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  1. 1. Chill Space Justin Khalifehzadeh Sean Khalifehzadeh Anthropology 102 Dr. Leanna Wolfe October 12, 2010
  2. 2. Intro This is a story from the home of Kenneth, a single college student working a full-time job. He lives alone in a single apartment. Our objective was to study the life of a student who is able to successfully live on his own. He has no room mates and is one of the most independent people we know. You will notice how his apartment is arranged. It is cramped, yet organized and accessible. The space is accommodating for a single male. It satisfies his need for privacy and independence, while allowing him to live comfortably as he matures throughout his life. The space is unique because it is the quintessential economic dwelling for someone who has school and work as their main priorities in life.
  3. 3. This is an overhead view of the main room. The living room in the single apartment has also become a bedroom and the entertainment room. The couches and tables were given to him by his mom and his bed was bought from Craigslist. It is the main area where Kenny and his guests spend time. A second desk is used to organize all the work and projects. This is the heart of the single college students apartment. Everything is arranged around the TV. There are very little to no decorations. It’s the basics that are focused on.
  4. 4. All Work and No Play The main work area is located upstairs next to the dining table and kitchen. All homework and work related business is taken care of on the computer. His life would not be possible without a computer, or two. Being in a single creates challenges when trying to organize furniture. This lack of space forces him to sacrifice some comfort, but gain accessibility.
  5. 5. Entertainment Life is stressful for a full-time student who works 40-hour weeks. When it’s time to relax, Kenny has inherited a big-screen TV and purchased a Playstation 3. He spends a lot of time here because there isn’t much else to do living alone. There isn’t much care for organizing the wires because they get moved around so often. The single life culture allows him the freedom to live as he pleases. Next to his game is also a picture of his sister to remind him of home.
  6. 6. The Garage As with many males, auto supplies are frequently purchased items. However, there isn’t a garage that comes with a single apartment. Kenny stores his motor oils and car parts next to his couch. Space is a commodity in a single, and every ounce must be used wisely. Kenny works on his car as much as he can to save money. The space taken up here is less valuable than the hundreds of dollars he saves from spending at a mechanic. There is no arrangement in particular, other than keeping everything grouped.
  7. 7. Here is another view of how Kenny spends most of his free time. Relaxation is a key to his life because he is constantly dealing with school and work. The stresses that he is exposed to make having your own space like this is essential to staying on the right path. His apartment is built for comfort and convenience. On any given Sunday, football is tuned in from morning until Monday night. Chips and pizza frequent the table coupled with beer and soda.
  8. 8. To Eat or Not to Eat Time is scarce for someone who goes to school and work. The microwave is his best friend. Not only does it take up a minimal amount of space, it provides for a quick and easy meal when he is running late. Cooking a full meal means that he will have left-over food for the next few days. That is sometimes the greatest incentive. Being single allows him to only provide for himself and not have to worry about making dinner plans for the family. The singles culture is accepting of such behavior, especially for a male.
  9. 9. Grub. Quick eats like cereal and Pop-Tarts litter the space above his fridge. Easy meals and left-overs can be seen throughout the refrigerator. Time is scarce and space is tight. The single apartment has a small kitchen that has just enough room for the necessary goods. However, one person can live comfortably because there isn’t any lack of privacy or a set of rules to follow.
  10. 10. The lack of items in the bathroom sink are indicative of a single male who lives in the apartment. This picture has a way of portraying the freedom that comes with living alone. A minimalist attitude is a characteristic of a college student who has moved away from home. Again, everything is arranged to be convenient and time-saving. Clean Streak
  11. 11. Closet Space Storage space is also an issue when living in a small apartment. Kenny has two of these that he purchased from Craigslist. They do the job well and are very efficient space savers. This is very typical of someone who is a full-time college student. Sacrifices are made and storage space is one of them when living in a small unit. The single life has given Kenny the freedom to live in a small apartment, but be able to sort his belongings in a way that is very inhabitable. Affordability is a defining factor at this point in his life.
  12. 12. The End