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Getting More Clicks and Conversions on Your PPC Ads


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View the full recorded webinar at …

View the full recorded webinar at

Google has recently introduced an array of new features and capabilities that can dramatically improve the performance of your AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) ads. During this webinar, Search Mojo’s Tad Miller and Nelson Hudspeth will review these new features and show you how to best leverage them for increased PPC ad clicks and conversions.

What You Will Learn:
• What Ad Extensions are and how you can benefit from them
• The increased functionality of new Enhanced Ad Extensions
• How to create new Enhanced Ad Extensions or upgrade your existing Extensions
• How you can monitor the performance of your Enhanced Extensions and optimize your ads

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  • Who – Anyone with a brick-and-mortar business locationWhat – Allow you to easily share your location and contact info with users searching for your brand. They will show if Google detects that customer is located near your targeted location, or if they detect location-specific terms in the query, like Charleston law firms.When – Whenever you want customers to visit a physical location. Ex – Charleston TouristsWhere – Google Maps,, Search Network partner sites, & the mobile Display Network.Why – Great for encouraging more business in localized settings. Enable you to help nearby customers find or call your nearest location & shows other available locations as well.** INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE ON MOBILE**
  • Who – Any ecommerce retailer with a variety of productsWhat – If your Google Merchant Center account contains one or more products that are relevant to the query, Google’s product extensions may show the images, titles & prices of your closest matching products underneath your ad. Customers clicking on the link will be taken to the product destination page.When – Product extensions should be used when you have an online product inventory you’d like to showcase. **You need to have a Google Merchant Center account set up beforehand**Where – Product extensions show up through Google Search Network and when being viewed on smartphones. Why – Great way to highlight select products in response to user search queries. Great way to boost click-through rates & take up valuable space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). **By giving customers information such as pictures, price data & product names, they can make a much more informed decision… This leads to higher quality clicks & can save you money on wasted click costs.**
  • Who – anyone with a G+ pageWhat – allow current and future customers to endorse your business through a +1 button. With social extensions, a +1 on your ad applies to your G+ page & all +1’s from your G+ page are shown on your adWhen – Seeking to improve online engagement, want to create a network of customers to engage with in the futureWhere – Google search, ads, websites or anywhere there is a +1 buttonWhy – Gaining and showcasing “stamps of approval” similar to seller ratings. +1’s also appear in user’s Google+ feeds, which can further increase relevancy and reach of your business.
  • Who – businesses providing customers with paid goods/servicesWhat – enable customers to submit ratings and commentary about companies they have done business with previously. Aggregates reviews from a broad base of sources across the internet.When – you provide great service or a great experience, and want to leverage that to get more qualified customersWhere – appear on Google Search & search partner pages. You must have at least 30 unique reviews, each from the past 12 months, and a rating of 4 stars or higher.Why – Allow Google users to see which advertisers are rated well… “stamp of approval”
  • Who – any business with multiple landing pages they want to incorporateWhat – add 2, 4 or 6 additional links beneath your ad when viewed on a desktop or tablet. Smartphone displays show up to 2When – When you have enough content to make good use. Be sure to set unique destination URLs for each sitelink… Also keep character length short & sweetWhere – Google Search Network & Search Network partner sites. Higher quality scores & higher ad position increases liklihood that they’ll be seenWhy – Great way to boost click-through-rates (google reports 30% on average) and increases potential relevancy to consumers. Highlight popular sections of your site, specific products, etc. Very easy to update, especially with new enhanced sitelinks.
  • Who – businesses that capture and nurture customers over the phoneWhat – appends a clickable phone number to your ad when targeting smartphone devices, making it easier for users to inquire about your product or services.When – Dedicated call staff, or prefer to interact via phone.Where – Google Search & Google Search partner sites.Why – Great way to encourage customers to call, rather than visit your website. Click-to-call enables detailed reporting& allows users to contact you with a click of a button. Perfect to use if you have a dedicated sales force or call center.
  • Transcript

    • 2. TODAY’S PRESENTERS Tad Miller Nelson Hudspeth Vice President of Accounts, Junior Account Manager, Search Mojo Search Mojo Follow on Twitter: @jstatad Follow on Twitter: @NHudspeth4 SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 3. ABOUT SEARCH MOJO• Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 – Search engine optimization (SEO) – Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) – Social media advertising – Online reputation management• Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA – Office in Charleston, SC• Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs• Speakers at SMX, MarketingProfs, PubCon and more SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 5. WHAT WE’LL COVER TODAY• Types of ad extensions• Benefits of ad extensions – Who should use them – What do they do – When should they be used – Where do they show up – Why are they helpful• New enhanced extensions SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 6. GOOGLE ADWORDS AD EXTENSIONS• Google AdWords feature• Show more information with existing ads• Campaign-level settings – Ad Group-level setting with enhanced extensions• Measurable performance statistics SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 7. BENEFITS OF AD EXTENSIONS• Increase click-through-rates (CTR)• Take up more space on the page• Easy to update with new information• Most extensions are FREE! SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 8. BENEFITS OF AD EXTENSIONS• Turn your Conversion Calls to Actions into Ad Extensions and increase performance• Turn Your Promotions & Events Into Site Links• Adding Conversion Actions to a Campaign we Managed for Mazda increased those conversion actions over 160% SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 9. BENEFITS OF AD EXTENSIONS• Across all of our clients Google Ads that Show Ad Site Links are: – 297% more likely to get clicks than ads without site links – Have a Cost Per Click that’s 19% lower than ads without Ad Site Links – 36% More likely to convert than an ad without Ad Site Links SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 10. GETTING AD EXTENSIONS TO DISPLAY• To get extensions to display in your account you must have: – Enabled extensions in Google AdWords – A high ad quality score – Be in a top position above organic search • No extensions will show below the third ad position SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 11. TYPES OF AD EXTENSIONS• Location extensions• Product extensions• Seller ratings• Social extensions• Ad sitelinks• Call extensions SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 12. LOCATION EXTENSIONS• Merge your business address and phone number seamlessly with your ad text• Displayed when a searcher uses a location specific search term within the target location• Appear on: –, Google Maps, Search Network partner sites, & the mobile Display Network• Location extensions recently launched on Bing SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 14. PRODUCT EXTENSIONS• Product extensions show the images, titles and prices of your closet matching products in Google Merchant Center with your Ad.• Customers clicking on the image/link are taken to the destination page listed for that product. SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 15. SOCIAL EXTENSIONS• When you link your Google+ page to your ads, Google can show more endorsements for your business from customers & supporters – Social extensions look the same as standard ads with +1 annotations on both the Google Search & Display Networks SEARCHMOJO.COM
    • 16. SELLER RATINGS• Seller ratings provide customer-submitted ratings information about sellers next to AdWords ads.• All qualifying advertisers are automatically opted in for seller ratings! – Google won’t show them if your business is rated under four stars. SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 17. ENHANCED AD EXTENSIONS• Create extensions for campaigns or ad groups• More detailed reporting• Edit extensions without resetting stats• Granular approvals• Customize extensions for mobile• Schedule your extensions SEARCHMOJO.COM
    • 18. AD SITELINKS• Sitelinks show links to pages from your website in addition to the main landing page, beneath the text of your ads• Sitelinks appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 19. WHY SITELINKS?• Show shortcuts – Highlight popular or high-converting sections of your website• Minimize work – Create sitelinks independently from your text ads• Update easily – Change link text & URLs whenever you want, keeping ads up to date & relevant SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 20. ENHANCED AD SITELINKS• Flexibility – Create sitelinks at the campaign or ad group level• Detailed reporting – Individual sitelink performance statistics• Data retention – Edit sitelink without resetting performance stats• Scheduling – Specify day of week or time of day sitelinks can show• Mobile sitelinks – Set mobile sitelink preferences SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 21. BING AD SITELINKS• Recently added to Bing• Available at campaign-level only• Up to 10 sitelinks per campaign• Currently only available in the U.S. SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 22. CALL EXTENSIONS• Add a phone number to your ad, making it easy for customers to call directly• High end mobile devices: – Ads include a clickable “call” button• Desktop/Laptop & Tablets: – Ads appear with a phone number• Call extensions recently added to Bing SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 23. ENHANCED CALL EXTENSIONS• Measure conversations – Track calls by specifying a duration• Free Google forwarding numbers – Legacy extensions charged at least $1.00 per call• Cover all devices – Show business number on all devices. Legacy extensions only show number on mobile devices• Better reporting – See how many clicks you receive on each part of the ad, broken down by campaign, ad group or ad. SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 24. ENHANCED CALL EXTENSIONS• Flexibility – Extensions can be added to ad groups as well as campaigns• In-place editing – Edit extension without resetting performance statistics• Start/end date scheduling – Specify day of week & time of day to show extension SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 25. UPCOMING WEBINARLand More Leads With Your Landing PagesApril 24, 20132:00 p.m. ETRegister today at SEARCH-MOJO.COM
    • 26. CONTACT Tad Miller Nelson Hudspeth 800-939-5938 x102 800-939-5938 x121 Google+: +Tad Miller Google+: +Nelson Hudspeth (and +Search Mojo) (and +Search Mojo) Twitter: @jstatad Twitter: @NHudspeth4 Facebook: Facebook: SearchMojo SearchMojo SEARCH-MOJO.COM