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Achieving High Rankings in the Bing Search Engine
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Achieving High Rankings in the Bing Search Engine


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Microsoft unveiled the Bing search engine in early June, and since then, its market share of search engine traffic has been steadily growing. According to Hitwise, Bing nearly doubled Microsoft\'s …

Microsoft unveiled the Bing search engine in early June, and since then, its market share of search engine traffic has been steadily growing. According to Hitwise, Bing nearly doubled Microsoft\'s search engine market share in June alone. With all of the excitement around the new engine, though, and its focus on relevancy, marketers are clamoring to ensure their websites get ranked well in the up-and-coming engine.

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  • 1. Achieving High Rankings in the Bing Search Engine
  • 2. About Search Mojo
    Search engine marketing firm founded in 2005
    Search engine optimization (SEO)
    Pay-per-click advertising management (PPC)
    Post-click marketing
    Offices in Charlottesville, Va. and Denver, Colo.
    Featured in the Washington Post, B2B Magazine, MarketingSherpa, Visibility Magazine and many blogs, including Marketing Pilgrim and Search Engine Journal
    Speakers at PubCon and Search Engine Strategies
    Clients include: MazdaUSA, National Geographic, American Heart Association, Clorox, Taco Bell, American University
  • 3. Bing Overview
  • 4. What is Bing?
    Recently re-released version of MSN’s search engine
    Microsoft’s goal was to organize information according to better relevancy
  • 5. Why Worry about SEO for Bing?
    Just announced: Bing will power Yahoo’s search results
    Will give Bing nearly 30% of search market share
    Currently about 5% of search market share
    Google has about 70% search market share
  • 6. Components of Bing Search Results
    Explore pane
    Quick tabs
    Related searches
    Best match
    Chosen based on:
    Query volume
    Chosen by Bing team – not automated
    Document preview
    Enabled by default
  • 7. How Bing Usability Compares
  • 8. Best SEO Practices for Bing
  • 9. Bing Webmaster Center
    Like Google Webmaster Tools
    Submit your XML sitemap
    Can be the same as your Google sitemap
    Ecommerce sites: Upload products
  • 10. Technical Issues
    Make sure your HTML code is valid and complete
    Fix broken links
    301 redirect old pages to new locations
    Implement a robots.txt file
    Include in-site text links
    Can be in main navigation or within page content
  • 11. Website Content
    Keyword should appear in:
    Title tag
    Meta keyword
    Meta description
    Heading tags (H1, H2, etc.)
    Bold text
    Link text
    Overall content of the page
    Try to have at least 300 words or more on a page
  • 12. Meta Description and Title Tags
    Use a unique title and description tag on each website page
    Title tag appears as link in search engine ranking
    Meta description appears as description in search engine ranking
    Offers great opportunity to write compelling copy to improve click through
    Ranked sites that show the searched keyword in the title and description have a higher click through rate than those that do not. (MarketingSherpa)
  • 13. Keyword Density
    Number of times a keyword appears in overall written page content
    Don’t overrun page with too many keywords
    For Bing, focus on no more than 2 keywords per page
    Content should remain readable
    Avoid keyword “stuffing”
    Good keyword density: 2-4%
    Keyword Density Tool:
  • 14. Inbound Links
    Inbound links are hyperlinks from one domain to another
    Google views inbound links as a type of “vote” from website for another site
    Link Popularity = the number of inbound links pointing to your website
    Include keyword in the anchor text of inbound links
    To tell which types of inbound links Bing values for your site, check the Bing webmaster tools
    Popularity Tool:
  • 15. Types of Inbound Links
    Reciprocal Linking
    Free, One-Way Linking
    • Three types of inbound links:
    • 16. One-way
    • 17. They link to you, but you do not provide a link back.
    • 18. Reciprocal
    • 19. You exchange links with the third party – you have a link to them on your site and they have a link to you on theirs.
    • 20. Paid
    • 21. One-way, but requires a fee.
  • Outbound Links
    Unlike Google, Bing appears to reward more for outbound linking
  • 22. For Ecommerce Sites…
    Enter your site in Bing Shopping
    Consider participating in “Bing Cashback” program
    According to Bing, eBay realized:
    10x increase in clicks
    7x increase in sales
    4x return
  • 23.
  • 24. Contact Information
    Janet Driscoll Miller
    Lead Search Strategist
    Search Mojo
    o: 800-939-5938 x101
    t: @janetdmiller, @searchmojo