Online Backup Solutions


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Online Backup Solutions

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "http://WWW.FREE-BACKUP.INFO" WWW.FREE-BACKUP.INFO<br />Simple Fixes for Online Data Backup Woes<br />Have you ever contemplated online data backup methods everytime you’re using the PC and didn’t seem to create a back-up of the files because you lack the necessary media? People have found themselves in a situation in which they just completed crucial projects and realized there’s no way of taking the files to their home computer system.<br />190500 Fortunately, there are various online data backup possibilities. With the development of internet broadband, these options are starting to become popular in the virtual arena. Probably the best remedy for those seeking online data backup solutions is to either; a. mail a copy of the document to yourself in an e-mail using the service of free web mail, or b. upload the file to a web / FTP server.<br /> If the part of data or file you want to make an online backup duplicate of will be relatively small, then just think about mailing yourself a duplicate of the file using one of the numerous no cost internet email services. Either use your web mail account or if you don't have a web mail account, you can simply make one with one of the several free web mail companies.<br />If sending the file to yourself via e-mail is not your style, then you can just upload the file to one of the many free web servers. Not only simple, these options are also inexpensive as they are 100% free.<br />There are commercial services, such as, which offer clients with online data backup services for monthly fees. Even though these services cost money, many are finding it well worth the charge with the generous tools these services provide the clients.<br />Aside from the above-mentioned options, there are a number of online services which exist only for data backup. While these services charge a monthly fee, they're dedicated to providing customers with a wide variety of tools for online data backup. is widely considered to be one of the best online data backup providers, considering that it is also one of the original services.<br />While most of the online data backup providers are with costs, Yahoo members can find a service known as Yahoo! Briefcase as a cost-free option to the other services. Another choice for Yahoo users is to use Yahoo's free Briefcase service. The service is simply a stripped down version of the popular pay services stated earlier, but with only confined web space and only a few tools for importing your data.<br />For those not wishing to pay for such services, the best solution is to reconsider sending a copy of the file via your email or to upload a copy of the file to a web / ftp server. It may be a little bit of a work than by just using a web browser to upload a copy of the files to a free backup service.<br />