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Backup Now Ez (110609)

  1. 1. Backup Now EZ<br />“The Better Way to Backup Now… Easy!!”<br />
  2. 2. Backup Now EZOverview<br />Designed for your personal computer, Backup Now EZ is your complete backup solution. Whether you are a novice PC user or an IT pro looking for that simple, yet powerful solution, Backup Now EZ is the right choice for everyone.<br /><ul><li> Complete Image Backup for Your PC
  3. 3. File & Folder Backup
  4. 4. Secure 256bit AES Encryption
  5. 5. Backup Destination Capacity Alert (Warns when the hard drive is getting full)
  6. 6. CPU Priority Setting (Allows you to set the priority of the backup job)
  7. 7. Supports a wide variety of backup devices allowing you the flexibility to choose where and how to back up.
  8. 8. Flexible Scheduling allowing Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and On-Demand
  9. 9. Incremental backups for both Complete System and File & Folder backups</li></ul>“It’s not if your hard drive will fail, but when your hard drive will fail.”<br /> - Anonymous -<br />
  10. 10. Welcome Screen<br /><ul><li> On first launch, users are greeted with a friendly welcome screen
  11. 11. Two predefined jobs are created for the user
  12. 12. The user can accept these settings or quickly modify to fit their needs</li></li></ul><li>My Files Selection<br /><ul><li> Designed in a “keep it simple” and layered approach for advanced users
  13. 13. Most common files are grouped into easy to select categories
  14. 14. The advance tab allows more flexibility to select specific files & folders</li></li></ul><li>Complete System Backup - Source<br /><ul><li> The Complete System backup will backup the whole physical hard drive, including drive letter partitions and hidden partitions.
  15. 15. Hiding the hard drive complexity from the user makes this once difficult task of backing up their hard drive a breeze for all</li></li></ul><li>Backup Location<br /><ul><li> Supports a wired range of destination including internal & external hard drives, pen drives, optical drives, and network/NAS drives. Full network support for both mapped and unmapped drives
  16. 16. Capacity Alert, Encryption, & Compression options are on the main GUI for quick access</li></li></ul><li>How Often<br /><ul><li> Scheduler settings include Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and On-Demand
  17. 17. Backup Priority allows you to set the CPU priority for your backup</li></li></ul><li>Home Screen<br /><ul><li> The home screen gives the user an easy to understand and friendly view of their backup jobs
  18. 18. The user can initiate a backup or start a restore
  19. 19. For more details on their backups, the user can click on the Status Details hyperlink to open the Job Status window</li></li></ul><li>Job Status<br /><ul><li> The Job Status gives the user an at-a-glance status of their backups
  20. 20. Two easy to read pie charts display the condition of their backup devices and with the calendar view they can quickly check the status of the past, current, & future backups</li></li></ul><li>Complete System Restore<br /><ul><li> Linux boot system, thus no extra royalty cost
  21. 21. Boot from USB hard drive or CD/DVD disc
  22. 22. Catalog automatically loads with a list of restore points
  23. 23. Pressing the restore button will do everything (E.g. Partitioning, formatting, and restoring) in the background, without any user interaction needed</li></li></ul><li>Hard Drive Upgrade<br /><ul><li> Restore to the same size hard drive, larger hard drive, or even a smaller hard drive if space allows. The program will dynamically resize the partitions to match the size of the new hard drive.</li></li></ul><li>File & Folder Restore<br /><ul><li> The backup set automatically loads for easy file & folder selection
  24. 24. The quick search feature will search your backup set to help you find that “hard to find” file
  25. 25. Restore to either the original location or choose a new location</li></li></ul><li>Feature Review<br /><ul><li> Complete System and File & Folder Backup solution
  26. 26. Boot from either USB hard drive or CD/DVD discs to restore your complete system
  27. 27. Supports a wide range of backup devices (E.g. Internal & External Hard Drives, Flash drives, Optical drives, & Network/NAS drives).
  28. 28. Secure 256bit AES encryption
  29. 29. Data Compression, Capacity Alert, Backup Priority options
  30. 30. Incremental backups saving backup space and allowing multiple restore points to restore your computer how and when you want
  31. 31. Worry free scheduling</li></li></ul><li>Thank You<br />