Sean family comm 2222


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Sean family comm 2222

  1. 1. Family Collage By: Sean Travis
  2. 2. What is family?Book: “Blood tiesand legal ties, asnetworks ofpersons who livetogether overperiods of timesupporting eachother, and asgroups of peoplewho have ties ofmarriage andkinship to one
  3. 3. What My Family IsA close group of people that have shared past experiences, both good and bad, and work together to care for, love and respect one another. A big group of friends that can have a lot of fun together.
  4. 4. The Travis Familyand roles:A two parent biological family.My mom: was a registerednurse at South Shore Hospitaluntil she got diagnoses withMS. Her role is the caretakerof the house and kids.My dad: Owns and operateshis own sheet metal business.Essentially, he is thebreadwinner and provides forus but does not use that forpower.
  5. 5. Kait: Role ModelOldest sibling and wants to be a good role model for us to follow.Has frequent discussions with my mom because my mom was the oldest of her siblings.
  6. 6. Chris: The Responsible OneThe eldest son of the family and takes responsibility after my father.He communicates a lot with my father to take after him because my father was also the eldest son.
  7. 7. Sean: Middle ManLaid back in my family and make sure everyone is at peace. I frequently call/text my family seeing how things are going.
  8. 8. Jill: The Baby She is the youngest sibling and takes the role of the baby.Everyone, especially my parents communicate with her to check up and make sure she is okay.
  9. 9. Together: Theory of Wholeness “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”We all bring something to the table that is different but together we create somethingdistinct. The whole is more important than the individual, and if problems occur, we discuss the problem as a whole.
  10. 10. Parents: Maintenance strategy of: Assurances“Stressinglove, support, andcommitment, implyingthe partners are faithfuland the relationship hasa future.”They communicate oftenof how things are goingand make sure itsperfect.
  11. 11. Assurances:
  12. 12. Siblings: Maintenance strategy of PositivityCheerful and upbeat Supportive All shows through our communication
  13. 13. Siblings: Maintenance strategy of: Sharing TasksJointly perform tasks Fair to one another Clean the house/yard work-cook/dishes
  14. 14. Family RitualsTry to do something as a family a few times a year to keep our family bond strong and our communication up (all at college)
  15. 15. Bibliography: Galvin, Kathleen M., Carma Lee Bylund, and Bernard J. Brommel.Family communication: cohesion and change. 8th ed. Boston: Pearson Allyn and Bacon, 2012. Print.