Google Advanced Search Tricks

Google Advanced Search Tricks



Here is a nice 1 page reader that will help you to refine your Google Search and gives you some Google alternatives

Here is a nice 1 page reader that will help you to refine your Google Search and gives you some Google alternatives



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Google Advanced Search Tricks Google Advanced Search Tricks Document Transcript

  • CHEATSHEET INTERNET RESEARCH© 2012 Henk van Ess Twitter: @henkvanessLinkedin: Interested in a workshop? Call +31 33-7508747 2012What: Example Details Use it to1. Quotation marks "Albert Einstein, born on" Predict language Predict an answer2. Asterix "Albert Einstein, born on * * ,1879" Replaces full words Find words between words3. Filetype PDF/DOC/PPT and more Search for documents4. Minus sign river phoenix -"river phoenix" Get rid of what you hate or –“….” is allowed5. Find the title allintitle: songtext Alanis Morisette Search title document Find docs with certain titles6. Search Site: site: edu or Search one source only Overrides search engine source7. What? define: adhd or “adhd is” Explains something Get rid of non relevant sources8. Why? "whales strand because" “Because” = why question Predict the answer9. When? Custom range f.e 1-1-2000 to 1-1-2001 Click “Show Search tools” Find specific publication date10. Not exact enough Verbatim Click “Show Search tools” Overrules personalization11. Numbers range Ipad “300…500 euro” or “1961…1966” Powerful with “…” Find a cheap iPad. Or years.12. Publication date javascript:alert(document.lastModified) Type this in URL field If any, it shows pub. date13. Check owner site Look for REGISTRANT (Historical) owners of sites14. Check site In Google: info:( Check for LINKS Who refers to the source?15. Error 404 Google Cache* or Your time machine See longer readerMore search engines: Adress Details Use it asBing From Microsoft Alternative for GoogleTwitter - !/search-advanced Advanced search On geo, date & timeSocial Media Or Search peopleClustersearch Has a lot of filters Alternative for GoogleNicknames Search avatars Search peopleFacebook Search Facebook What did users like?Blogs & social Has alert by email Watch it happeningFiltersearch, use site: (…..).aero 2001 1995 United States 1995 United States 1998 Organizations established by international treaties between 2005 International community of human resource 1995 United States militaryStrategy1. Find a source you trust. Only if you can’t find one, use Google2. Remember a search engine of a trusted source is not always as good as you hope. Search again with (term)site( inGoogle3. Don’t ask questions but predict the answer. Don’t type bio Putin but “Putin has * children”