Brand Strategy Document - Eternal Uprising


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Brand Strategy Document for Streetwear-Lifestyle Clothing Company

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Brand Strategy Document - Eternal Uprising

  1. 1. Brand Overview
  2. 2. Mission: Our mission is to inspire others to achieve greatness in their lives by living with absolute passion. Vision: Eternal is a movement. We are a collective of people who live life to the absolute fullest and take chances to follow our dreams and reach for greatness. We are inspired by those who are passionate about what they do, what ever that may be. It is our goal to inspire others through the products we create and the community that supports us. Mantra jx TÜx XàxÜÇtÄ‹ Eternal in mind, energy, and spirit. Our will cannot be broken. Our heart aches to be tested. In adversity, we thrive; in life, we live; in the face of opposition, we rise. Together we stand, join us. jx tÜx XàxÜÇtÄ‹ Eternal is a lifestyle. Eternal is a state of mind. Eternal is a moment; it’s that moment when you realize that life is too short to not go for it. jx tÜx XàxÜÇtÄ‹ We are inspired by people who are passionate about their lives and take chances to follow their dreams. We live each day like there is no tomorrow. Whether you fight, surf, skate, jump, ride, fly, or simply be, if you are doing it with absolute passion, then you are Eternal. The energy and passion that you pass on will never die. You are Eternal. We are Eternal….
  3. 3. BRAND ANALYSIS BRAND POSITION/7-SECOND ELEVATOR PITCH – WHAT IS ETERNAL? Eternal is a premium lifestyle streetwear brand inspired by the artistry of the modern day warrior. Beyond the brand’s progressive, graphic-driven product, Eternal represents a movement; individuals, athletes and artists who have formed community in their relentless pursuit of evolving the way world sees sport and self. TAGLINE All day everyday BRAND DIFFERENTIATORS: Artistry in design Thoughtful/spiritual and empowering brand ethos Premium product Reasonable price points Inclusive streetwear that is not limited to one interest, sport or demographic Brand engages community and is part of movement that reads back to spiritual and physical empowerment Tenants that inspire the consumer to make a thoughtful choice over other streetwear brands on the market (particularly within the MMA category) Warrior is inclusive of women/men and sport and is a “personal” lifestyle choice. Lifestyle positioning not specific to one sport/human interest silo, inclusive of sport (MMA, Action Sports, Team Sports) and music/fashion lifestyle Mission reads back to the brand statement seamlessly Own a more sophisticated niche in the MMA market and beyond
  4. 4. BRAND ANALYSIS – Cont’d BRAND ASSETS Clean reputation Tapping into a growing market Strong name established and concrete Sponsor top fighters/growing base Solid ownership/planning Reasonable pricing Credibility in MMA channel Sharing strong early distribution Diligent planning Lean and efficient internal resources Strong reputation, no “stigma” Well positioned as an intelligent/lifestyle brand Well designed/original VOCABULARY FOR PITCHING/PRESENTATION Movement Warrior Artistry Quality Game changer Innovative thinker Rebel soul Passionate Risk taker Hot Stylish Original Community Innovative Reasonable/Accessible
  5. 5. CURRENT PRODUCT MIX (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) Eternal Couture* – Premium line Eternal Classic – Mainstream line T-Shirts: $39.99 T-Shirts: $22.99 Thermals: $46.99 Hoodies: $48.00 Hoodies: $69.99 Accessories: $19.00 Accessories: $28.00 Hats: $29.99
  6. 6. TARGET MARKET (AT THE CORE) Who is he: The Modern Day Warrior Age: 15 – 35 year old Males (primary) education: High School, Some college. Ethnicity: Mostly White, but also strong in Hispanic, Asian and Black. Resides: Urban or suburban areas. Top markets include: California, Texas, Nevada, New York, Chicago, Arizona, Florida. Career Descrip: Income level: $15K - $60K Brands in closet: Nike SB, Vans, LRG, Diesel, Ed Hardy, Levis, True Religion, Monarchy, RVCA, Obey. What he reads: COMPLEX, Antenna, Vapors, URB, XXL, The Source, King, MMA Mags and sites, Sports Mags and sites (ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Transworld). Where he shops: Department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom’s, but more often then not specialty stores like Metropark, Solis, M. Frederic Interest: MMA, Skate, BMX, Surf, Custom Cars, Snowboarding, Music, Graffiti, Motorcycles, Working Out, Professional Basketball, Professional Football, Surfing, Art/Graffiti, Technology, Progressive Politics.
  7. 7. TARGET MARKET (AT THE CORE) – Cont’d Music: Listens to progressive hip-hop and alternative rock. Internet: Follows MMA sports, Youtube, Social networking sites, tastemaker blogs. TV: Spike, Comedy Central, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fuse, G3, BET. His Heroes: Michael Phelp, Chuck Liddell, Cary Hart, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Rampage Jackson, Corey Hill, Lebron James, Jim Jones, Common, Carmelo Anthony.
  8. 8. COMPETITION: Premium Fashion (MMA Industry) Rock Hip Hop & Roll Basic/Performance
  9. 9. COMPETITION Premium Fashion (Fashion Industry) Rock & Roll J Street Wear Lifestyle Fashion
  10. 10. Athletes Sponsored:
  11. 11. Recent MMA Sponsorships: Event: UFC 91 - Las Vegas Televised: Pay-per-View Spnsrship: Demian Maia (main card) Viewership: 1.0 million (PPV) 3.3 million (Spike replay)
  12. 12. Recent MMA Sponsorships (cont’d) Event: UFC 94 - Las Vegas Televised: Pay-per-View Spnsrship: Nate Diaz (main card) Viewership: 1.3 million (PPV) ?? million (Spike replay)
  13. 13. Recent MMA Sponsorships (cont’d) Event: UFC 95 - London Televised: Free on Spike TV Spnsrship: Demian Maia (main card) Viewership: 3.0 million (Spike/free) ?? million (Spike replay) NOTE **: Demian is scheduled for Title Match in Aug. ’09 in UFC 102 against Anderson Silva. Eternal has contract with Demian for this fight.
  14. 14. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q1 2009
  15. 15. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q1 2009 (cont’d)
  16. 16. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q1 2009 (cont’d)
  17. 17. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q1 2009 (cont’d)
  18. 18. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q1 2009 (cont’d)
  19. 19. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q1 2009 (cont’d)
  20. 20. PR/MEDIA TRACTION – Q2 2009 (pipeline)
  21. 21. Company Headquarters 7171 Evan Avenue Sebastopol, CA 95472 2007, Eternal Unlimited, LLC. All rights reserved.