Geo modified keywords & their impact on local rankings


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Two factors that contribute to a strong Local SEO campaign are keywords and the physical location of the business. Join us to learn about beneficial and strategic keyword targets, the impact of selecting appropriate geo-modifiers, and more!

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Geo modified keywords & their impact on local rankings

  1. 1. Helping small businesses succeed online. @searchinfluence
  2. 2. • Georgia Native • Georgia Southern University Graduate (2011) • Majored in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing • Relocated to New Orleans in 2013 • Account Associate at Search Influence • Currently managing over 40 accounts Jordan PolhemusABOUT ME @searchinfluence
  3. 3. Geo-Modified Keywords&Their ImpactonLocal Rankings @searchinfluence
  4. 4. @searchinfluence WhichGoogleAlgorithmupdate affectedlocalsearchresultsfor businesses? 1. Penguin 2. Panda 3. Venice 4. Hummingbird
  5. 5. @searchinfluence Answer: Venice!
  6. 6. What is a Geo- Modified Keyword? @searchinfluence
  7. 7. @searchinfluence Geo-Modifier=“NewOrleans” Keyword=“ChineseRestaurants” Geo-ModifiedKeyword = “ChineseRestaurantsNewOrleans”
  8. 8. UNDERSTANDING THE SEARCH RESULTS PAID Search Results LOCAL Search Results ORGANIC Search Results @searchinfluence
  9. 9. Venice changed local search by… 1. Understanding where we are located 1. Showing local results even when we don’t search with a geo-modifier 2. Serving up results it deems relevant to your location 1. Only allowing a business to rank in an area that they serve or are located in @searchinfluence
  10. 10. @searchinfluence
  11. 11. @searchinfluence
  12. 12. @searchinfluence ButhowdoesGoogleknow where I am ifI don’t type inageo- modifier? 1. Your IP address 2. Your search history 3. Your Google settings 4. Also, they know everything!
  13. 13. How to change your location in Google… @searchinfluence
  14. 14. @searchinfluence
  15. 15. Benefits of this feature… 1. Allowsyoutoseethesearchresultsofother areaswithoutbeingthere 2. Allowsyoutoshowpotentialandcurrentclients howtheirwebsiteranksinotherareasaswellas theirown @searchinfluence
  16. 16. @searchinfluence Deliverables that affect local rankings... 1. Optimize websitecontentwithareasrelatedtothebusiness 2. 30minutesofGoogle+activity 1. Optimize locationlandingpage 1. Implement“schema”codesacrossthewebsite 1. SubmitbusinessNAPto100localdirectories
  17. 17. Understanding a client’s current local presence status before starting an SEO campaign… @searchinfluence
  18. 18. 1. Do a non-branded search in the city the client is physically located • Using industry category keywords • If not ranking in the SERP, start with a local SEO campaign @searchinfluence
  19. 19. 2. Do a non-branded search in the surrounding areas and major metros • If ranking well locally, consider increasing client’s presence in surrounding cities @searchinfluence
  20. 20. @searchinfluence Whatif your clientwantstorank nationally? Ask them… 1. Doyouservicethe nation? 1. Areyoucurrently rankinglocally? 1. Areyoucurrently rankingstate wide?
  21. 21. You Can’t Fool Google! @searchinfluence 1. Opening up a P.O. Box in the city or state that you want to rank for wont work • Google understands the difference between a P.O. Box and a true brick and mortar store 2. Getting a local phone number in the area that you want to rank for 3. Using a home address as an office address • Google understands the difference between a residence and commercial
  22. 22. @searchinfluence Google knows where you are!
  23. 23. Frequently Asked Questions… @searchinfluence 1. My client still hasn’t approved the keyword optimized content. Is that going to affect their rankings? • Absolutely. The content that we create for each campaign is directly related to keyword rankings. 2. What if my client is in the service industry and wants to rank for the areas they serve? • It is possible for businesses who travel to their clients to rank for the areas they serve, but it can be difficult.
  24. 24. Upcoming Webinars… @searchinfluence Local Claiming Vs. Local Presence May 1st at 10am CST • Looking to increase your local search presence? Claiming and optimizing Google+, Yahoo, and Bing listings are a must, but having a presence on other platforms will also help increase local search presence. Join up as we dive into our Local Presence package and explore the opportunities and ways to increase a client’s local search presence.
  25. 25. THANK YOU! -Jordan Polhemus