Cast Iron Systems Sales Cheat Sheet for PROS


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Cast Iron Systems Sales Cheat Sheet for PROS

  1. 1. Overview Why Cast Iron? CustomersCorporate Facts•Founded in 2001 by Integration Industry Experts•Pioneered SaaS / Cloud Integration•Unique focus on speed & simplicity — ―Integration inDays‖•Thousands of customer integrations•14 consecutive quarters of growth•96% customer retention•Patented TechnologyBuzz• Gartner: ―… will play a critical part in the growth,acceleration & acceptance of SaaS.‖• AMR: ―The two most interesting features are thespeed of integration and the ease of connectivity…‖Recent Awards• 2010 CODiE Awards Finalist• Everything Channels CRN: Cast Iron Cloud namedas one of the "100 Coolest Cloud ComputingProducts."Complete•Complete flexibility: Cast Iron Cloud2, physicalappliances, and virtual appliances•Total connectivity: basic & SaaS/midmarketconnectivity and complete enterprise connectivity•Complete reusability: Template Integration Process(TIP) Exchange, TIP Development Kit, and TIPCommunity•For all types of projects: data migration, processintegration, and UI mashupsTrusted•Premier partner for, Oracle, Google,Dell, Cisco, Amazon, HP, Microsoft, SAP, VMware,ADP, and many moreProven•Thousands of deployed customer integrations acrossall industries and around the world at companies suchas Allianz, British American Tobacco (BAT),Amerisource Bergen, Emerson, Krueger International,Peets Coffee & Tea, PGP Corporation,, among many others.Customer #1Business Problem:Needed real-time, bi-directional integration betweenPROS and Oracle ERP for pricing and discount infoCompeted against: Custom codeSolution: Cast Iron provided real-time, bi-directionalintegration between PROS and Oracle ERPProjected Results: Integration completed in days;100% configuration-based, no codingCustomer #2Business ProblemNeeded integration between PROS and SAP for pricingand order entryCompeted against: Custom codeSolution: Integration between PROS and SAPResults: Integration completed in days; Cloud-basedintegration-as-a-service (IaaS)Qualification Questions Business Problems Solved Customer #3Business Problem:Needed integration between PROS and Oracle/SiebelCRM for customer master, order entry, orderstatus/modification and cancellationCompeted against: Custom codeSolution: Integration between PROS and Oracle/SiebelCRMResults: 360o view in PROS: quotes, orders, sales• With which application(s) do you need PROSintegration? (i.e. ERP, CRM, and/or otherapplications)• What’s your plan to mitigate risk associated withPROS integration?• How are you providing centralized visibility ofinformation from within PROS, eliminating the needfor users to login and learn other applications?•Who will support PROS integration when issuesarise (i.e. network configuration changes, credentialchanges, etc.)?•Who will enhance PROS integration as yourenterprise data sources evolve?•Data migration – e.g.: PROS and CRM or PROS andERP systems• Application integration with back-office applicationsincluding product and pricing information, ordermanagement and fulfillment systems• Streamline the quote-to-order process• Data extraction to reporting systems for historicalproduct information• Data integration from ERP to PROS and from CRMto PROS• And many more...Cast Iron Systems: Sales Cheat Sheet for
  2. 2. Cast Iron Contact:John Whiteside, PROS Partnership Development Cast IronSystemsO: 1. 650.316.6071 | E: jwhiteside@castiron.comCast Iron Systems: Sales Cheat Sheet for• Account Master — Customer information is initiallymigrated from your ERP system to PROS. New andupdated Customer information is then moved from ERP toPROS on a scheduled basis.• Contact Master — Contacts are kept synchronized betweenyour ERP system and PROS for Customers identified inyour ERP.• Product Master — Product information is initially migratedfrom your ERP system to PROS. New and updated Productinformation is then moved from ERP to PROS on ascheduled basis.• Pricing Master — Pricing information is initially migratedfrom your ERP system to a PROS Price Book. New andupdated Pricing information is then moved from ERP toPROS on a scheduled basis.• Quote to Order — As a Quote is approved, a Sales Orderwith Line Items details, based on the standard Price Book,is created in your ERP system.Objection HandlingObjection Why can’t I custom code the integrationbetween PROS and the applications I have?Response Cast Iron OmniConnect is the onlycomplete solution (see ―Capabilities‖ table at left).Custom code does not deliver the quality,reusability and scalability for applicationintegration. It is typically a people-intensive, one-offeffort that is performed to meet a specific businessneed in a tight deadline. For example, Cast Iron’sproven low cost platform has enabled thousands ofcustomer application integrations thus liberatingthe IT staff to focus on more strategic projects.Objection Why Cast Iron over Fusion, Boomi,Informatica, and Pervasive for integration toPROS?Response On Demand Services, including Boomiand others, don’t provide multiple deploymentmodels, real-time process integration, andenterprise/midmarket connectivity, among manyother capabilities (see ―Capabilities‖ table at left).On Premise Tools, including Fusion, Pervasive,Informatica, and others, don’t provide multipledeployment models, real-time process integration,and user-interface (UI) mashups, among manyother capabilities (see ―Capabilities‖ table at left).Objection What is the cost of using Cast Iron?Response Cast Iron’s complete, proven, andtrusted approach to PROS integration allowcustomers to reap dramatic results. Customerfeedback indicates that Cast Iron delivers up to50% time and cost reduction via total connectivityand up to 80% time and cost reduction viacomplete reusability.UseCasesandConnectivity