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Blog power point technology

  1. 1. Why We Need Technology By Sean Heller
  2. 2. Integrating Technology in Education * Technology is vital in teaching the modern student. * Teaching technology is often viewed as tedious and difficult. * Teachers often feel lost or behind when it comes to technology instruction.
  3. 3. Research for Technology * Recent research has show that technology is not only vital but very accessible for students. * Technology integration has also been shown to help teachers reach difficult students. *Technology has also been shown to not only increase test scores but also productivity in both students and teachers.
  4. 4. Technology in the Classroom * Technology in the classroom can take many forms. * It can range from the use of computers, multimedia applications, and SMART Boards. * The technology should be utilized to directly impact instruction being taught.
  5. 5. Fears of Technology * Funding and training remains to be one of the largest obstacles in education. * Many teachers and administrators fear that some technology is a passing fad. * Some view current technology as difficult and cumbersome.
  6. 6. Quelling the Fears * Since technology is so pervasive in our society, it is also becoming increasingly easy to use. * Technology does not have to be complex, in fact, the easier the use the easier the accessibility. * With the ease of use, the cost of use has also decreased over the years.
  7. 7. How to Use Technology * Technology should be used to benefit and enhance instruction. * It should focus on the ease of application for the students. * It does not need to be complicated or advanced. * Small steps in technology integration will pay large dividends for student learning.
  8. 8. Where to Obtain New Technology * The internet is a wonderful tool to find and research existing and emerging technology. * Communication with students is also a great resource in discovering what is current and relevant for your audience.
  9. 9. What to Expect from Technology * Technology will help teachers and students plan and monitor progress. * It is important to expect resistance from peers and some students. * Practicing technology will motivate and invigorate current teaching practices. * Expect to challenge yourself and your students.
  10. 10. Be Proactive * You must practice. * Do not wait for technology and techniques to find you, we live in an active society. Be active with your methods. * Do not give up. It will take time and many trials but teaching technologies are accessible. * Share what you have learned. It is our responsibility to share our knowledge and help motivate other learners.