The internet matt, dylan, sean, brody
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  • 1. Matt, Brody, Dylan, and Sean
  • 2. The Internet?The internet is a system or network ofservers, computers, and routers connectedby communication lines. Now Then
  • 3. History 1961 – First packet-switching papers 1969 – ARPANET carries its first packets 1980 – Ethernet standard introduced 1982 – TCP/IP protocol suite formalized 1983 – Domain Name System (DNS) 1991 – World Wide Web (WWW) 1994 – Full text web search engines 1995 – very high-speed Backbone Network Service (vBNS) 2000 – Dot-com bubble bursts 2006 – First meeting of the Internet Governance Forum 2010 – First internationalized country code top-level domains registered 2012 – ICANN begins accepting applications for new generic top-level domain names
  • 4. Use of the Internet Email Newsgroups Discussion Business Banking Social networking
  • 5. How to connect to the internet? Dial-up Dsl Cable T1 line Wireless broad band Wi-Fi Satellite
  • 6. Devices that use Internet Then Computers Now Phones Tablets Laptops Notebooks Printers
  • 7. Browsers Modern Chrome , Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Outdated Line Mode Browser, ViolaWWW, Erwise, MidasWWW, MacWWW, Windows 2003.
  • 8. Hardware Personal Computer with Internet access, such as: Phone, Tablet, PC, XBOX, etc. Router Modem Network Interface Card (NIC) Wireless Adapter Wired/Wireless Access Points
  • 9. Internet Service Provider Higginsvilles current provider is Citizen’s Telephone Company. Some of the top Internet Service Providers are: Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable.
  • 10. Internet Software needed forSchool Computers OS-Windows 7 Communication- Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ISP Utilities- mstar isp utility windows 7 Browser-Internet Exploror
  • 11. Software cont. Internet browser software Anti-virus software Email software such as Outlook Plug-In software such as Adobe Flash, Java. Anti-Spam software (Optional)
  • 12. How the Internet has affectedSociety. Social Networking Online Business Schooling Art Entertainment Research
  • 13. Internet… In the Future. Google Fiber Web 3.0 Faster Internet Speeds Bigger Servers Better Graphics New Browsers
  • 14. Works Cited