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Phys of ex presentation

  1. 1. A PHYSIOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT OF A NETBALL PLAYER By Sean Lewis from ‘Sports Fanatical Physiologists’
  2. 2. PROFILE:o Femaleo 25 years oldo 165cm tallo Mass is 63kgo BMI is 23.13o Position is Centreo Training with the National Squad
  3. 3. 5 MAIN ATTRIBUTES OF A NETBALL CENTREo Body composition • Centres are normally very lean, with very little fat masso Flexibility • Important for Injury prevention as well as maximising power, speed, agilityo Speed • Important for getting into space to receive the ball, or intercept passeso Agility • Similar reasons as speedo Aerobic Fitness • Centre’s have the most ground to cover, game lasts for at least one hour
  4. 4. THE 5 TESTSo Body Composition – Skinfold test with seven sites • Accurate, • Repeatable • Cheapo Flexibility – Sit and Reach test • Relevant • Cheap • Repeatableo Speed – 20m sprint test, gates at 5, 10, 20m • Relevant • Measures reaction time and acceleration • Repeatable
  5. 5. THE 5 TESTS (CONT.)o Agility – Netball Specific test • Replicates game situation • Measures reaction time, • Repeatableo Aerobic Fitness – 20m Shuttle Run • Done in Netball attire on a Netball court • Accurately predicts VO 2 Max • Repeatable, • Similar to game situation
  6. 6. RESULTS Sum of 20m Sprint Agility Sprint Sit and Reach 20m Shuttleskinfolds (cm) Time (s) Time (s) Score (cm) Run ScoreActual Expected Actual Expected Actual Expected Actual Expected Actual Expected78.9 74.7 3.25 3.38 3.44 3.57 28 31 11.7 12.1 20m Sprint Test (s) 5m 10m 20mAverage Peak Expected Average Peak Expected Average Peak Expected 0.98 0.95 1.04 1.66 1.62 1.76 3.25 3.19 3.38
  7. 7. IMPLICATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONSo Anaerobically very strong • High scores in Agility, Speed and Flexibilityo Aerobically still quite good, not as good as expected • Lower than expected scores for aerobic fitness and body compositiono Recommend aerobic exercises at training • Improve aerobic fitness • Improve body compositiono Also recommend analysing diet, removing unnecessary calories
  8. 8. ERGOGENIC AID – SPORTS DRINKo Designed to: • Maintain fluid balance • Replace lost electrolytes • Maintain CHO levelso Consists of: • Mainly water • <10% Carbohydrates (some have >10%) • Electrolytes • Sugars
  9. 9. ERGOGENIC AID – SPORTS DRINKo Pros: o Cons: • Appear to enhance performance in • Has been linked to erosion of tooth short and long term exercises enamel • Delay onset of fatigue by increasing • Effectiveness in short duration rate of lactate removal exercise (≤ one hour) is debatable • Maintains Glycogen stores • Maintain fluid balance more than • While there are not many cons for water sports drinks, CHO milk drinks have • Better taste = drink more been shown to have an improved effect on recovery • Has been shown to increase mental function during exercise • Also don’t have the issue of enamel erosion
  10. 10. SPORTS DRINKS RECOMMENDATIONSo Sports drinks will enhance performance in shorter duration exerciseo Recommend a switch to CHO milk drinks • Similar effect but proteins and calcium improve recovery • Does not have issue with tooth enamel erosiono Would also recommend consumption post exercise as well as during, to enhance recovery
  11. 11. SUMMARYo Anaerobically is very fito Aerobically is still quite fit but needs improvemento Recommend aerobic based exercise as well as modified diet • To increase aerobic fitness and body compositiono Sports drinks are enhancing performance • Recommend switching to CHO milk drinks • Also recommend consuming them post exercise as well as during