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How To: Develop your PLN and Up Your Online Presence
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How To: Develop your PLN and Up Your Online Presence


Published on …
I produced this slideshare for a number of reasons. First off, I was introducing a class to digital-age promotion using social media. I also wanted to support those who are interested in developing their own personal learning networks or take them to the next level. I also thought I could use it to share my free pdf Ebook, Deepen Your Digital Footprint: A Beginner to Intermediate Guide to Increasing Web Traffic & Online Presence.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. This slideshow was created for teaching
  • 2. online promotion
  • 3. connectivism
  • 4. and developing networks
  • 5. Based on the principles I have discovered over the last two years
  • 6. I will share proven tools
  • 7. Where relevant I will include alternatives
  • 8. In total I have generated around 120,000 personal “hits” or views
  • 9. Just me, one teacher
  • 10. Here’s how
  • 11. Have something to say
  • 12. Have something to say Get the word out
  • 13. Have something to say Get the word out Harness the power of synergy
  • 14. Have something to say Get the word out Harness the power of synergy Stay the course
  • 15. Have something to say Get the word out Harness the power of synergy Stay the course
  • 16. I am an educator
  • 17. all of the research presented here
  • 18. works for educators
  • 19. sharing their work...
  • 20. for free
  • 21. I have also used this content with students in technology classes
  • 22. The “Rules”
  • 23. Have something to say
  • 24. WordPress Blog This is the core around which I built It was the start of my Personal Learning Network (PLN) I commented on & followed blogs Others followed me
  • 25. Supplement with websites My BIG one Made to share EdTech & further grow my PLN
  • 26. Worth making=worth sharing Share what people want everyone listens to WII-FM (What’s in it for me?) Resources that are useful will be shared
  • 27. YouTube / Vimeo I created a YouTube Channel, seansensei8, featuring a growing collection of videos focusing on 21st century teaching practice I subscribe to other people’s channels Some subscribe to mine
  • 28. Slideshare A great way to store and share your best slide presentations Allows for followers to develop your PLN Easy to embed in a website or blog
  • 29. Scribd Cleanly embeds documents to present in webpages and blogs Allows for followers and readers right on the site
  • 30. Get the word out
  • 31. Mobilize with social media
  • 32. Twitter The HEAVY hitter You must get a Twitter account Learn how to use #hashtags Follow people with similar focus Follow who they follow
  • 33. LinkedIn Another “biggie” Most importantly, join groups Follow discussions POST
  • 34. Google+ Another potential “biggie” Develop over time Re-post the work of others POST
  • 35. Pinterest Create & curate Get your stuff out and help others get theirs out. It’s a community after all
  • 36. Facebook Unless you spend a great deal of time on this and separate your real friends from your potential audience this is like the PB & J of social media Good to have but not so exciting
  • 37. Rebel Mouse Join them all together here Considering I never interact with this site consciously, it generates A LOT of traffic for me
  • 38. Harness the power of synergy
  • 39. You now have the tools you need to create
  • 40. and share
  • 41. Synergy is EVERYTHING
  • 43. Every presence you have is linked to every other . Over time, even small dividends pay off BIG. It’s like compounding interest.
  • 44. Stay the course
  • 45. Sounds like hard work?
  • 46. It is, but Rome wasn't built in a day...
  • 47. Your digital self, like your "real" self, takes time to develop
  • 48. Thanks for looking at this. I hope it helps you Deepen Your Digital Footprint. I have added a couple bonus tricks before the final link to my free eBook. Enjoy and good luck!
  • 49. Track your traffic TweetsMap allows you to see where your followers are “allegedly” from
  • 50. Track your traffic Mention Map allows you to see who is interacting with, “mentioning” your tweets
  • 51. Begin it Download a free copy of my eBook Deepen Your Digital Footprint Today