Building Your Website with SEO in Mind


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Keeping SEO in mind during the planning stages is key to a successful website design and launch. During this webinar, Search Mojo’s Janet Driscoll Miller and Amanda Sides will discuss ways to ensure you’re building a strong SEO foundation for your website – whether you’re designing a brand new site, redesigning an existing one, or even just making small changes.

You'll learn:
- What to avoid when deciding how to program your website.
- What to look for when choosing a CMS on which to build your website.
- 11 simple tactics to keep in mind that will ensure your website is found in search.

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  • What:
    Check if both www & non-www load
    Server-side permanent 301 redirect
    Canonical Tag
    Can set preference in WMT
    Only works for Google
    Root domains only, doesn’t work for subdomains

    Prevent both versions from ranking
    Avoid duplicate content
  • What:
    Use subdomains/subfolders instead of multiple domains

    Centralize link juice
    Avoid accidental duplicate content
  • What:
    Keyword inclusion
    include keywords if possible and relevant
    don’t force it
    Domain or subdirectories/subfolders

    Help engines & searchers quickly confirm that page is what they are looking for

  • What:
    Set up “pretty” urls rather than use ugly urls
    Pretty URLs= URLs with keywords/descriptive text
    Ugly URLS= dynamically generated URLs, alphanumeric identifiers
    Easy for engines & users to know what a page is about
    Help with rankings & with click-through-rates
  • What:
    Avoid lengthy pages
    Create higher volume of pages with more focused content

    Keep pages more focused
    Sometimes content at bottom of a lengthy page may not get crawled
    Increase number of pages
    Increase number of pages in index
    Increase ranking possibilities

  • What:
    Post “fresh” content
    Timely, relevant
    User-generated content

    Engines value fresh, quality content
    Users want up-to-date information
  • What:
    Reduce page load times
    Find & fix issues as soon as possible

    Rankings could suffer
    Users/bots could abandon

    NOTE TO AC: also maybe show them how to get the suggestions on how to optimize via Analytics
  • What:
    Avoid Duplicate Content
    Don’t do it
    If you can’t avoid it
    Canonical Tags
    Penalties (Panda & Penguin, decrease rankings for lower-quality sites using black-hat techniques, including stealing/scraping content from other sites)
    You can even suffer if others are duplicating your content, use tools like to keep an eye on the culprits.
    Lower rankings
    Google could prioritize the wrong page

    Demonstrate Google Maps and the link button they have

    Case Study: National Geographic Channel
    Result: tripled website traffic to the site within three months

    To see how search engines might view your site, turn off Javascript in browser and reload

    Don’t often rank highly
    Many use one flash movie because they like the transitions from one website area to another
    Using one flash movie means only ONE url/page to rank
    Reduces overall potential visibility in organic search
    Essentially means optimizing for fewer keywords
    Use a movie per page
    Avoid splash pages
    not ideal for seo
    provide a link to the home page or other navigation

    Often used for similar reasons to Flash – page transition
    Show example of Taco Bell:
    Combination approach – Spotify:
    Then show how many pages are indexed for Spotify:
    Show Activision Destiny the Game: (show how URL changes)

    Example: Search Mojo’s marketing wall
    Case study: MazdaUSA (show dealer locate)
    Result: All 200+ dealers in the US showed up for their target keyword combination (city name+ Mazda) within 30 days.
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  • Building Your Website with SEO in Mind

    1. 1. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | BUILDING YOUR WEBSITE WITH SEO IN MIND Janet Miller, President & CEO Amanda Sides, Account Director
    2. 2. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | TODAY’S PRESENTERS Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO, Marketing Mojo Follow on Twitter: @janetdmiller Amanda Sides, Account Director, Marketing Mojo Follow on Twitter: @amanda_sides
    3. 3. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | ABOUT MARKETING MOJO • Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005 › Search engine optimization (SEO) › Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC) › Social media advertising › Online reputation management • Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA › Office in Charleston, SC • Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs • Speakers at SMX Advanced, MarketingProfs, PubCon and more
    4. 4. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | OUR CLIENTS
    5. 5. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | WEBMASTER GUIDELINES • Google: › • Bing ›
    6. 6. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | THINGS TO CONSIDER DURING DEVELOPMENT • Structure • Content • Performance • Forms • CMS Platforms • Parallax
    7. 7. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE STRUCTURE What? Consolidate www & non-www  Why? Prevent both versions from ranking & avoid possible duplicate content issues
    8. 8. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE STRUCTURE What? Multiple Domains Subdomains Why? Centralize “link juice” & avoid accidental duplicate content issues Avoid Many Domains Use Subdomains
    9. 9. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE STRUCTURE What? Include Keywords in URLs Why? Help engines & searchers understand what your page is about before they click
    10. 10. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE STRUCTURE What? Set-Up Pretty vs. Ugly URLs Why? Improved relevancy & confidence to help with rankings & click-through-rates Ugly Pretty 45 3 ls
    11. 11. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE CONTENT What? Avoid Lengthy Pages  Why? Increase number of pages in index & increase ranking potential
    12. 12. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE CONTENT What? Post Fresh Content Why? Engines value fresh, quality content
    13. 13. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE CONTENT What? Reduce Load Times Why? Users/Bots abandon ship, & rankings can be affected
    14. 14. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE CONTENT What? Avoid Duplicate Content Why? Your site could be penalized, resulting in lower rankings
    15. 15. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE CONTENT What? Utilize Structured Mark-Up Why? Call more attention to results & help Google understand context of your content
    16. 16. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE PERFORMANCE What? Set-Up Google Webmaster Tools Why? Find crawl errors, provide Google with & get more information on indexing
    17. 17. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | SITE PERFORMANCE What? Google Analytics Tracking Why? Get valuable insight into site activity & track performance
    18. 18. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | JAVASCRIPT/AJAX • Javascript › Can be indexed… somewhat › Not ideal › Avoid putting very important content only in Javascript (ex: links, navigation) • AJAX › A type of Javascript implementation › Linking to specific content in the AJAX can be an issue
    19. 19. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CASE STUDY: NAT GEO CHANNEL
    20. 20. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | FLASH • Can be indexed… somewhat • But not ideal • Don’t put website into ONE Flash movie • Avoid “splash” pages
    21. 21. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | PARALLAX DESIGN • Avoid all content on the same page › Reduces chances of having multiple pages of content rank in search › Means essentially optimizing for fewer keywords • Can be used in a “combination approach” • Or, just fake it well!
    22. 22. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | FORMS • Search engine bots cannot fill out forms • Content behind forms may not get indexed • Offer bots a way AROUND the form
    23. 23. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF 1. Will anything in this design hinder indexing? › How can I circumvent this? 2. Is anything in this design against Webmaster Guidelines?
    24. 24. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | KEY TAKEAWAYS • You don’t have to sacrifice good usability for SEO › Sometimes have to just get creative
    25. 25. @marketingmojo | #mojowebinar | CONTACT Janet Driscoll Miller Google+: +Janet Driscoll Miller Twitter: @janetdmiller Amanda Sides +Amanda Sides Twitter: @amanda_sides