In search of hard drive recovery pros


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In search of hard drive recovery pros

  1. 1. HYPERLINK ""<br />In search of Hard Drive Recovery ProsWith hard drive recovery, the old saying "you get what you pay for" does not always apply. An organization with an impressive website quoting you $3,500 for a hard drive recovery will not be immediately superior to a company that is quoting you $1,500.<br />Keep away from companies that charge a fee for checking your drive, several reputable data recovery companies assess standard IDE drives cost-free. The restoration market is approaching saturation, so offering free evaluations doesn't always suggest a lack of expertise.Finding a Quote for Hard Drive Recovery 43131160924Looking around for hard drive recovery, you will find prices varying greatly. Quotes for regular hard drive recoveries can certainly range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. You may be provided individual quotes that have an up to $1, 500 high/low spread, usually this is a 'bait and switch' tactic - these people bait you to send in the drive with the low-end price, then they change to telling you it's going to cost close to the high end price for the recovery.<br />They trust that most clients wouldn't like the stress of having the drive sent back, and repeating the entire process of getting another company.<br />Try to get an up front cost for the logical or physical retrieval, they must be capable of giving an indication of the price of a recovery to within a couple hundred dollars. They usually give individual prices for the two different procedures, one price for a logical failure and an additional price if the problem happens to be physical. This is different to the high/low 'bait and switch' described earlier, it's just quoting two rates to the two kinds of restoration.<br />What are the Chances of a Successful Hard Drive Retrieval?<br />Hard disk restoration professionals claim an average success rate in the region of 75-85%. Independently, there are times when your data is permanently lost. This can be for a few reasons, excessive physical trouble for the platters, computer data is written over, or it could be simple things like not available replacement parts.<br />Getting Started with Your Hard Drive RestorationWhen your hard drive fails, pull the computer plug out of the socket - do not even shutdown! - and contact a hard drive recovery professional. Ask a lot of questions, and ensure you have the following facts at hand:<br />The total capacity of the drive.The Os you're using - Windows 98, Windows XP,Windows Vista, Mac Snow Leopard, etc.<br />Anything you were doing right before your drive ceased working.<br />Whether your computer recognizes the drive.<br />If you have a standard IDE hard drive, make sure that you do not pay an assessment fee. A lot of companies only charge an assessment fee when they are dealing with a complex RAID or network server drive.<br />You'll find the hardest part is in fact finding a data recovery company with an individual available to respond to the phones! Regardless of this, it is important to do the legwork of calling and talking directly with the companies to find one that you feel the most comfortable with.<br />