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seapearls boasts one of the most memorable yachting experiences in the business.
 The Paddock finds out what ...
Eshter Mitsis

cialized in the sector of large yachts.       Yacht management                                properties, ...
20 09 f ia Gal a

The 2009 FIA trophy winners

                               Jenson Button and Ross Brawn

Richard Cregan
   and Philippe

                                motorsport business forum

best imaGes of 2009

108   January/February 2010   109
launch pad

this year’s new car launches have been           What they did:                                  number two re...
Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle - Editorial/Interview - Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Issue27-March2010 Index&...
Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle - Editorial/Interview - Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Issue27-March2010 Index&...
Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle - Editorial/Interview - Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Issue27-March2010 Index&...
Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle - Editorial/Interview - Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Issue27-March2010 Index&...
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Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle - Editorial/Interview - Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Issue27-March2010 Index&Syl


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Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle
in the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi and Bahrain 2010 Issue 27

We are happy to share it with you. Your comments are very important to us.

Esther G. Mitsis
Managing Director/Founder
Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle

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Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle - Editorial/Interview - Formula 1 Grand Prix Abu Dhabi and Bahrain Issue27-March2010 Index&Syl

  2. 2. THE MOTORSPORT BUSINESS AND LIFESTYLE CONTENTS vOlumE 4 NO 1 Platform 10 Is f1 on the right track? The Formula 1 grid has expanded, but should the sport have focused on polishing its existing product rather than expanding it? News revIew 12 Return of the ‘silver arrows’ with Mercedes GP… McLaren forgets sponsor defections and focuses on its two World Champions… Santander is Ferrari title sponsor in everything but name… The oddly named new Suaber entry tests in sponsor-free livery…Force India has three months to file details of its accounts or it could face closure… featUres & INtervIews 22 muscling Into f1 Stefan GP has already made quite an impact upon the world of Formula 1. It could yet make history in 2010, however, as the team that tested without a grid placement. 26 virgin territory Who actually owns Virgin Racing? Team Principal Alex Tai has stepped down to be replaced by Manor’s John Booth. After months of hiding F1’s ‘worst kept secret’ Virgin’s involvement was finally confirmed by the FIA… not Virgin. 30 on the fast track to the right formula Robin Fenwick has thus far enjoyed a highly successful sports marketing career. He tells The Paddock about the relationship between Hilton and McLaren and his new agency Right Formula. 36 Checking out the return In a world where return on investment is King, you have to admire the performance of the Hilton-McLaren partnership. We take a closer look at the numbers involved in this deal. 38 King of the world Bernie Ecclestone talks to The Paddock about Formula 1 and the future of the sport. The teams, circuits and personnel keep changing but Bernie remains as a totemic figure. 42 ecclestone and Genii motor on Although the joint bid by Genni Capital and Bernie Ecclestone to take over the Swedish car manufacturer Saab failed, Formula 1’s ringmaster still wants to become a car manufacturer… 44 the car makers’ f1 numbers game How many cars does a car manufacturer need to sell in order to justify the running of an F1 team? With tumbling car sales most have not made the grade. 47 the Us$13.7bn cost of the world’s fastest showroom The Paddock takes a look at some of the costs that have been ploughed into running a Formula 1 team by the teams and reveals some jaw-dropping figures. The money making race. Why Lewis is ahead of the rest. P. 64 4 January/February 2010
  3. 3. lifestyle seapearls boasts one of the most memorable yachting experiences in the business. The Paddock finds out what the company has to offer the discerning customer luxury on the waves By John Breen Seapearls Yachting and Lifestyle speci- tention to crewing. Our experiences also Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle’s services alises in providing a luxury experience include breathtaking villas, private VIP also include limousines, helicopters, and at sea. The company tells The Paddock aircraft, limousines and helicopters. deluxe villas all over the Mediterranean, how it meets clients’ needs: and we are expanding into providing de- Our objectives and top principals are: luxe villas in the Red Sea and Arabian Building on ten years experience in the Gulf. Additionally, we provide yacht char- yachting industry, Seapearls Yachting & • Attention to every detail ter-management, crewing, marketing and Lifestyle was established in 2006 with • Strict selection of yachts and crews brochure creation services, including inte- one goal – to offer our discerning clientele • Top quality and discretion rior/exterior and aerial photography. Last exclusive ‘Haute Couture’ services for the but certainly not least, we can arrange your most unforgettable and immaculate pri- Seapearls’ managing director and founder, private limousine, security, or even for your vate or corporate cruises and VIP lifestyle Esther Mitsis, spent three years in charge private jet to fly you quickly and in comfort, vacations. Anticipating our clients’ every of two of the largest and most legendary security and luxury to your destination. need is what gives Seapearls Yachting & mega-yachts in the world, the MV Alex- Lifestyle the competitive edge over others ander and MV Turama, and has managed YaCHt CHarterING & in the industry. many super-yachts in the west and east BroKeraGe Mediterranean, Adriatic, Red Sea and the We possess extensive experience in luxu- unique breathtaking Greek Isles. Today, it Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle has ex- ry mega-yachts and super-yachts through makes us happy to organise and coordi- tensive experience in selling, purchasing a worldwide network of owners and cli- nate any cruise, private or corporate, hav- and chartering luxury yachts and provides ents in the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Red ing dealt with major car corporations and brokerage services to our worldwide net- Sea, Arabian Gulf and the Caribbean. A Formula One executives during the Mona- work of owners and charter clients. very selective range is available for char- co Grand Prix, the Film Festival in Cannes ter. Our mega-yachts range from 180 feet and many other international events. Ty- Charter central agency to 400 feet and our super-yachts from 75 coons and royal families are among our feet to 180 feet and we pay the highest at- owners and charter clientele. Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle is spe- 96 January/February 2010
  4. 4. Eshter Mitsis cialized in the sector of large yachts. Yacht management properties, a timeless backdrop to create Let Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle your own memories in Greece, Sardinia, worry about everything while you en- Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle can pro- the South of France and Spain. joy your cruise. vide management of some of the largest and most prestigious yachts in the world. Private VIP aircraft – charters and pur- Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle will do chasing all the work for making your yacht profit- The company undertakes and organises able. Rather than having your yacht doing every aspect of the yacht’s operations Charters: nothing berthed at the marina, we will and maintenance so that the boat is ready bring in clients and charters once your for her owner’s use at a moment’s notice. Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle has access yacht is commercially licensed and, if she We provide recruitment of international- to a number of high-end, luxurious aircraft is not, we will undertake all the work and ly qualified officers and crew, necessary to provide safe and efficient first-class exec- have everything done for our client. maintenance and repair works, upgrad- utive travel services for Fortune 500 com- ing of electronic systems according to panies, private and public organisations, As your Charter Central Agent, the the latest technology, appropriate berth- television networks and movie studios. charter management and promotion of ing, provisioning needs, travel arrange- your yacht is our primary role as well ments for owners and their guests, and Guests can not only enjoy comfort in spa- as booking and administration on your marine insurance. cious reclinable seats but also privacy in behalf. In addition, with non-exclusive the onboard meeting rooms depending on central agency agreements for several At Seapearls Yachting & Lifestyle owners the size of the aircraft. A deluxe catering additional yachts, a full line of mega- are assured that their asset will be main- service will provide gourmet food and yachts is available for charter anywhere tained to the highest standards and with beverages individually tailored at the cus- and at any time. the strictest adherence to regulation. Our tomer’s request. maintenance programs and yacht manage- Purchaser/seller representative ment are of the highest order. With VIP treatment, personalised service, the finest aircraft and crews, your experi- We often act as sellers and buyers for our The primary characteristic of Seapearls ence will far surpass your expectations. clients who often prefer to remain anon- Yachting & Lifestyle is the belief that all ymous during the purchasing or selling things are possible and service is offered Purchasing – interior modification process, not letting their prominence with a smile and the understanding that ful- influence price negotiations. Confidenti- filling a request is a matter of great pride. Interior modification capabilities seam- ality, discretion and professionalism are lessly transform regional airliners into the trademarks of these negotiations. exclusive prestige properties VIP or corporate shuttle aircraft in coop- eration with the leading factory/builders marketing and brochure creation Whether you are looking for only a pres- in the world. With a leading-edge avionics tigious villa or would like to combine it modification we keep your aircraft pro- Being in a competitive and difficult market with a luxury yacht, Seapearls Yachting ductive, profitable and technologically ad- we will undertake concerted marketing of & Lifestyle will find the best for you vanced and a world-renowned engineering the boat that will include full photography with full staff. team designs, analyzes, tests and certifies if required, a new brochure if necessary, your aircraft, with excellence gained from and exposure at various boat shows. Intimate residences, an array of five star decades of experience. 97
  5. 5. 20 09 f ia Gal a The 2009 FIA trophy winners Jenson Button and Ross Brawn Sebastien loeb Carlos Sainz Andy Soucek Gabriele Tarquini, right, FIA World Touring Car Champion His Excellency Abdulla Khouri collects the and Jaime Puig Seat motorsport Boss promoters trophy on behalf og the Abu Dhabi GP 106 January/February 2010
  6. 6. Richard Cregan and Philippe Gurdjian motorsport business forum Gerard lopez Richard Bracewell Razlan Razali Talal Al Zain, CEO of mumtalakat Tony Fernandes Paolo Flammini marissa Pace Peter Harris 107
  7. 7. best imaGes of 2009 108 January/February 2010
  8. 8. 109
  9. 9. launch pad this year’s new car launches have been What they did: number two remains open to question, but full of optimism for the coming season Whitmarsh’s description of his driver Barrichello finished the season with 65 and this is nothing new in formula line-up as “exciting” may have been an points to Schumacher’s 93 and never re- one. The Paddock takes a look at the understatement. By the end of the year ally recovered from the infamous team predictions from the past decade that Hamilton’s respect for Alonso had van- orders incidents in Austria and India- didn’t quite come off. ished and the Spaniard quit the team un- napolis the previous year. der a storm. 2002 2009 2006 What they said: What they said: What they said: “I expect it to be quite a tough season.” We communicated our target 2009 four “Michael decides by himself. As far as - Michael Schumacher, Ferrari driver years ago. We set out a plan aiming at motivation, concentration, strength, and the first points in 2006, the first podium determination are concerned, I consider What they did: in 2007, to win in 2008, and we then him able to do at least two more years in Ferrari won 15 races and Schumacher won stated that we want to fight for the cham- Formula One.” the driver’s title at the earliest stage in the pionship from this year onwards. So far - Luca di Montezemolo, Ferrari president history of the sport. all targets have been met, so there is no reason to abandon the final and most im- What they did: 2001 portant target.” Little did di Montezemolo know, but those What they said: - Mario Theissen, BMW motorsport di- further years would be with Mercedes. “Unfortunately the F1 Commission rector doesn’t always do as I tell them, despite 2005 speculation to the contrary. I do not be- What they did: What they said: lieve that they adopted a defensible po- A 10th place finish at the season opener in “With this year’s tyres in the first ten laps sition in giving an inexperienced driver Melbourne was a sign of things to come. there’s a progressive degradation, noth- like Räikkönen a licence.” By August BMW had announced that it ing sudden. But then they remain with the - Max Mosley, FIA president would quit F1 at the end of the year. same level of grip and don’t deteriorate any more. It’s really incredible.” What they did: 2008 - Fernando Alonso, Renault driver Despite his lack of experience, Räikkönen What they said: scored points on his debut and led his Sau- “I think that Honda has to be the team to be What they did: ber team to an unprecedented fourth place with in the future, it has everything now. “Incredible” was one of the more polite in the championship. The rest is history. It is the first time that I can truly say that descriptions of Michelin’s 2005 season, in every area we are strong and we know which saw all but three teams miss the US 2000 which direction we are going.” Grand Prix due to tyre problems. What they said: - Jenson Button, Honda driver “Jaguar is a natural and logical challeng- 2004 er in Formula One. For over fifty years What they did: What they said: we have been consistent winners in mo- Sadly for Honda, that direction was out of “Michael is a fantastic driver ... [but] I tor sport. We have won Le Mans seven F1. It all turned out quite well for Button don’t think he’ll be driving in 2005. That’s times. We have won at Daytona. We have though who, after being embarrassed by a what I think.” won world Sportscar Championships and three-point tally in 2008, went on to win - Ron Dennis, McLaren team principal we have won the Monte Carlo Rally and the title in the following year with Honda’s the Coupe des Alpes. Our entry into For- successor, Brawn. What they did: mula One though, clearly signals Jaguar’s Michael Schumacher not only drove in direction for the future.” 2007 2005, and 2006, but is even returning to - Dr Wolfgang Reitzle, Jaguar chairman What they said: the track in 2010 as well. “It is truly an honour for me to be given What they did: this opportunity to work alongside Fer- 2003 Less than five years later Jaguar had quit nando in my first year as a Formula One What they said: the sport, without a single victory to its driver. I have a tremendous amount of “If we can have any advantage, even if it’s name. respect for what he has achieved.” little, then Rubens should be the one who - Lewis Hamilton, McLaren driver is going to be the most dangerous because and one prediction that Was he has improved his game quite a lot. I rate spot on... “We have what we believe to be the most him very highly and he’s going to be a big exciting driver line-up in Formula One for threat to me.” “All I can confirm is that it is a good car, many years. Fernando is obviously a very - Michael Schumacher, Ferrari driver that it is a good engine, it is a good group proven product and an extraordinary dou- and I think we will be the surprise of the ble world champion.” What they did: year.” - Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren chief ex- Whether Schumacher ever believed in the - Rubens Barrichello, ahead of Brawn’s ecutive potential challenge from his renowned stunning championship year in 2009 110 January/February 2010