IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration Solution for ISVs


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IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration Solution for ISVs

  1. 1. IBM SoftwareWebSphereIBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloudintegration solution for ISVs
  2. 2. 2 IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration solution for ISVsFacing the integration challengeIs integration holding you back in your ability as an independentsoftware vendor (ISV) to provide end-to-end service to yourclients? Your product is your business and you believe inthe power of software as a service (SaaS), which enables yourclients to gain instant access to your solution on demand, fromanywhere, anytime. But there is still a significant challenge toclosing deals and driving renewals. Many of your clients haveexisting business processes and applications containing criticalinformation that need to work with your solution. The ability tohelp your clients rapidly realize the full benefit of your solutionis dependent on how well your solution integrates with thoseclient applications.You could use your professional services or development teamto help your clients develop integrations with their existingapplications. However, you may already have a backlog of serviceengagements or prefer not to build a large team of specializedvendor-supplied application integration resources working onrisky one-off integrations.To address the integration challenge while maintaining focuson your core business, you should consider seeking a trustedpartner able to provide proven technology that is flexible enoughto support the myriad of different integration needs for yoursmall, medium and large clients. This partner should providethe sales and marketing assistance to ensure your sales teams arefully equipped and prepared to go to market with an end-to-endapproach that includes integration. Finally, the partner mustensure success in implementing the integration solution by fol-lowing proven SaaS methodologies, best practices and access toa community of on-demand application integration specialists.With thousands of client integrations, industry-leadingproducts, and partnerships with the top SaaS providers, theIBM® WebSphere® Cast Iron® integration solution for ISVsis specifically designed to help eliminate integration as a barrierto your success.What is the IBM WebSphere Cast IronCloud integration solution for ISVs?The WebSphere Cast Iron integration solution for ISVs, aspart of the IBM PartnerWorld® program, empowers cloudcomputing and SaaS ISVs by combining leading products,proven methodologies and customized marketing campaignsdesigned to meet their data migration, process synchronizationand information consolidation requirements. The WebSphereCast Iron integration solution for ISVs eliminates the needfor ISVs to develop and maintain their own integration codeand solutions.The WebSphere Cast Iron integration solution for ISVs isdesigned to enable SaaS ISVs to:● Help their clients rapidly realize the full benefit of the ISV’ssolution and increase user adoption● Remove Integration as a sales inhibitor● Allow professional services teams to focus on applicationdeployment rather than integration and data migration● Solve the entire life cycle of integration needs: data qualityand migration, real-time integration and data extraction● Narrow the choice of partnering options, including co-sell,resell and embed or bundle
  3. 3. 3IBM SoftwareThe WebSphere Cast Iron integration solution for ISVs offersthree options to get you started quickly. IBM can:1. Train your team to deploy build-and-deliver integrationsyourself2. Lead the building and delivering of the first few integrationsto your clients until your team believes you are ready to takeover some or all of the integration work.3. Manage the building, delivering and supporting of theintegrations so you can focus on your application.Why partner with IBM?With thousands of production integrations and the industry’sleading products, IBM is uniquely positioned to provide partnerswith unparalleled experience. The WebSphere Cast IronIntegration solution for ISVs, as part of the IBM PartnerWorldprogram, enables you to meet your integration and datamigration requirements by equipping your team in the followingfive key areas.● Marketing. Go to market faster, smarter and more profitablyusing a robust portfolio of marketing resources at your finger-tips through IBM PartnerWorld. World-class resources areavailable that address all parts of the marketing cycle to helpyou identify opportunity, generate demand for your offeringsand go to market with the advantages gained by your alliancewith IBM. Valuable support is also offered to help you driveopportunity and deepen your success among midmarketclients.● Selling. A wealth of resources is available throughIBM PartnerWorld to help you sell IBM-based products,services and solutions. Teaming with IBM can connect youwith opportunity—and can help you manage the opportunitythroughout the sales cycle. IBM can assist you each step ofthe way to help you make the most of each sales opportunity.● Technical. From product and solution enablement to pre-and post-sales technical support, IBM PartnerWorld deliversresources to help you build, design, sell, implement and sup-port IBM technology. Resources are available through online,remote and onsite support options. Your technical vitality is asimportant to IBM as it is to you—and that’s why IBM investsin comprehensive technical support.● Training. New skills learned—or existing ones refined—extend your reach into new markets and enable you to increaseyour value to clients. As an IBM Business Partner®, youwill have access to extensive training and education resourcesthrough IBM PartnerWorld. Learn what you want, when andwhere you want to.● Collaboration. Collaboration has never been more critical.Connecting with colleagues, clients, potential prospects andpartners is essential. Building and maintaining these relation-ships can extend your reach into new markets, broaden yourcapabilities, extend your reputation and grow your revenue innew and more profitable directions. Through PartnerWorld,IBM invests in resources to help connect you withIBM Business Partners that have complementary skillsor expertise and IBM subject matter experts.
  4. 4. 4 IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration solution for ISVsKey benefits of using the WebSphere CastIron integration solution for ISVsCompetitive advantage● Ability to integrate with your client systems rapidly, offeringintegration as a service● Create new or more profitable revenue streams from clientintegrations● Access to proven technology with hundreds of productionSaaS clients● Customized marketing collateral tailored to your specificaudience● Always-on integration demo portal accelerates your sales cycleLowest cost of integration● Reduce or eliminate the need to invest in building teams ofintegration specialists● Outsource some or all of the integration and data migrationactivities to IBM● Repeatable and scalable cloud infrastructure, enablingmanagement and monitoring from anywhere, at any time● Reduce risk associated with integration and migration serviceengagements by leveraging IBM’s proven agile-client-deliverymethodologyLeverage the power of cloud computing● Collaborative design and runtime experience that exploits arich, rapid development environment that draws resourceson demand from the cloud, without sacrificing the usabilityexpected of a robust integration tool● Manage and monitor from anywhere, at any time with acloud hosting environment● Choice of integration delivery options (Appliance, Virtualor Cloud) provides a seamless transition between cloud andon-premise environments as your organization’s applicationlandscape changes● Develop and manage the solution or let IBM take care of itfor youRapid, efficient development experience● Ready-to-use integration with optimized, prebuilt connectivityto all major SaaS applications, including, ADP,SuccessFactors, Taleo, NetSuite, RightNow, Eloqua,Big Machines, Right90, Xactly and many more● Prebuilt connectors for all major enterprise applications,including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customerrelationship management (CRM) and financial applications● Full connectivity to all major databases, flat-files, web services,enterprise service buses (ESBs) and messaging systems● Access to an extensive, on-demand community library,containing Template Integration Processes (TIPs) for themost common integration scenariosRewarding your investment in IBMIBM PartnerWorld is a tiered program with three distinct levelsof participation that reward your investment in IBM—Member,Advanced and Premier. IBM Business Partners who investmore in their IBM relationship receive higher-value benefitsand resources. The more you align your business with IBM—increasing sales, developing specialized skills and demonstratingvaluable expertise and client satisfaction—the more IBM canconnect you to opportunity.
  5. 5. 5IBM Software● Member. Member level requires minimal commitment—simply complete the online registration form and accept theIBM PartnerWorld agreement. There is no charge to join.In return, IBM provides support for a broad portfolio ofIBM products and technologies.● Advanced. Advanced-level Business Partners have demon-strated a high level of skills and market success. They arecommitted to maintaining a prosperous business relationshipwith IBM.● Premier. Premier Business Partners have demonstratedsuperior skills and market success. They actively collaboratewith IBM to deliver significant client value through innovativesolutions.In support of the growing cloud computing opportunity forAdvanced and Premier Business Partners, IBM offers theIBM Cloud Computing Specialty. This new specialty provides abroad ecosystem for IT companies to work together and delivera wide range of cloud computing services and technologies forclients of all sizes and industries.The IBM Cloud Computing Specialty supports five solutionareas for Business Partners who demonstrate their expertiseand client success in cloud computing:● Cloud application providers deliver applications throughthe cloud, such as with Software as a Service (SaaS)● Cloud builders engage in consultative and solution selling ofmultiple IBM offerings and want to more fully participate incloud opportunities to win higher value, higher margin deals● Cloud infrastructure providers operate a publicInfrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service(PaaS) for app vendors and companies to develop, test andhost solutions● Cloud services solution providers have an establishedpractice, leveraging one or more IBM cloud offerings andproviding end-to-end cloud solutions to their clients● Cloud technology providers offer the tools, services andtechnologies that help other IBM Business Partners andenterprise clients use the cloud more effectivelyTo learn more about the IBM Cloud Computing Specialty, more informationTo learn more about the IBM WebSphere Cast Iron integrationsolution for ISVs, please contact your IBM marketing represen-tative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following or call (408) 956-3380.Additionally, IBM Global Financing can help you acquire the ITsolutions that your business needs in the most cost-effective andstrategic way possible. We’ll partner with credit qualified clientsto customize an IT financing solution to suit your business goals,enable effective cash management, and improve your total costof ownership. IBM Global Financing is your smartest choice tofund critical IT investments and propel your business forward.For more information, visit:
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