google’s position on press releases – Value of anchor text in links @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 19. • Penguin focused on linkspam • “Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site's ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site.” @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 20. • Google’s guidelines re: link schemes – “Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.” • Google: If you are publishing a press release or an article on your site and distribute it through a wire or through an article site, you must make sure to nofollow the links if those links are “optimized anchor text.” • Pubcon 2013, Matt Cutts: – Press releases are considered “paid links” – Google just doesn’t count them – Press release anchor-text linking isn’t necessarily helping you today @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 21. • Messages from Google are cryptic. Make press release links “nofollow” and avoid anchor text optimization. @searchmojo #mojowebinar We don’t follow those links anyways because they are paid links. SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 22. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 23. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 24. ≠ @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 25. • The default setting for Google signed-in users is “Search Plus Your World” • These results are heavily personalized on search history, location and the connections and content associated in Google Plus with +1 votes and G+ shares @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 26. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 27. • Rankings reports are inaccurate – Personalization – Geolocation @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 28. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 29. YouTube Percent of Traffic from Mobile 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% 2011 @searchmojo #mojowebinar 2012 2013 SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 30. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 31. • Hummingbird – Designed to focus on conversational text @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 32. • Knowledge Graph @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 33. • Knowledge Graph relies on “sentences”, i.e. the relationship of various objects – Paris is the capital of France. • Google creates relationships from what it learns and returns it via Knowledge Graph • Hummingbird = sentence queries • Schema (structured data) also helps search engines understand relationships @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 34. • AuthorRank vs. Authority – Authority = measure of importance on a subject – AuthorRank = type of algorithm adjustment Current: PageRank Coming: PageRank + AuthorRank PR 8 PR 8 + AR 10 PR 3 @searchmojo #mojowebinar PR 6 PR 3 PR 6 SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 35. Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance. -- Eric Schmidt @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 36. • Pubcon Keynote Oct. 2013 – While Google can’t necessarily crawl all of Facebook (or other social networks) today, they clearly recognize how social influence can be a key indicator in understanding a person’s authority. Google will continue to try to read these social signals moving forward. So even if some social engagement doesn’t have direct ranking impact today, it may in the future. Just do what you can to be an authority in your space across these social networks. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 37. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 38. • Keys to effectively measuring SEO: – Shift away from rankings – Holistic attribution view • Attribution modeling – Conversion optimization @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 39. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 40. @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 41. Contact Search Mojo: Sean McCusty 800-939-5938 ext. 116 @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM
  • 42. Janet Driscoll Miller Twitter: @janetdmiller Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller Google+: +Search Mojo Twitter: @SearchMojo Facebook: @searchmojo #mojowebinar SEARCH-MOJO.COM