Intro to SEO for UrbanTXT

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A quick introduction to SEO for UrbanTXT. Presented by Sean Percival.

A quick introduction to SEO for UrbanTXT. Presented by Sean Percival.

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  • 1. SEO Sean Percival For UrbanTXT Downtown Los Angeles, 7/20/13
  • 2. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization Changing Page 1 Results on Google Reputation Management
  • 3. The Lingo of SEO SERP: Search Engine Results Page. Organic: Something that happened naturally. PR or Page Rank: A score from Google. Authority: Strength, weight and trust. Meta Data: Extra code or data to help the robots understand a web page. URL: Uniform resource locator, aka the link.
  • 4. Two Major Areas of SEO On Page: • Page Layout • Code Used • Website Infrastructure (speed) • Meta Data and Media Off Page: • Incoming Links • Anchor Text • Relevancy • Trust
  • 5. What Google Likes to See <h1> PAGE TITLE </h1> --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- -----bunch o text----- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- -----bunch o text----- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- • Descriptive Page Title • Original Content • Media • Social Activity • 250+ Words • Internal Linking
  • 6. Choose Your Path White Hat Black Hat • Amazing Content • Strong Community • Gets Press Coverage • Content Scraping • Paid Links • Keyword Stuffing Grey Hat • Somewhere In-between • Bend Some Rules • Has the Most Fun
  • 7. Toolset Google Webmaster Tools Google gives it all away here and tells you what to do. The tool is awesome because it: • Is totally FREE • Has tons of data • Sends you alerts • Sweet site upgrades (Sitemaps, Data Highlighter and more) MOZ A leading marketing toolset for SEO and more. The tool is awesome because it: • Has some free tools • Can spy on competitors (Open Site Explorer) • is good local businesses
  • 8. Secrets to Success • An annoying amount of research • Lots of experiments • High quality content • Persistence
  • 9. Thank You