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Link Earning Processes
Link Earning Processes
Link Earning Processes
Link Earning Processes
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Link Earning Processes


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Purpose of DocumentThe core objective of this Link Earning processes document is to identify the organic procedureswhich would be beneficial for websites in order to increase websites search engine visibility; alsofruitful for defining processes which ultimate objective to increase more organic web traffic.This year has been an incredibly active year from Googles Web spam Team, specifically focused on alot of linking stuff with Penguin, now the exact match domain algorithm updates, There are alsosome other updates which penalize certain types of links; For instance, article marketing & articledirectories gets hit quite hard by some Algorithm.Cross Promotion + PartnershipsRather than Building Dozens of back links; it is batter approach to earn qualitative niche based linksthrough cross promotions and making partnerships with other webmasters, the processes are givenas under.• Stop link building and start link earning• Focus on Unique, Qualitative & Niche based content• Generate Links from Niche Based websites• Relevant Site Referral + Relevant Content = More Targeted Traffic + More Conversions.• We have to get certain types of authority links with right balance of anchor text• Built Partnerships with niche based websites in order to get more relevant traffic + more organicback links + more targeted leads.• Perform Cross promotions in different niche based websites in order to acquire more targetedleads.Perform Social Sharing that Leads to LinksIts batter approach to focus on quality rather than quantity; Instead of using automated link buildingtools or using email marketing software which promotes spam links to get more leads, it is batterapproach to make your social media presence more effective. To elaborate it further its processesare given as under:• Make your Social Signals stronger• Make your site/brand presence on social media more innovative & more targeted• Try To Share/Retweet organic links which directly or indirectly associated with your website
  • 2. • Plan & Execute comprehensive social media strategy for four major networks; Twitter, Facebook,Google Plus & Linkedin.• Google Give Preference to Google Plus; Make a comprehensive strategy for G Plus in order to getmore leads.• Share Info Graphics based Images and relevant Videos on social media in order to drive moretraffic.Earn Links Directly Through ContentIn this current scenario, content optimization is key to success; you should written comprehensivecontent in order to attract more visitors, try to write more unique, qualitative & attractive content tograb the attention of potential visitors, processes of link generation through content providedbelow:• Ensure that content should be more unique & descriptive with attractive title• Embed Social Media Sharing Buttons with Posts; in order to get more social shares• Provide Info Graphics, Images & Videos to get more social share• If somebody wants to replicate the content; allow him to reproduce content with link pointingtowards original one.• Distribute content on more and more social bookmarking and social sharing sitesRequest Inclusion in Curate lists and PortalsDirectory Submissions is obsolete in current scenario, instead of wasting precious time & valuableresources its batter approach to include your website in local websites, local searches, curate lists &portals; process of link inclusion is given below:• Include your site in local searches; for instance Google Local inclusion• Try to get link from valuable resources; for instance a resource like “best legal document websiteslist• Include your website in business directories and local directories like “yelp”• Submit your company or product information in venture beat profiles & crunchbase.Acquiring Guest Posts from Picky Sites/BlogsMost of the Search Engine Optimizers concentrate on Article marketing & article directoriessubmission, due to duplicate content issues and panda algorithmic update, article marketing
  • 3. technique hit quite hard & lost it worth at some extant; it is quite interesting scenario where contentreplaces content, Guest Post is quite effective method in order to get more and more links;Processes of guest posting is provided below.• Choose Picky Sites & Blogs; to elaborate it more further always choose websites or weblogs whichfocus on quality instead of quantity.• Try to submit effective & attractive content in Niche Based Blogs• Determine Outbound Links of previous guest posts submitted by other authors; If you find moreoutbound links do not include your post in that blog• Try to figure out Good PR blog with high monthly traffic volume and submit guest blog post in thatparticular blogParticipate in Active CommunitiesAfter Panda & Penguin Update; Old School Link Building Tactics like forum posting, commentspostings, do follow blogs, do follow links, .edu links, .org links, all that kind of stuff are useless intoday’s environment. Active Communities participation is more worth able to draw visitors attentionfor grabbing more leads, Processes of active communities participation is given as under:• Participate in active niche based forums, blogs & social media communities• Do not try to submit links only try to read the discussion properly and comments accordingly.• Participate in social media discussions effectively in order to gain more attention or visitors andshare links accordinglyMining Competitive Content & Performing BatterIn Search Engine Optimization performing competitor analysis, tracking competitor back links andacquire back links from where your competitor is gaining link back was quite fruitful procedure, Butafter algorithmic update things changes with lightning speed; as thing stands out today it is notrecommendable to acquire links where your competitor is getting links from; processes of miningcompetitive content is given as under:• Identify Competitor Content which are getting more links through open site explorer and try to getlinks from qualitative niche based sites• Monitor competitor most shared content through social media monitoring site topsy; & writebatter & innovative content and share it accordingly• Perform Competitive niche based survey; identify latest trends through Google Trends & writecomprehensive article on latest happenings in legal industry.
  • 4. Building a Social Network of InfluencersRather than getting back links through links farm or blog networks its batter approach to make yourown web 2.0 community & Share your qualitative content on social media in order to get moreauthority links. Processes of Building a Social Network of Influencers are given as under:• Build an Establish Web 2.0 Properties & Write Effective, Interactive and qualitative content.• Building a social network that is actually made up of influencers; the people who own websites andwho have a presence in Twitter, Google+ & Facebook that can influence other people that will getpeople paying attention towards your social community.