Safe Schools Program


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A school safety program that helps teachers and parents effectively deal with cyber-bullying, bullying, teen texting and driving, sexting, online pornography, child predators, text-cheating and other technology issues & dangers facing children

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Safe Schools Program

  1. 1. Cyber-bullying safety programEffectively Handle Cyber-bullying, Sexting, Text-Cheating and other technology-driven problems in schools
  2. 2. Contents1. About Us2. Child Safety Issues in Schools3. Meaningful Statistics4. Our Solution5. Additional Benefits of our Solution6. Turnkey Program7. Research8. Addressing school budget shortfalls
  3. 3. About UsCell Phone Safety Solutions is an Affiliate for WebSafety, Inc., the leading provider ofmobile and PC child safety applications.We market CellSafety, the world’s most comprehensive and effective mobile safetyapplication, to parents of children of all ages.CellSafety prevents distracted driving due to texting, emailing, and web browsing, aswell as monitors a child’s mobile phone for cyber-bullying, predators, and every kindof dangerous talk, including suicide, drug & gun talk and sexting.CellSafety alerts parents via text message and email whenever a potential threat orsuspicious language is detected on their child’s mobile device.Our non-profit program enables a school to benefit in a number of valuable ways,first and foremost as a reliable resource they can share with parents to helpaddress and prevent a number of child safety issues causing parents, educators, andlaw enforcement grave concern
  4. 4. Child Safety Issues in Schools• Cyber-bullying - not just on campus• Sexting - are kids staying compliant with the law?• Text-cheating• Texting while driving (high school)• Online predators• Suicide, gun, and drug talk
  5. 5. Meaningful Statistics
  6. 6. Meaningful Statistics
  7. 7. Other Important Issues• No “down-time” with these issues due to social media sites and the amount of time kids spend online• Proliferation of smartphone technology with children - younger children using technology• New laws regarding texting & driving, cyber-bullying, and sexting - are children staying compliant with the law?• Liability
  8. 8. Our Solution CellSafety is the most “feature-rich” mobile appavailable to parents that prevents texting & driving, pluscyber-bullying, sexting, use of pornographic sites and all other unwanted online activity
  9. 9. Our Solution WebSafetyPC is an app that monitors 100% of a computer’s inbound/outbound communications for activity that may be harmful to a child. Dozens of customizable features allow anadministrator to block pornography before it is viewed, monitorfor cyber-bullying and other dangerous language including suicide talk, and much more.
  10. 10. How It Works
  11. 11. Other Valuable Features Parental AlertsCyber-bully alert Online predator alert Drug alert Where RU GPS & Virtual Fences Distracted Driving features and Speed Alerts
  12. 12. Why Educators Love CellSafety• Keeps children safe in a proactive manner• Allows parents to teach children how to avoid risky and dangerous behavior• Helps parents keep their child safe when they are not around• Makes parents a part of the conversation again, and returns responsibility for child’s use of technology to the parents Parental guidance & responsibility
  13. 13. Additional Benefits• Proactive vs. reactive solution• Parents help their children avoid risky behavior• Potential insurance discounts for schools which promote CellSafety and install WebSafetyPC on school computers• Kids maintain their privacy while parents intervene when necessary by teaching how to avoid risky behavior
  14. 14. Addressing Budget Shortfalls • Not just another fund-raising program - student safety first, funding second • Perpetual monthly fund-raising, even during summer months • 20% of retail sales volume, month after month and year after year • Zero strain on school’s resources: staff, finances, facilities
  15. 15. Turnkey Program1. Free to school2. Multi-purpose website for educating students and parents & enrolling customers3. Ready-made marketing materials (FREE & optional)4. Utilize school’s current methods of communicating with students and parents5. Volunteer team could include PTA, Booster Clubs, Coaches, and WebSafety Affiliates6. We handle marketing, billing, fee collection, customer service and school receives a monthly check
  16. 16. How It Works 1 2 3 , TX 75 ( ) 6- fax: ( ) -Group A liate Form Referring Neighborhood Coordinator ID# Group A liate Name Address City ST Zip Web Page Primary Activity Approximate Size of Membership Business Entity Type k C Corp k S Corp k LLC k Other State of Incorporation Date of Incorporation 501-c3 Number List of All Directors/Members Name Address City ST Zip Name Address City ST Zip Name Address City ST Zip Name Address City ST Zip Name Address City ST Zip Primary Contact Name Title Address City ST Zip Day Time Phone Evening Phone Fax Email Address Signature Printed Name Title Date Group A liates will receive the Retail Di erential Commissions, approximately 20% of all product sales revenue created as a referral through the Group A liates’ e orts. The following items must be submitted wit this Group A liate Application for approval: 1- A copy of the Group A liates’ State Incorporation/Formation documents 2- A copy of the Group A liate’s 501-c3 certification Complete a 1-page form Share with student’s parents Easy to Purchase • Free • Organized plan • Free website • No obligation • Booster Clubs • Customer service • PTA • Free support • School newsletter • Website
  17. 17. Immediate and Long-term Earning Potential Middle School: 3-7 yearsNew students enter school each year High School: 4 years Add to school’s customer base Zero Risk to School
  18. 18. Benefit from the “wild-fire” Effect Everybody is talking about and looking for solutions toteenage distracted driving, cyber-bullying, and other dangers facing children Word will quickly spread about your program throughout the local community and people not associated with your school will subscribe to CellSafety & WebSafetyPC - andyour school will earn monthly commissions from this “wild- fire” effect!
  19. 19. Helpful Resources• CellSafety “Bella Shaw” promotional video (upon request)• CellSafety Product Detail webinar (upon request)• Free product demonstration (upon request)• Child Safety Inc.• Sources of Strength• Volunteer Spot• Child Advocacy Centers of Georgia
  20. 20. Contact InformationTo schedule a free product demonstration and for more information, please contact: Sean Graham 678-905-4865